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Weld Technician Job Highlights

Title Weld Technician
Type Full Time
Experience 2 Years
Function Engineering/IT
Location Fort Wayne, IN, United States
Company Faurecia

Company Profile

Faurecia is one of the global automotive suppliers. The company’s mission is to develop technologies for Sustainable Mobility and to create personalized experiences for the Cockpit of the Future. It also offers solutions to meet the challenges of future generations in line with our Convictions.

Job Profile

The company is looking for a Weld Technician to join its team for various management and manufacturing activities.

Educational Qualification

  • The applicants may be required a High School Diploma or GED

Work Experience

  • The candidates should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in automotive exhaust manufacturing/welding


  • Ensure under weld engineering directive development and deployment of weld process standards, reduced weld set-up procedures, weld guidelines, and best practices implementation.
  • Evaluation and correction of welding and weld testing processes, weld development/implementation of weld issues preventative countermeasures, and process improvement, aimed at eliminating variability and validating weld process innovations.
  • Support welds equipment evaluation, weld programs process enhancements, for improved reliability, and focus on daily plant and weld process improvements.

Plant Processes-

Continuous improvement-

  • Support continuous improvement of weld processes, tooling, and equipment.

Trouble Shooting-

  • Support weld equipment/robotics, production methods, TPM, Safety/Machine Safeguarding

Maintenance of Production-

  • Assist in analyzing, validating, and implementing weld process modifications, program improvements, the root cause of micro stoppages in the welding field, and other weld process-related sources of downtime and scrap related to his/her field of expertise.
  • Supports inputting data for Maintenance/weld issues tracking local database for weld processes, weld tooling, and related equipment


  • Capable of optimizing welding variables in speed, amperage, wire tension, torch path geometry, gas flow/mix, splatter/burn-through/porosity/cold-weld elimination, and process standardization.
  • Participate in QRCI’s to resolve welding process and equipment follow-up and validations.
  • Support reception, installation, and start-up of welding processes and equipment

Standards and Best Practices-

  • Ensure application of 13 Mandatory Rules/Safety Laws, 7 Quality Basics, and process standards.
  • Identify best practices for his/her expertise network for deployment throughout NAO as directed

Program Processes-

  • Welding
  • Tactical support of gaps relative to welding-related issues plant
  • Tactical support of gaps relative to robotic issues plant-wide
  • Support and maintenance of weld standardization plant-wide
  • Maintenance of weld equipment plant-wide
  • Training weld personnel in the building
  • Process development
  • Define process solutions and ensure that process standards are applied.
  • Follow-up alternative process recommendations, support prototype tooling & fixtures build (when applicable).
  • Tooling and equipment procurement
  • Support the Engineers within the Gladstone organization during Run-at-rates, PPAP’s, new supplier validations, and continued optimizations.
  • Validate tooling and equipment reception as directed.

Generic processes-

  • Process improvement and innovation
  • Assist engineering in improving processes related to his/her field of expertise.
  • Standardization
  • Best practices
  • Identify and validate best practices in his/her perimeter.
  • Integrate best practices in process guidelines and/or standards.
  • Promote and ensure deployment of best practices.
  • Capacity management
  • Support an NAO expertise network for the development, deployment, and implementation of process improvements and innovations.


  • Commitment to the highest ethical standards and willingness to adhere to Faurecia’s Code of Ethics and Code of Management.
  • English required.
  • Good baseline understanding of computers and basic computer logic
  • Good interpersonal skills (Job requires a lot of personnel interaction)
  • Must be able to rotate days and nights
  • Prior Gap leader experience in a weld GAP or shown leadership skills
  • Proven technical skills in process and product, in welding.
  • Robotics, technical problem-solving skills desired but not required will train

Employer’s Statement

Faurecia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To apply for this job please visit

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