DCEN/DCEP Polarity

They are two important current polarities (direction of current flow). In DCEN circuit, the current moves from the electrode to the workpiece and DCEP circuit, from the workpiece to electrode.

DCEN Stands for-

DCEN (Direct Current Electrode Negative). It is a straight polarity and also called Direct Current Straight Polarity (DCSP).

DCEP Stands for-

DCEP (Direct Current Electrode Positive) or Direct Current Reverse Polarity. Here the electrode connects to the positive terminal (power source) and the base metal to the negative terminal.

DCEP/DCEN Similarities

· Both constitute a prime source of heat in arc welding · Can apply DCEP/DCEN polarities for the joining · Both polarities occur repeatedly if there is AC supply

DCEN Safety Measures

• Wear personal safety equipment (PPE) • Keep working area dry/organized • Check negative/positive terminals • Safely attach a workpiece clamp

Thus, DCEP and DCEN polarities are crucial in welding activities.