Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WeldingInfo is always committed to respect and honor of everyone’s online privacy. It considers the need for the management and protection of any personal information you share with us. Personal Information means anything, that may be used to identify an individual one. It may consist of first or last name, a home, an email address, office address, contact information or any other physical entity. More candidly, any net surfer can visit any of the sections of the website without disclosing personal identity.

Cookies and Tracking Tools Policy
Almost every website uses cookies for displaying more relevant content to visitors. Similarly, WeldingInfo also uses ‘cookies’ and some sort of tracking techs and tools for the same purpose. Basically, what are cookies? They are very small text files and may be used to collect the information on website activity. But at present, most of the browsers use the latest technologies and allow us to customize its settings for allowing, meagerly allowing or blocking cookies or remove them. But these cookies are very important for surfers to browse things on the internet. If they block cookies, they need to reenter personal information again and again for accessing the very pages of the website. Another drawback is some parts of the website will not work or load partially or completely.

Tracking technologies are up to date software used to make searches users’ friendly. But these tools may record or collect information like Browsing Software, Operating Systems Types, Internet Protocol (IP) address, Pattern of Clicks, Internet Domain, Local Date, Time and Host Names. WeldingInfo also collects these things in the same manner as that of other websites. The main purpose of collecting the information is to impart you better browsing experience and improve our website.  Our website may analyze the information for statistics and trends without Personal Information.

Third-Party Services Policy
WeldingInfo may present information or personal information that we collect from third party websites or service providers. We may share the information with Third Party who is helping us to provide programs, products, information, and related services. Service Providers are also important and crucial sources for us. From time to time, we take the necessary steps and make sure these third parties are obliged to protect and keep safe users’ personal information. does not transfer or share the Personal Information of Users to third parties without their consent. And it is against the Privacy Policy terms of WeldingInfo to sell the collected personal information outside without users’ approval or consent.

Net Surfer or Visitor’s Consent
By using services, all visitors are agreed to its Online Privacy Policy terms. Also, you consent to the personal information that we process for the purposes of better search experiences.

Protection and Security of Your Information
On our website, WeldingInfo, all suitable and appropriate security measures are employed to secure users’ information. These measures protect visitors against disclosure, destruction of data, alteration and unauthorized access, etc. No, any third party or employer can access your identifying personal information. It is denied strictly.

Your Information Updating Mechanism
WeldingInfo applies a mechanism for correcting and updating your personal information in protective and safe ways for many of our services.

No Communication with Children under Age 13 will not communicate in any way to children below the age of thirteen. It will not contact them for the purpose of marketing and any special offer.

Information Sharing and Disclosure Policy will not share, rent or sell your personal information to any third party except providing products and services you have requested for. When we have your permission, consent or the following criteria:

First – we provide some of your information to the trusted partners working with us. We have mutual confidentiality agreements regarding information sharing. Our trusted companies or partners can use personal information for helping us and better communicate with you about offers and market partners. Whatever the mutual agreement, our trusted partners do not have a sole say or right of sharing your personal information with anyone.

We respond to court orders, legal processes or writs to exercise our legal rights or defend against any legal claim. Generally, it is necessary to share users’ information for investigating any potential illegal activity. We do so to prevent suspected fraud, physical threat to anybody, illegal activities, and violation of terms and conditions.

Second – WeldingInfo can transfer your information to other companies in case of a merger with it. But we shall inform in advance before transferring your information. Subsequently, all our users will become a subject of the very company’s Privacy Policy.

Third – WeldingInfo can display some selected or targeted advertisements as per the personal information. Hereby, the ads serving companies and advertisers may assume that the visitors meet the targeting criteria (i.e. all users between the age of 18 to 35) when they interact, view or click the targeted ads.

Fourth – When you see a targeted ad on our website, it doesn’t mean we have provided any type of your personal information to the advertisers. Yet, while viewing an ad, the advertisers assume that you are approving and consenting to display the targeted ads criteria. Our potential financial advertisers – stockbrokers, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, banks, etc. And the non-financial advertisers are such as airlines, stores, hardware shops, software companies, etc. We are working with various vendors, partners, advertisers and other service providers in different industries.

Your Protection under IT Act, 2000 obey and abide by the rules and regulations of the Information Technology Act, 2000 to protect your privacy. We don’t allow any person or employee to access your personal information even for genuine reasons. They contact us regarding products and services for you. We have the latest physical and electronic procedures complying with the Indian Laws and the country of visitors. We use this for protecting your personal information.

Modification and Update of Privacy Policy
WeldingInfo ( has the only right to modify its privacy policy at any time. Update and modification are done for adding an extra layer of the latest tools for protection from data threats. And all the modifications will come into effect on the same day and date of policy changes.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer does not store or keep data from debit/credit card transactions or log-in IDs. All the data available no more after the transaction is completed. It ensures the transaction details accessible by none. Therefore, we provide maximum data security to visitors’ privacy concerns. We make sure that the e-transaction details must not fall into unauthorized persons’ hands.

Despite strong notions for transaction data safety, WeldingInfo shall not be liable for any disclosure, loss of information while using debit/credit cards, verification process, etc.

Contact Us if Any Privacy Policy Concern
WeldingInfo ( always respect suggestions and comments regarding its privacy policy statement. If users have any type of Privacy Policy concerns, they can contact us at any time. And we found any concern about the violation of the Privacy Policy, WeldingInfo will employ or appoint all reasonable commercial efforts to address it.

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