welding technician

Welding Technician Job Description

Welding Technician is a skilled professional who employs welding techniques, welding processes, materials, standards, and equipment to bond metals together to form component parts. They handle the material selection, fabrication design input, welding, material forming, visual, and NDE Inspections. Welding Technicians also assist welding engineering personnel with the application, development, documentation, and evaluation of welding …

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Boilermaker Job Description

Boilermaker is a skilled professional who constructs, fabricates, assembles, install, maintain, and repair tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, vats, and other containers that hold gases and liquids. Boilermaker primarily uses welding/cutting equipment along with employing tools to separate, fuse, and shape metal sections, plates, and components by following blueprints. Large structures like boilers generate power and …

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welding engineer

Welding Engineer Job Description

Welding Engineer is a skilled professional who employs his/her knowledge of welding, metallurgy, materials, physics, engineering, and standards for designing, examining, and evaluating welds. Besides this, they plan, supervise, and document welding operations using relevant drawings, codes, or contracts. Welding Engineer plays a critical role in the integrity of a vast number of vehicles, products, …

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welding research scientist

Welding Research Scientist Job Description

Welding Research Scientist is a professional who specializes in assembling various metals such as iron, steel, copper, and aluminum. The professionals often work with unique metal alloys. Their research and studies are applied to develop new methods, help solve problems, and broaden the overall welding application. Generally, welding research scientists work in a lab environment, …

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