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Spar Assembly Tool Operator Job Highlights

Title Spar Assembly Tool Operator
Type Full Time (2nd shift)
Experience 3 Years
Function Management/Manufacturing
Location Everett, WA, United States
Company Boeing

Company Profile

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading provider of commercial airplanes, defense, space and security systems, and global services.

Job Profile

The company (Boeing Commercial Airplanes) is recruiting a Spar Assembly Tool Operator who will set up, operate, and adjust Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Automated Spar Assembly Tools (ASAT), utilizing pre-planned control media or program documents to drill, chamfer, rivet, fasten and assemble wing spars for all Boeing Aircraft model configurations.

Education Level

  • High School Graduate or GED (preferred)

Work Experience

  • 3+ years of experience using hand tools or hand-held power tools
  • 1+ years of experience with computer skills
  • 1+ years of experience in reading, interpreting, or working from engineering drawings/blueprints or 3-dimensional Computer-Aided Design applications


  • Adjust machine settings (e.g., speeds and feeds) to correct machining problems or to prepare the machine for the next operation in sequence, as required.
  • Apply sealant to the cord and spar at an appropriate stage of the assembly process per drawing or specifications. Locate cords and spar on a Floor-Mounted Assembly Jig (FAJ) with a team of co-workers or by using an overhead crane.
  • Check machine set-up or parts in work by the previous operator to determine progress on a job and ensure safe working conditions.
  • Handle and dispose of hazardous materials in the approved manner.
  • Load and unload cutters following program information or set-up documents, using tool holders, spindle tapers, and hand tools (e.g., wrenches, mallets, spanners).
  • Obtain pre-picked detail parts (e.g., spar, cords, stiffeners, rib posts) to ensure that part numbers on parts match those that are called out on drawings.
  • Perform minor editing of CNC programs per shop requirements.
  • Prepare to set up jobs (e.g., production orders, tool tryouts, data tryouts) by reviewing priority jobs, work orders, tie-in sheets, operator setup documents, and drawings.
  • Replace worn, chipped, and defective tools, and check/adjust overall tool length by using a chamfer gauge and hand tools, as required.
  • Retrieve and download Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programs to machine controller using computing equipment and downloading from various servers/databases.
  • Secure FAJ clamps in the closed position per tooling instructions or drawing and obtain tool fit inspection from Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Select and check cutters/drills per program or CNC documents. Ensure cutters/drills are the correct type, length, and diameter, and are sharp and in good condition.
  • Select machine accessories (e.g., nosepieces, probes, collars, rivet injectors, rivet dies) and attach using hand tools (e.g., wrenches, spanners).
  • Set machine(s) coordinates or index points per program documents, including cutter offset/compensations and probes, using controller keyboard, coax indicator, or digital readout.
  • Shim and place components into marked position. Run the second phase of media two of the CNC program to drill, chamfer, and install fasteners to attach stiffeners, and rib posts per CNC documents.
  • Verify that hole dimensions and fastener characteristics are per drawing, and enter data into the CNC database. Run the first phase or media one of the CNC program to drill, chamfer, rivet, and install fasters and assemble cords and spar following program documents.
  • Verify tool/cutter changes by loading the calibration test coupon and running the CNC program per program documents.
  • Perform assembly work by locating detail positions on a spar, (e.g., stiffeners, rib posts) and mark location per drawing.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Analytic, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience operating CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machine tools
  • Experience using hand or air (pneumatic) tools
  • Experience with any of the following: power-feed drilling, hand drilling, drill equipment, drill bits, cutters, cutter design, drill bushings, or drill nosepieces
  • Experience with precision measurement equipment
  • Experience working with hazardous materials
  • Experience working with various material handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and cranes


  • Requires rotation of head/neck, sitting, walking, standing, finger manipulation, contact with metals, lubricants, and solvents, exposure to noise and vibration, and the use of personal safety gear for face/eyes and ears.

Other Requirements

  • This position must meet Export Control compliance requirements, therefore a “US Person” as defined by 22 C.F.R. § 120.15 is required. “US Person” includes US Citizen, lawful permanent resident, refugee, or asylee.


  • The company provides an opportunity to enroll in a variety of benefit programs, generally including health insurance, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, retirement savings plans, life and disability insurance programs, and many programs that provide for both paid and unpaid time away from work.

Employer’s Statement

Boeing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, genetic factors, military/veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law.

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