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Assembler (Tubes, Ducts, Reservoirs) Job Highlights

Title Assembler (Tubes, Ducts, Reservoirs)
Type Full Time (2nd shift)
Experience 1 Year
Function Management/Manufacturing
Location Algona, WA, United States
Company Boeing

Company Profile

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading provider of commercial airplanes, defense, space, and security systems, and global services.

Job Profile

The company is looking for an Assembler (Tubes, Ducts, Reservoirs) who will prepare, fit, align, and assemble components of a variety of duct assemblies to be welded. Many of these assemblies then are sent to the duct final assembly area for installation of additional components such as fittings, brackets, insulation, and part marking. These duct assemblies are subsequently installed on an aircraft or are incorporated into larger assemblies that are then installed on an airplane.

Education Level

Work Experience

  • 1+ years of experience working with powered hand tools
  • 1+ years of experience working with precision measuring tools


  • Apply sealant, alodine, primer, adhesives, or special finishes as required by work order, drawing, or Boeing (BAC) specifications.
  • Attach insulation to duct assemblies as required.
  • Check work after completion of each operation in the job, and check the completed job to ensure it is complete per drawing and that there are no defects.
  • Contact lead/supervisor when assistance is needed (e.g., if there are questions about drawings or paperwork, if drawings and paperwork do not match, if parts do not fit or are not appropriately configured, or when any other problem arises).
  • Deliver fitted details to the weld area to be welded. Select drills, reamers, and or countersinking tools for pilot and full-size holes per drawings or work order.
  • Determine and obtain the correct type and size fasteners from roto-bin (e.g., hi-locks, rivets, bolts, nuts O-rings, and fittings), per drawing, work order, and BAC specifications.
  • Disassemble parts and de-burr holes using chip chasers, de-burring tools, and files to prepare for the installation of fasteners.
  • Drill and/or ream holes in parts, and assemblies, in proper sequence and to the correct size (per drawing requirements) using tools such as a drill motor, reamer, Winslow, 90-Degree Power Vane, or Quackenbush.
  • Ensure that parts issued are effective for the airplane and are free from visible defects and that tools received are the same as those listed on W/O and are effective for the assembly being built.
  • Hand fit parts by setting them up in weld or other types of jigs using table vise, drill press vise, hand clamps, hose clamps, clecos, rounding rings, MITs (Miscellaneous Tools), and STs (Standard Tools).
  • Handle and dispose of hazardous materials (e.g., paints and sealant) in an approved manner using personal protective equipment.
  • Handling, standing, use of low-impact vibratory tools, walking, lifting and carrying less than 10 pounds, rotation of head/neck, flexion/extension, contact with metals, exposure to noise and atmospheric conditions, and the use of personal safety gear for face/eye, hand/arm, ears, and feet.
  • Initiate planning or engineering change requests for pre-planned jobs, as required.
  • Install detail parts and fasteners in the correct sequence per work order using the correct tools (e.g., rivet gun and bucking bar, lock bolt puller, power screwdriver, torque wrench, C-squeeze, riveting machine, ratchet wrench).
  • Maintain personal and tool certifications, as required.
  • Make sure all locators are correct for particular model configurations.
  • Obtain and verify kitted (pre-picked) detail parts, standards, and assemblies were issued correctly by comparing part numbers and quantities to Work Order (W/O) or Bill of Material (BOM) on drawing(s).
  • Obtain appropriate engineering drawing(s) for the assigned job if drawings are not in order.
  • Prepare detail parts by scribing trim lines, making rough cuts, sanding, grinding or trimming parts to remove excess material, tapping out dents, expanding (sizing), swaging, beading, and deburring as necessary, using tools such as band saws, disk grinders, nibblers, expanders, and cone sanders.
  • Put completed job or reworked job up for inspection as required.
  • Sell in-process checks, (e.g., fit checks, torque, pressure test, OK to close) to inspection as required.
  • Set up assembly tools per tooling instructions or drawings.


  • Physically able to lift 35 or more pounds during a shift
  • Basic computer experience and competency
  • Experience working with detailed work instructions or reading and interpreting blueprints and drawings

Other Requirements

  • The position must meet Export Control compliance requirements, therefore a “US Person” as defined by 22 C.F.R. § 120.15 is required. “US Person” includes US Citizen, lawful permanent resident, refugee, or asylee.


  • The benefit programs include health insurance, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, retirement savings plans, life and disability insurance programs, and several programs that provide for both paid and unpaid time away from work.

Employer’s Statement

Boeing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All the decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, genetic factors, military/veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law.

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