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welding crew leader

Welding Crew Leader or Welding Team Leader is a skilled person with managing and supervising responsibilities. Generally, welding crew leaders assign, supervise, plan, and review the work of skilled personnel including material, cost, and time estimations. Besides this, they also manage computerized parts, manuals, records of shop, labor, and equipment. These professionals work in maintenance, welding, and repairing different types of equipment, metallic machinery, and structures. In this article, read various aspects of the welding crew leader’s job description.

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Welding Crew Leader Requirements

Aspiring candidates require a combination of both education and work experience. The minimum qualifications are as follows.

Education Level

The applicants should have completed an educational level equivalent to the completion of the twelfth school grade.

They should have possessed one year certificate from college or technical school.

Work Experience

They should have at least three years of welding trade learning experience as an apprentice or a helper.

They should have two years of full performance level welding work related to rebuilding, replacing, fabricating, and repairing the damaged parts of heavy and light metal equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Welding crew leaders have the following job duties.

1. Improve Productivity – The main duty of welding crew leaders is to improve and increase the quality of products by managing materials and employees. It means using all the available sources to obtain maximum productivity.

2. Hiring Staff – Another work of a welding crew leader is to recruit the workforce as per the requirements of the company and volume of work.

3. Maintaining Equipment – They need to maintain all the machinery and equipment. They should set the machine properly according to the material requirements.

4. Practice Safety Procedures – Welding crew leaders should use all safety measures at working place. They should follow the safety policies, procedures, and job safety analyses.

5. Understanding Profit and Loss – They should clearly understand the loss and profit of the company. Manage all the things in such a way that leads to minimum loss. Revenue loss to the company affects overall profit sharing.

6. Addressing Issues – Welding crew leaders must address problems and issues to the senior management from time to time. This will help them to achieve the target of maximum productivity.

Job Required Skills

Welding crew leaders require the following skills and tactics for running their job smoothly.

  • They should be careful about the use of tools, equipment, and machines in the welding trade.
  • Be smart enough the detect, locate, and repair the defects in equipment and machinery.
  • They should be able to estimate the costs, materials, and supplies needed for welding repairs and trades.
  • Welding crew leaders should be ready to face the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the welding trade.
  • They should have a basic knowledge and use of welding processes like MIG, TIG, Stick, etc. Besides this, they should know things like brazing, cutting, soldering, and fabricating.

Welding Crew Leader Certification Requirement

Certification is demanded in high-profile jobs and it provides a better salary in return. The job of a welding crew leader is about managing and supervising the welding activities. So, they are required certification equivalent to that of a certified welding supervisor. Take a look at the certification procedure of the welding supervisor.

Employment Areas

They can have jobs in the following fields.

  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Maritime
  • Military and Defense
  • Motorsports
  • Oil and Gas Service
  • Power Generation
  • Railroad

Job Types for Welding Crew Leader

The following are some of the job types for the welding team or crew leader.

  • Crew Leader Trainer
  • Dive Supervisor
  • Installation Supervisor
  • Maintenance Leader
  • Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor
  • Manufacturing Production Supervisor
  • Offshore Superintendent
  • Plant Maintenance Superintendent
  • Skilled Trades Team Lead
  • Welder Team Leader
  • Welding Supervisor

Salary Information

The salary of welding crew leaders varies from place to place depending on the various local factors. Generally, they are given $27.65 hourly on average. The maximum, they can earn is $43.08 hourly. They may be given more than this amount. It depends on the type of company and job role and responsibilities.

Thus, the information on the job career of welding crew leaders or welder team leaders is important for welders and other welding professionals in many ways.

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