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Assembler Job Highlights

Title Assembler
Type Full Time
Experience Not Indicated
Function Management/Manufacturing
Location Clinton, MS, United States
Company Taylor Power Systems

Company Profile

Taylor Power Systems is a manufacturer of diesel, natural gas, and LP generators for standby, prime, mobile, and agricultural applications.

Job Profile

The company is looking for an Assembler to join its team.

Educational Qualification

  • No education level is mentioned, yet a High School Graduate will be a plus

Work Experience

  • Possess work-related experience (a plus)


  • Aligns heads to allow rotor or armature to turn freely and inserts shim under rotor support to adjust air gap between rotor and stator, measuring clearance with precision instruments.
  • Assemblers may work on subassemblies or finished products.
  • Assembles external parts, such as fans, covers, exciters, control panels, space heaters, and piping, to build special units.
  • Files and scrapes burr from parts and clean parts with solvent and compressed air.
  • Fits or welds parts together.
  • Fits together parts and subassemblies to build, diesel generators, and gas engine-generator sets, using machinist’s tools, precision instruments, and following blueprints and specifications.
  • Lays out, drills, taps, and assembles electrical sub-panels and enclosures.
  • May be designated according to the power source of the unit as an Engine-Generator Assembler.
  • May dismantle equipment after testing and examine parts for evidence of wear.
  • May level and align unit on customer’s bedplate or on test base in testing department and couple unit to drive motor or test instruments.
  • Mounts and interconnects components to equipment, per blueprints.
  • Packs chamber with grease to lubricate bearings.
  • Positions rotors and armatures into stator or field ring and slides heads over the shaft and against housing ends manually or with a hoist.
  • Provides in-house and in-field electrical service support as needed.
  • Secures assembly, using bolts and wrenches.
  • Some assemblies require the use of adhesives and poxies.

Employer’s Statement

Taylor Power Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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