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Pipeliner (Lost River) Job Highlights

Title Pipeliner – Lost River
Type Full Time
Experience Required
Function Management/Manufacturing
Location Mathias, WV, United States
Company TC Energy

Company Profile

TC Energy is a leading energy infrastructure company in North America. We have three complementary businesses of natural gas pipelines, liquids (oil) pipelines, and power generation. Our operations span three countries, seven Canadian provinces, and 34 U.S. states.

Job Profile

The company is hiring a Pipeliner who will engage in the operation and maintenance of our natural gas pipelines to affect continuous, efficient, and safe operations.

This individual must be a self-starter, capable of working with minimal supervision and possesses strong analytical, troubleshooting, and decision-making skills.

This position is represented by the United Steelworkers Local 573 and the filling of the position is subject to the terms and conditions of the governing collective bargaining agreement.

Educational Qualification

  • The applicants should have a High School Diploma or Equivalent

Work Experience

  • The candidates should have 1 or 2 years of technical training or experience in mechanics, heavy equipment, electrical/electronics, pipeline, or wells


  • Assist Corrosion Technician in the field testing, installing, operating, and maintaining anodes, rectifiers, and ground beds
  • Assist in conducting special back pressure tests on wells using spring gauge and deadweight
  • Assist in dismantling, repairing, and overhauling gas compressors and auxiliary compressor station and/or extraction plant equipment
  • Assist in erecting buildings, pouring concrete, installing new equipment, and erecting fences and other facilities
  • Assist in installing and/or repairing meters and regulators
  • Assist in installing/operating dehydrators, methanol injectors, and gas separators
  • Assist in the planning of work and participate as necessary in safety or team meetings and discussions.
  • Assist in selecting and preparing well sites and roads to proposed well sites, to include accessibility and workability
  • Assist in selecting roads by considering right-of-way, best route, and land conditions
  • Assist in Smart pigging and ILI runs
  • Assist welders by grinding beads and lining up pipe using clamps
  • Change gas measurement charts, entering an explanation of meter conditions or questionable items on said charts
  • Clear right-of-way utilizing hand tools, scythes, axes, and chemical sprays
  • Complete work orders, enter data into the work management system, create new work orders, etc. in SAP
  • Construct and replace new and existing lines or repair leaks
  • Coordinate with gas control in the operation of the facility, consistent with needs and efficiency
  • Dig and backfill ditches and bell holes
  • Enter readings on test records
  • Gauge open flow of well-using manometer
  • Help surveyors by cutting brush, holding rods, etc.
  • Inform farmers, contractors, etc., of existing line depth and location to prevent damage
  • Inspect wells for leaks, repair leaks, and recondition well heads
  • Install cathodic protection by cad welding anodes on pipelines
  • Install sleeves, leak clamps, saddles, etc.
  • Lay temporary water and gas lines to new drilling sites
  • Maintain public relations with farmers, landowners, consumers, contractors, and other utility workers
  • Make taps on pipelines for consumer meters and rebuild service taps when replacing lines
  • Manually transport tools and/or materials to locations inaccessible by vehicular transportation
  • Operate equipment, such as power winch, pneumatic tools (pavement breakers, jackhammers, and tampers), tapping machines, and water pumps, using hand tools, such as picks, shovels, pipe, and ratchet wrenches, dies, pipe cutters, etc.
  • Operate valves or regulate equipment to blow down lines
  • Operate, inspect and lubricate valves
  • Patrol pipelines using explosimeter to locate leaks and prepare leak reports
  • Perform good housekeeping activities, such as cleaning, removing oil and dirt from equipment and piping, washing windows, and yard maintenance
  • Perform painting, masonry, and carpentry duties to maintain structures, such as warehouses, measuring stations valve settings, road gates, fences, fence stiles, pipeline markers, etc.
  • Remove fluid from lines by blowing drips and siphons and locating and removing freezes in lines
  • Remove fluids/solids from slug catchers
  • Remove old line, string pipe joints, coat and wrap pipe and lower in
  • Replace the supervisor while on vacation or during other temporary periods
  • Report conditions found to Supervisor
  • Reroute flow or change the pressure
  • Run gas-driven pigs
  • Swamp for equipment operators
  • Take readings on odorizers
  • Test open flow and rock pressure
  • Use a flame ionization unit to locate leaks
  • Walk lines in mountainous terrain making visual inspection for landslides, washouts, and leakage
  • Other tasks as required


  • Experience operating and maintaining high-pressure natural gas pipelines and/or facilities
  • Experience repairing pipeline leaks and locating and marking pipelines
  • Experience with valve operation, inspection, maintenance, and repair
  • Knowledge and experience in the use of hand tools and precision measuring instruments
  • Mechanical knowledge, skills, and experience
  • SAP experience

Other Requirements

  • Be subject to call out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and work extended days and/or weeks for emergency response purposes
  • Be subject to working conditions which include adverse weather and temperatures
  • Drive a Company vehicle up to and including 2½ tons approximately 25% of the time to transport men and material
  • Have and maintain a valid driver’s license and a safe driving record
  • Pass respiratory fit test and use equipment such as SCBA and other respirators
  • Successfully, complete pre-employment medical screening, including drug and alcohol testing
  • Successfully qualify for specific job tasks per DOT and Company operator qualification requirements
  • Travel to other company locations for temporary assignments, meetings, or training which would involve some overnight stays away from home

Driving a motor vehicle is an essential job function of this position.

Employer’s Statement

TC Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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