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Welding Inspector Job Highlights

Title Welding Inspector
Type Full Time
Experience 3 Years
Function Management/Manufacturing
Location Kenedy, TX, United States
Company E2 Consulting Engineers

Company Profile

E2 Consulting Engineers is a professional services firm that specializes in a full spectrum of engineering services including, project engineering and design, federal base operations, and infrastructure support services, gas pipeline construction and inspection services, environmental consulting and remediation, and information technology services.

Job Profile

The company is looking to hire a Welding Inspector who will provide inspection of the contractor’s quality of work in accordance with the client’s policies and procedures as it relates to welding steel pipe on pipeline construction projects.

The position will work under the direction of the Chief Inspector.

Educational Qualification

  • Applicants should have a High School Diploma or equivalent
  • AWS/CWI or CPWI welding inspection certification

Work Experience

  • Possess a minimum of 3 years of weld inspection experience on construction projects
  • Competent in 49 CFR 192, ASME 31.8, and applicable OSHA standards

Preferred Ones

  • ANST-SNT-TC-1A Liquid Penetrate (PT) – Level 1
  • ANST-SNT-TC-1A Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) – Level 1
  • API-1169 Certification
  • Knowledge and experience interpreting Radiographic Films
  • OSHA Competent Person


  • Assign a unique number to each welder on each project to be used as a stenciled number. Each Weld Inspector is to keep a log of each other contractor welder, his/her unique stencil number, and the welder’s qualifications. The log should be available on-site at all times and each Weld Inspector shall verify that other contractor welders are correctly marking field welds with the assigned stencil number. A centralized weld log for the entirety of each project shall be maintained by the Chief Weld Inspector.
  • At least once per day, verify that the proper welding procedure is used by the other contractors for each project and that the other contractors’ welders are adhering to the parameters in the designated weld procedure. Each Weld Inspector shall keep a log of these inspections that will be part of the final records provided to the client by the Weld Inspectors.
  • Coordinate with another contractor performing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection to verify each weld is properly tested and passed prior to backfill. Each Weld Inspector shall notify the client of any delays in construction that other contractors’ NDT crews may cause.
  • Maintain pipe stencil information, including pipe number, wall thickness, grade, and heat numbers, and such information is recorded for any pipe joint that is cut.
  • Prior to all backfill, HDD pull-through, or jack and bore each Weld Inspector shall perform the following:
  • Verify every other contractor’s welder used for construction is properly qualified in the procedures they are to utilize per the client’s qualifications and procedures.
  • Verify that each weld on each project has a unique (x-ray) number assigned and is identified on final weld maps, recorded on film/digital imagery and NDT reports.
  • Verify that another contractor performing NDT has examined every weld joint for compliance to API 1104 specs and make sure every weld passes or is repaired and then subsequently passes NDT.
  • Verify that the other contractors’ radiographers’ certifications are current and correct, the radiographic procedure is qualified, the qualified radiographic procedures are used, the quality of the radiographs is acceptable and the radiographic crew maintains proper documentation.
  • Visually inspect each weld joint to verify that a sound weld is produced at every joint, the correct qualified welding procedure is being utilized and only qualified welders are performing the welding.


  • Ability to read, interpret, and implement the client’s policies and procedures
  • Employment is contingent upon completing all applicable training during onboarding, including Operator Qualifications
  • Knowledge and Familiarity with API Standard 1104
  • Microsoft Office skills, including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license

Work Environment/Physical Demands

  • Ability to perform a visual inspection of construction crew quality of work; using measuring devices; or assembly or fabrication parts at distances close to the eyes
  • Able to perform in both inside and outside environmental conditions in all four seasons throughout the continental United States – extreme cold (below 32°F) or extreme heat (above 100°F) for periods of more than one hour
  • Client testing facility (occasionally)
  • Construction Sites or Client Right-of-Way (R.O.W.)
  • Corporate office (occasionally)
  • Frequent ascending and descending of ladders, stairs, scaffolding, ramps, poles, and the like using feet and legs or hands and arms up in and out of pipeline bell-hole, trench, excavation
  • Lifting objects in excess of 50 pounds from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from position to position
  • Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling and walking, standing, or crouching on narrow, slippery, or erratically moving surfaces
  • Reports to the Chief Inspector, based locally with respect to the projects


  • E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. offers an excellent benefits package including health, dental, vision, and life insurance, 401(k) with employer match.

Employer’s Statement

E2 Consulting Engineers is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.

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