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Welder Job Highlights

Title Welder
Type Full Time (night shift)
Experience 0-3 Years
Function Management/Manufacturing
Location Santa Maria, CA, United States
Company Safran

Company Profile

Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aviation (propulsion, equipment, interiors), defense and space markets. Its core purpose is to contribute to a safer, more sustainable world, where air transport is more environmentally friendly, comfortable, and accessible.

Job Profile

The company is seeking a Welder who will join, braze or fuse metallic aircraft interior parts using techniques such as the high-temperature voltaic method, gas tungsten arc welding, or using a flame torch for the creating of sub-assemblies for the completion of aircraft interior parts using engineering drawings, company, industrial and customer specifications.

Educational Qualification

Work Experience

  • The candidates should have 0 to 3 years of experience.


  • Adheres to company and customer specifications, work instructions, engineering prints, and work orders.
  • Document the materials used in the process to maintain traceability.
  • Guides torch and rod along joint of workpieces to heat to brazing temperature, melt braze alloy, and bond workpieces together.
  • Heats, forms, and dresses metal parts, using hand tools, torch, or arc welding equipment
  • Inspects grooves, angles, or gap allowances, using micrometer, caliper, and precision measuring instruments when necessary.
  • Lies out, positions, and secures parts and assemblies according to specifications, using straightedge, combination square, calipers, and ruler.
  • Operates equipment in a safe manner.
  • Prepares workpiece by cutting, using powered saws, hand shears, or chipping knife.
  • Removes rough spots from a workpiece, using a portable grinder, hand file, or scraper.
  • Responsible for keeping equipment clean and immediately reporting any malfunctions to the supervisor.
  • Tack-welds or welds components and assemblies, using electric, gas, arc, or other welding equipment.
  • Welds metal parts or components together, using brazing, gas, or arc welding equipment.

General Notes-

  • All employees have an affirmative duty to protect and maintain the confidentiality of C&D products.
  • As business conditions change it is necessary that all employees productively react and handle other essential tasks as assigned now or in the future.
  • Must carefully handle raw material and manufactured parts to ensure the integrity and quality are not compromised by handling.
  • Tasks may vary slightly based on products produced at the division.


  • The ability to read and write at a level necessary for successful job performance and general overall health which meets the ANSI standardized for Welders is mandatory.


  • The company offers a range of competitive benefits, hybrid working, global career opportunities, and Training and Development at our dedicated Safran University to help contribute to safer and more sustainable aviation.

Employer’s Statement

Safran is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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