Welding Companies in Indiana

welding companies in indiana

Welding Companies in Indiana consist of information on companies, repair shops, products, services, jobs, employment, emails, phones, suppliers, distributors, contractors, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, fabricators, and erectors. Some of the companies run welding education programs on their premises or in collaboration with welding schools in Indiana. These companies recruit thousands of welders, fabricators, welding inspectors, and other professionals in different positions every year. Many people search welding companies in Indiana every day for the purpose of jobs, careers, services, products, welding supplies, raw materials, repairs, rental equipment, custom fabrication, gas supplies, etc. So, in this article, find complete information on all welding companies in Indiana, the United States.

Welding Companies in Indiana


Company Diverse Fabrication Services
About The company offers welding, fabrication, electrical, and maintenance services to residential commercial, and industrial clients.
Services Metal Fabrication
LED Lighting,
Commercial Electrical Contractor,
Electric Car Charging Outlets,
Electrical Services
CNC Machining,
Laser Cutting, Welding,
Turn-Key/Custom Design
Door Access
Door Access Repair,
Door Access Control,
Door Access/CCTV Maintenance,
IT Services
Video Surveillance
Products Columbus, Lafayette,
Bloomington, Terre Haute, Kokomo,
Address 5508 Elmwood Ave. Suite 317, Indianapolis, IN 46203, United States.
Phone +1 317-781-8800
Email rfq@diversefabrication.com
Website https://diversefabrication.com/
Company R.A.D. Fabrication
About The company offers fabrication and plumbing services such as pipe welding, mechanical systems installation, structural and architectural steel.
Services Structural Steel,
Mobile Welding,
Custom Fabrication,
Process Piping,
Welding Inspection,
CNC Laser Cutting,
Steel Processing,
Steel Erection,
Industrial Maintenance,
Products Handrails, Gates, Platforms,
Arches, Fencing, Utility Support,
Walkways, Decorative Steel,
Address 940 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202, United States.
Phone +1 317-820-5550
Email sales@radfabrication.com
Website http://www.radfabrication.com/
Company Best Equipment and Welding
About The company offers custom fabrication, precision welding, and truck restraint system services to commercial and industrial clients.
Services Installation,
Prototype Manufacturing,
Contract Manufacturing,
Service Repair,
Value Engineering and Consultation,
Material Equipment Repair and Modification,
Products Loading Docks
Dock Levelers,
Dock Seals and Dock Shelters,
Truck Restraints, PIT Tubs,
Specialty Doors
High-Speed Dynamo Fabric Door,
Chase Impact Door,
Custom Material Handling Equipment
Industrial Carts, Kit Carts, Racks,
Ergonomic Lifting Tables and Devices,
Transfer Trays,
Steel Fabrication
Stairs (interior and exterior)
Hand Rails, Guard Rails,
Pipe Bollards, Ramps, Ladders,
Mezzanines, Cat Walks, Crossovers,
Construction Materials,
Address 1960 Midwest Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46214, United States.
Phone +1 317-271-8652
Email info@bewinc.com
Website https://www.bewinc.com/
Company Welding Partners
About The company provides high-quality welding supplies.
Services Welding and Cutting Supplies
Products Welding Alloys
MIG Welding Wire,
TIG Welding Rods,
Stick Welding Electrode,
Holders, Clamps, and Accessories
Electrode Holders and Ground Clamps,
Cable Connectors, Lugs, Terminals,
Clamps, Cylinder Carts,
MIG Plier, Chipping Hammer,
Gas Apparatus
Complete Cutting Outfits,
Cutting Tips, Cutting Torches,
Gas Regulators, Pressure Gauges,
Heating/Rosebud Tip, Twin Hoses,
Welding/Brazing Tips,
TIG 9 and 20 Consumables,
TIG 17, 18, and 26 Consumables,
Complete TIG Outfits, Tungsten,
Argon/CO2 and Inert Argon Hoses,
Contact Tips, Nozzles, Gas Diffusers,
MIG Insulators, MIG Liners,
Argon/Co2 and Inert Argon Hoses,
Welding Cable and Extension Cord
Welding Cables, Welding Leads,
Welding Grounds, Extension Cords,
MIG Welding Gloves,
TIG Welding Gloves,
Stick Welding Gloves,
Drivers Gloves,
Welding Jackets, Masks,
Address update soon
Phone +1 877-629-0022
Email sales@weldingpartners.com
Website https://weldingpartners.com/
Company Modern Supply Company
About The company provides welding supplies, repair, fabrication, and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry.
Services Welder Repairs,
Protective Clothing,
Welder and Equipment Repair
Weld Machines,
TIG Welders,
MIG Welders,
Stick Welders,
Engine Welders,
Plasma Cutting Machines,
Products Gases
Industrial Gases,
Specialty Gases,
Welding and Cutting Equipment
Welding Equipment,
Cutting Equipment,
Tools and Accessories
Safety Equipment, Tools,
Welding and Fabrication Equipment Rental
Weld Machines,
TIG Welders,
MIG Welders,
Stick Welders,
Engine Welders,
Weld Leads,
Plasma Cutting Machines,
Portable Magnetic Drills,
Address 2200 Lynch Road, Evansville, IN 47711, United States.
Phone +1 812-425-9353
Email modern17@modweldco.com
Website https://modernsupplycompany.com/
Company American Welding and Gas, Inc.
About The company manufactures and distributes medical, industrial, specialty, beverage gases, welding, and safety supplies.
Services Gas Supplies,
Welding Supplies,
Products Welding Products
Welding Equipment
MIG Welders, TIG Welders,
Stick Welders, Engine Drives,
Multi-Process Welders,
Multi-Operator Welders,
Spot Welders, Wire Feeders,
Submerged Arc Welders,
Cutting Equipment
Plasma Cutting,
Oxy/Fuel Cutting,
Gas Apparatus,
Storage Tanks, Cylinders,
Regulators, Flowmeters, Hoses,
Welding Consumables,
Plasma Consumables,
Oxy/Fuel Consumables,
Flap Discs, Semi-Flex Discs,
Resin Fiber Discs, Sanding Discs,
Metallurgical Discs and Belts,
Backup Pads, Flap Wheels,
Quick Change Laminated Discs,
Specialty Abrasives, Shop Rolls,
Aluminum Oxide, Belts,
Buffing Pads, Convolute Wheels,
Unitized Wheels, Strip Wheels,
Surface Conditioning Discs,
Hand Pads, Flap Wheels,
Quick Change Discs, Belts,
Preparation Flap Discs,
Cotton Fiber, Grinding Wheels,
Cut Off Wheels, Resin Cones and Plugs,
Resin Cup Wheels, Diamond Wheels,
Vitrified Grinding Wheels,
Carbide Burs, Wire Brushes,
Safety (PPE),
Welding Helmets, Welding Jackets,
Safety Goggles and Glasses,
Welding Gloves, Bibs, Aprons,
Spats, Fire Resistant Clothing,
Hearing Protection, Hard Hats,
Respiratory Protection,
Hi-Vis Apparel,
Filler Metals
Stick Electrodes, MIG Wire,
Hardfacing Electrodes,
Specialty Wire, TIG Rods,
Gouging Rods,
Industrial Gases, Bulk Gases,
Medical Gases, Specialty Gases,
Beverage Gases, Cylinder Gas,
Propane, Dry ICE,
Address 600 North Fulton Ave., Evansville, IN 47710, United States.
Phone +1 812-424-5560
Email customerservice@amwelding.com
Website https://www.awggases.com/locations?category=2
Company Sutton-Garten Co.
About The company provides industrial machinery, equipment, welding equipment, welding supplies, and gases.
Services Bulk Gas Installations,
Carbon Dioxide Gas Fill Service,
Welding Certification Procedures/Training,
Rental Welding and Cutting Equipment,
Welding Equipment Repairs,
Products Welding Abrasives,
Dry Ice and Blast Equipment,
Electric Welding Equipment and Supplies,
Filler Metals, Flux, Chemicals,
Fume Extraction Equipment,
Gases, Cylinders, Dewars,
Gas Equipment (welding, cutting, and beverage),
Welding Hand Tools, Weld Accessories,
Plasma Cutting Equipment,
Metal Cutting Sawing Grinding Tools,
Welding Safety Equipment,
Used Welding Equipment,
Address 901 North Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202-3000, United States.
Phone +1 317-264-3236
Email weld@suttongarten.com
Website https://www.suttongarten.com/
Company Carmel Welding
About The company offers a variety of outdoor power equipment, lawn equipment, equipment technicians, and skilled welders.
Services Custom Welding,
Chainsaw Service,
Commercial Grade Zero-turn Mowers Service,
Delivery Service,
Lawn Tractor Service,
Leaf Blower Service,
Pickup Service, Trimmer Service,
Residential Grade Zero-Turn Mowers Service,
Self-Propelled/Walk-Behind Mower Service,
Single Stage Snowthrower Service,
Two-Stage Snowthrower Service,
Zero-Turn Hydraulic Service,
Products New Equipment
New Cub Cadet Models,
Shop STIHL Now,
New TORO Models,
New Hustler Turf Equipment Models,
New Billy Goat Models,
Factory Promotions,
Meyer Products, Ryan,
Sno-Way, Little Wonder,
Kohler Engine, Used Inventory,
Leaf loader – Industrial Plus,
20381 – Toro,
Used Inventory
Leaf loader – Industrial Plus,
20381 – Toro,
New Inventory
Camo Hearing Protector – STIHL,
2019 Challenger MX 750 EPS – Cub Cadet,
2020 BGA 57 – STIHL,
Commercial 3000 60″ (152 cm) 27 HP 747cc (74956) – Toro,
2019 FSA 56 – STIHL,
2019 RMA 510K – STIHL,
2019 BR 700 – STIHL,
GrandStand® 52″ (132 cm) 23 HP 726cc (74549) – Toro,
2020 MS 170 – STIHL,
2020 RB 400 Dirt Boss™ – STIHL,
2017 SG 20 – STIHL,
Landscaper Series – STIHL,
Chaps – STIHL,
60″ TITAN® HD 2000 Series Zero Turn Mower (74462) – Toro,
2019 SH 86 C-E – STIHL,
U-Haul Rentals
Address 550 South Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN 46032-2177, United States.
Phone +1 317-846-3493
Email info@carmelwelding.com
Website https://www.carmelwelding.com/
Company Lawson Welding Shop
About The shop offers custom welding and metal fabrication services.
Services Welding
Products update soon
Address 10516 North County Road 200 East, Harmony, IN 47853, United States.
Phone +1 812-448-8984
Email update soon
Website http://www.lawsonwelding.com/
Company Koehler Welding Supply, Inc.
About The company distributes industrial supplies that includes welding, gas equipment, tools, janitorial, hardware, and robot automation products.
Services Welding and Industrial Supplies
Products Bearings, Electrical Motors, Gears
Specialty Gases, Gases,
Gas Equipment, Bags,
Can Liners, Dry Cleaning Supplies,
Mats, Office Supplies,
Receptacles, Restroom Hardware,
Towels, Wipers, Fiber Metal,
Respirators, Measuring Tools,
Pump, Conduction, Conveyors,
Cutting Tools, Hand Tools,
Hydraulic, O-Rings/Seals,
Tool, Die, Tools/Accessories,
Welding Products, Specialty Products,
Address 2352 Michigan Road, Madison, IN 47250, United States.
Phone +1 812-574-4103
Email toddu@koehlerweld.com
Website http://www.koehlerweld.com/
Company Mooresville Welding
About The company offers custom flatbed truck body building, mobile welding, metal retailing services.
Services Metal Retailing,
Welding and Repair,
Metal Fabrication,
Products Flatbed Truck Bodies,
Trailers and Trailer Ramps,
Staircase, Prototype Work,
Industrial Guard Rails,
Production Runs, Tanks,
Hoppers, Racking, Ladder Racks,
Trailer Hitches,
Address 220 East Washington St., Mooresville, IN 46158, United States.
Phone +1 317-831-2265
Email mvillewelding@sbcglobal.net
Website https://mooresvillewelding.com/
Company Weldmark
About The company provides products and services to the welding and cutting industry.
Services Welding and Gas Supplies
Products Welding Products
Filler Metals, Plasma Consumables,
Welding Accessories, Chemical Products,
ARC Gouging Equipment,
ARC Welding Accessories,
Gas Equipment
Fuel Gas Equipment,
ARC Gas Equipment,
Gas Accessories,
Safety Products
Eye, Face and Head Protection,
Hand Protection, Clothing,
Address 6331 East 30th St #301, Indianapolis, IN 46219, United States.
Phone +1 317-562-1483
Email info@weldmark.com
Website https://www.weldmark.com/
Company Northeast Welding Company
About The company provides state of the art custom services in aluminum, steel and stainless-steel welding.
Services Aluminum Repairs,
Camper Repairs,
Bicycle Repair,
Car Floor Repair,
Handrailing Repair,
Portable Service,
Toy Repair,
Trailer Repair,
Work Table,
Restaurant Equipment Repair,
Products Retail Metal Sales, Basketball,
Automotive Welded Parts,
Boat Props and Lower Unit,
Boat Trailers and Lifts,
Brackets, Coat Racks,
Exhaust Pipes, Hitch Attachments,
Lawn Equipment, Light Fixture,
Manufactured Items, Miscellaneous,
Overhead Door Protector,
Patio Furniture, Snow Plow/Blower,
Wheel Chair Car Carriers, Bicycle Frames,
Address 6428 Saint Joe Center Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46835, United States.
Phone +1 260-485-8011
Email sales@newelding.com
Website http://www.newelding.net/
Company Northern Gases and Supplies, Inc.
About The company offers industrial gases, welding cutting and equipment supplies services.
Services Cylinder Exchange and Filling,
Technical Assistance and Repair,
Bulk Storage and Cryogenic Systems,
Industrial Gases,
Products Welding Supplies and Tools,
Welders, Grinding Wheels,
Plasma Cutters, Contact Tips,
Welding Helmets, Electrodes,
Wire, Rod, Welding Gloves,
Used Welders,
Address 1426 South State Road 13, P.O. Box 417, Pierceton, IN 46562, United States.
Phone +1 574-594-2551
Email update soon
Website https://www.northerngases.com/
Company Weldstar
About The company is a distributor of welding equipment, supplies, accessories, industrial and specialty gases.
Services Welding Supplies,
Industrial Gases,
Cryogenic Services,
Cylinder Tracking,
Equipment Repair,
Products Rental Equipment
Welding Equipment
Carts and Trailers, Engine Drives,
Heliarc Equipment, Manifolds,
MIG Equipment, Power Sources,
Plasma Cutting/Welding Equipment,
Pipe Cutting/Welding Equipment,
Robots, Submerged Arc Equipment,
Stick Equipment, Spot Welders,
TIG Equipment, Wire Feeders,
Abrasives, Consumables,
Helmets and Eye Protection,
Plasma Cutters, Strikers and Flints,
Welders and Accessories,
Welding Rod and Wire,
Industrial Gas, Specialty Gas,
Bulk and Micro Bulk Gas,
Safety Supply
Address 1000 East Main St., Logansport, IN 46947, United States.
Phone +1 574-722-1177
Email info@weldstar.com
Website https://www.weldstar.com/
Company Carter Welding Repair and Supplies, Inc.
About The company offers welding, custom fabrication, welder repairs, equipment and welding supplies.
Services Welder Repair,
Welding Equipment,
Equipment Purchase and Rentals,
Industrial Gases,
Products All Welder Brands,
Repair Parts,
Welding Supplies,
Address 2511 Julian Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46803, United States.
Phone +1 260-449-9010
Email sales@carterwelding.comcastbiz.net
Website http://www.carterwelding.com/
Company Delta Welding Supply, Inc.
About The company offers welding, training, and industrial supplies.
Services Welding Training,
Welding Supplies,
Products Equipment, AKS Plasma Tables,
Welding Guns, Filler Metals,
Safety Supplies, Tools and Accessories,
Fume Extraction, MIG Welders,
Industrial and High Purity Gases,
TIG Welders, Engine Drive Welders,
Stick Welders, Plasma Cutting Equipment,
Welding Cable, Plasma Cutting Tables,
Grinding wheels and Abrasives,
Water Jet Cutting Tables,
Welding Positioners,
Robotic Welding Systems,
Gas Cutting Equipment, Hose Reels,
Air Compressors, Safety Supplies,
Electric Grinders,
Air Grinders and Chippers,
Address 1701 East US Hwy 41, Attica, IN 47918, United States.
Phone +1 765-762-9353
Email deltaweldingsales@comcast.net
Website http://deltaweldingsupply.com/
Company Moore’s Welding Services, Inc.
About The company offers custom fabrication solutions, line boring, bore welding, and heavy equipment repair services.
Services Bore Welding, Break Press,
CNC Plasma Burn Table,
Custom Fabrication,
Heavy Bumper Fabrication,
Hitch Welding, Line Boring,
Millwright Services,
Piece Part Work,
Punch Press and Shearing,
Railroad Welding Capabilities,
Structural Steel,
Products update soon
Address 13131 Leo Road Leo, IN 46765, United States.
Phone +1 260-627-2177
Email info@mooresweldingservice.com
Website https://mooresweldingservice.com/
Company Xcel Welding and Fabricating
About The company offers welding, custom fabrication, and semi-tractor frames services.
Services Welding and Fabrication
Products MIG/TIG Welding on Steel and Aluminum Products,
Sells Metal/Trailer Hitches and Accessories,
Address 3605 McCarty Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905, United States.
Phone +1 765-543-1870
Email xcelwelding@gmail.com
Website update soon
Company Great Lakes Welding Supply
About The company offers protective gear, equipment, and welding supplies to the welding and industrial clients.
Services Welding Machine Repair,
Torch Repair,
Regulator Repair,
Products Welding Rod and Wire,
Cutting and Welding Gases,
Welding Machines, MIG Guns,
Machine Consumables,
Spool Guns, Hoses,
Regulators and Flow Gauges,
Cutting Torches, Arc Air Torches,
Torch Tips, Plasma Machines,
Plasma Consumables, Grinders,
Cutting and Grinding Wheels,
Welding Helmets, Eyewear,
Safety, Shade and Magnifying Lenses,
Headgear and Accessories,
Fire Resistant Clothing/Other Safety Apparel,
Welding Jackets and Gloves,
Hard Hats and Other Safety Gear,
Address 1226 Birch Drive, Schererville, IN 46375, United States.
Phone +1 219-322-6488
Email info@greatlakesweldingsupply.com
Website https://greatlakesweldingsupply.com/
Company Mike’s Welding
About The company offers welding, metal work, metal fabrication, mobile welding and industrial style furniture services.
Services Welding and Fabrication,
Mobile Welding,
Products Smokers, Grills, Home Decor,
Address 3609 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, IN 47302, United States.
Phone +1 765-760-1854
Email jmlindsey08@gmail.com
Website https://www.mikesweldingshop.com/
Company Concepts in Motion, LLC
About The company provides welding and custom metal fabrication services to the various machining and fabrication projects.
Services Welding,
Metal Fabrication,
Welding Repair,
Custom Fabrication,
Stainless Steel Fabrication,
Sanitary Welding,
Fluid System Component,
Compress Gas Application,
Orbital Welding,
Machine for Food Beverage Dairy,
Biopharm Semiconductor,
CIP Systems,
Automation Controls and PLC Controls,
Products update soon
Address West Lafayette, IN 47906, United States.
Phone +1 765-215-2492
Email customerservice@conceptsin
Website https://conceptsinmotionllcin.com/
Company Muller Welding Company, Inc.
About The company mainly offers waste equipment sales, rentals, and related services.
Services Waste Equipment Sales,
Field Services, Installations,
Products Sales and Rentals
Rear Load and Front Load Containers,
Roll Off Containers,
Stationary and Self-contained Trash Compactors,
Vertical and Horizontal Balers,
Self Dumping Hoppers,
Tarping Systems,
Walking Floor Trailers,
Roll Off and Hook Lift Hoists,
Container Handlers,
EZ Pack Front/Rear Load and Automated Side Loaders,
Aftermarket Parts,
Address 3300 South Harding Street, Indianapolis, IN 46217, United States.
Phone +1 317-782-0677
Email steve@mullerwelding.com
Website https://www.mullerwelding.com/
Company Loyal Manufacturing Corporation
About The company is a supplier of precision metal stampings and sheet metal fabrications.
Services Engineering and Design Services,
Shearing Services,
Turret Punch Press Services,
Press Brake Forming Services,
Welding Services,
Self-Clinching Fasteners,
Tube Fabrication and Bending Services,
Punch Press Stamping Services,
Machining, Sawing/Surface Coating Services,
Quality Assurance and Control Services,
Products OEM Fabrications and Stampings
Address 1121 South Shortridge Road, Indianapolis, IN 46239, United States.
Phone +1 317-359-3185
Email info@loyalmfg.com
Website http://www.loyalmfg.com/index.html
Company Arc Weld, Inc.
About The company offers welding products, repair services, and industrial gases.
Services Welding Repairs and Services
Products Bulk Gases
Wide Range of Gas,
Liquid, Bulk Cylinders,
Welding Equipment
Miller, Lincoln,
Victor, ESAB,
Metal Goods and Welding Supplies
Fluxes, Wires, Solders,
Cylinder Rentals
Safety Products
Clothing, Face Protection,
Fire Equipment, First Aid,
Gloves, Hearing Protection,
Respiratory Protection,
Monitors, Calibration Equipment,
Work Wear, Rainwear,
High-Heat Protective Pieces,
Disposable Protective Clothing,
Leather Welding/Abrasion-Resistant Garments,
Bandanas, Sweatbands, Winter Liners,
Address 1556 Old Hwy 135 NE, Corydon, IN 47112, United States.
Phone +1 812-738-4344
Email mjenkins@arcweldinc.com
Website https://www.arcweldinc.com/
Company Cox Equipment Company
About The company offers welding repairs, used machine sales, and consumable supplies.
Services Field Service Repairs,
Products Electric/Engine-driven Welders,
Stud Welders, Motor Controls,
Plasma Cutting Machines,
Plasma/Oxy-Acetylene Cutting and Tracer Tables,
Portable and Standby Generators,
Robotics, Welding Positioners,
Plating Rectifiers,
Resistance and Spot Welders,
Address 9161 South Old US Hwy 41, Carlisle, IN 47838, United States.
Phone +1 317-241-8881
Email coxequipment@yahoo.com
Website http://www.coxequipment.com/
Company Summers Metals, LLC
About The company offers custom fabrication, gases, steel, and welding supplies services.
Services Repairs,
Custom Signs,
Custom Furniture,
Custom Fabrication,
Custom Accessories,
CNC Plasma,
Products Torches and Accessories,
Wire, Discs, Safety Glasses,
Angles, Flats, Channels,
Structural, Pipe, Rebar, Sheet Steel,
Welding and Cutting Tanks,
Welding Rods and Wire,
Address 315 Wilson Street, Osgood, IN 47037, United States.
Phone +1 812-689-7088
Email summersmetals@gmail.com
Website http://www.summersmetals.com/
Company MagneGas Welding Supply
About The company offers services for all types of welding supplies.
Services Welding Supplies
Products Welding Supplies,
MIG Guns – Hand Held,
TIG Torches, Tungsten,
Welding Screens, Blankets,
Filler Metals and Welding Wire,
Cutting Tools, Oxyacetylene Torch Kits,
Welding Hose, Abrasives,
Abrasive Accessories, Bonded Abrasives,
Burrs and Kits, Coated Abrasives,
Deburring Tools, Diamond Abrasives,
Flap Discs, Brushes,
Non – Woven Abrasives Industrial,
Welding Equipment, Stock Welders,
TIG Welders, MIG Welders,
Plasma Cutters,
Gloves/Hand Protection
Cold Weather Gloves,
Cotton, Canvas and Jersey Disposable,
Gloves, Drivers Gloves,
Heat Resistant Gloves,
Leather Palm Gloves,
Welding Gloves,
PPE and Safety
Welding Helmets,
Leather Clothing,
Safety Clothing,
Bandannas, Caps, Sweatbands,
Bouffant Cap and Hair Nets Chemical,
Clothing, Disposable Clothing,
High Heat Clothing, Rain Wear,
Reflective Clothing, Hearing Protection,
Work Clothing and Accessories,
Eye/Face Protection Eyewear,
Headgear and Face shields Safety,
Glasses, Safety Goggles,
Hardhats and Caps,
First Aid
Eye and Body Wash,
First Aid Kits, Skin Care,
Wound Care,
Respiratory Protection
APR Masks, Cartridges, Filters,
Disposable Masks,
Supplied Air Systems and Parts,
Particulate Respirators,
Industrial Chemicals
Penetrants, Degreasers,
Aluminized Coatings,
Chemical Cleaners,
Fluxes and Powders,
Paints and Accessories,
Industrial Adhesives,
Environmental and Abatement
Sorbents and Clean-up,
MRO and Plant Maintenance,
Area Protection
Safety Signs, Janitorial,
Lockout and Tag-out,
Industrial Gases and Liquid
Specialty Gases and Liquids
Address 3643 West 200 North, Huntington, IN 46750, United States.
Phone +1 260-200-1919
Email sales@magnegas.com
Website https://magnegas.com/
Company Baker Specialty and Supply Company
About The company is a wholesale distributor of HVAC, plumbing, and industrial piping products.
Services Ventilating and Air Conditioning Service
Products Commercial Hydronics,
Commercial Heating Equipment,
Ductless Mini-Split Systems,
Commercial and Residential,
Boilers, Boiler Controls,
Unit Heaters, Indirect Water Heaters,
Commercial Water Heaters, Refrigerant,
Refrigeration Supplies, HVAC Controls,
HVAC Supplies, HVAC Ducting,
Hydronic Pumps,
Radiant Floor Heating and Snow-melt Systems,
Underslab Insulation, Steam Traps,
Indoor Air Quality Products,
Plumbing Supplies (PLBG),
Pipe, Valves, and Fittings,
Bathroom and Kitchen Products,
Vitrous China Products,
Reverse Osmosis Systems,
PVC Pressure Pipe, Well Casing,
Sewer Pipe, Drain Pipe,
Fiberglass/Acrylic Showering Units,
ADA Showering Units,
Shower Doors/Custom Shower Enclosures,
Residential/Commercial Sinks,
Water Chillers/Drinking Fountains,
Residential/Commercial Water Heaters,
Pressure Tanks, Copper Fittings,
Sump Pumps, Effluent and Grinder Pumps,
Plumbing Primers and Cement,
Garbage Disposals, Push-Fit Fittings,
Wall and Yard Hydrants,
Flexible Pipe Connectors,
Roof and Floor Drain,
Backwater Valves and Grease Interceptors,
Flush Valves, Copper Fittings,
Copper Tube, PVC Fittings,
Solenoid Valves, Pressure Process Gauges,
Stainless Steel Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe,
Stainless Steel Pipe, Elliptical Tank Heads,
Address 701 Erie Avenue, Logansport, IN 46947, United States.
Phone +1 574-722-2000
Email logan.sales@bakerspecialty.com
Website http://www.bakerspecialty.com/
Company Berger Welding Supply, Inc.
About The company offers industrial gas, specialty equipment, specialty gas, and welding supplies.
Services Welding Supplies
Products Abrasives, Clamping Tools,
Oxy Welding, Safety Equipment,
Plasma Equipment, Welding Equipment,
Welding Automation, Welding Accessories,
Welding Alloys, Gases,
Address 12799 3A Road, Plymouth, IN 46563, United States.
Phone +1 574-784-3045
Email ben@bergerweldingsupply.com
Website http://www.bergerweldingsupply.com/
Company Modern Supply Company
About The company offers gas sales, rentals, repair, fabrication, maintenance, and welding supplies services.
Services Welder and Fabrication,
Equipment Repair,
Products Safety Equipment
Welding Hoods and Hats,
Glasses, Face Shields, Gloves,
Leather Protective Products,
Ear Plugs/Muffs, Face Masks,
Powered Air Purifying Weld Hoods,
Grinders, Mag Drills, Needle Scalers,
Chipping Hammer, Ironworker,
Band Saws, Clamps,
Filler Metals
Covered (Stick) Electrodes (SMAW),
Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Wires (FCAW),
Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Wires (FCAW),
Metal-Cored Wires (MCAW),
TIG Rods (GTAW),
Submerged Arc Wires and Fluxes (SAW),
Specialty Alloys,
Welding Consumables
Nozzles, Tungsten, Liners,
Contact Tips, Collets,
Drive Rolls, Cups,
Plasma Consumables
Nozzles, Swirl Rings,
Electrodes, Gas Shields,
Oxy/Fuel Consumables
Welding/Brazing Tips,
Cutting Tips, O-Rings,
Flashback Arrestors,
Check Valves,
Cutting Equipment
Welding Equipment
Weld Machines, TIG Welders,
MIG Welders, Stick Welders,
Engine Welders, Weld Leads,
Plasma Cutting Machines,
Portable Magnetic Drills,
Address 2200 Lynch Road, Evansville, IN 47711, United States.
Phone +1 812-425-9353
Email modern17@modweldco.com
Website https://modernsupplycompany.com/
Company Manufacturing Technology, Inc.
About The company offers manufacturing, designing, installation services for a complete line of friction welding and resistance welding machines.
Services Low-Force Friction Welding,
Rotary Friction Welding,
Friction Stir Welding,
Linear Friction Welding,
Contract Friction Welding,
Products Manifold Tubing,
Finished Clutch Drum,
Water Pump Shaft,
Stabilizer Bars,
Drive Shafts,
Track Roller Bushings,
Lift Screw,
Actuator for Reciprocating Saws,
Oil Field Valve Body,
Stern Drive Engine Tilt Mechanism,
Bimetallic Exhaust Valves,
Oil Pump Gear Blank,
Equipment and Machines,
Address 1702 West Washington, South Bend, IN 46628, United States.
Phone +1 574-230-0258
Email update soon
Website https://www.mtiwelding.com/
Company Don R. Fruchey, Inc.
About The company provides industrial construction welding and fabrication services.
Services Welding and Fabrication Services,
Products Equipment Installation,
Steel Construction,
Custom Steel Fabrication,
Equipment Warehousing,
Address 5608 Old Maumee Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46803, United States.
Phone +1 260-749-8502
Email webmail@donrfruchey.com
Website https://www.donrfruchey.com/
Company Slate Mechanical, Inc.
About The company offers sewer, ventilation, plumbing, and HVAC services.
Services Air Conditioning,
Heating Services,
Sewer Service,
Water Heater,
Water Softeners,
Products update soon
Address 4602 West 100 North, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States.
Phone +1 765-452-9611
Email slatemechanical@comcast.net
Website https://www.slatemechanical.net/
Company American Precision Services, Inc.
About The company offers fabrication, CNC, conventional machining, grinding, and repair services.
Services CNC Machining,
ID, OD and Surface Grinding,
In-house/On-site Repair and Rebuild Services,
Dynamic Balancing,
Welding and Fabrication,
Conventional Machining,
Products update soon
Address 7110 West 21st Ave, Gary, IN 46406, United States.
Phone +1 219-977-4451
Email info@amprservices.com
Website http://www.amprservices.com/
Company Batesville Tool and Die
About The company offers precision metal stamping components for the appliance, automotive, industrial areas.
Services Welding,
Precision Metal Stamping,
Metal Stamping Process,
Servo Press Technology,
Deep Drawn Stampings,
Assembly and Finishing Services,
Products Metal Components – Industries,
Metal Stamping Equipment,
Tool and Die, Sub Assembly,
Robotic Resistance Welding,
Drilling and Tapping,
Address 177 Six Pine Ranch Road, Batesville, IN 47006, United States.
Phone +1 812-934-5616
Email hr_out@btdinc.com
Website http://www.btdinc.com/
Company Fathouse Fabrications
About It is a twin turbo GT350 and mustang specialist that offers installation, custom performance parts, tuning, custom fabrication, and welding.
Services Dyno Tuning,
Mustang Roll Cage Install,
Performance Parts Installs,
Welding and Fabrication,
Products S197 Mustang GT and GT500
Catch Can Kits, Forced Induction,
Fuel System, Headers and Exhaust,
Intercooler and Intake, Misc. Parts,
Roll Cage and Safety, Seat Mounts and Seats,
S550 Mustangs
Catch Can Kits, Cooling,
Forced Induction, Fuel System,
Misc. Parts, Roll Cage and Safety,
Seat Mounts and Seats, Tuning,
Shelby GT350
Catch Can Kits, Cooling,
Drivetrain Forced Induction,
Fuel System, Misc. Parts, Tuning,
2011+ F150 Ecoboost
Fathouse Swag
Mitsubishi Evo VIII and IX
Catch Can Kits, Misc. Parts,
Fabrication and DIY
Catch Can Kits, Misc. Parts,
Address 9685 Old State Road 37 North, Martinsville, IN 46151, United States.
Phone +1 317-422-1660
Email sales@fathousefab.com
Website https://www.fathousefab.com/
Company TT Machining and Fabricating
About The CNC machine shop provides custom machining solutions for the Industrial and Manufacturing industries.
Services Milling,
Grinding and Finishing,
Products Turning Equipment
Kingston CL28C 3000, Hurco TMX10i,
Romi EZ Path I, Romi EZ Path II,
Fabricating Equipment
Miller Dynasty 280 TIG Welder,
Millermatic 252 MIG Welder,
ESAB 215c Multi-Process Welder,
Hypertherm Powermax 85 Plasma Cutter,
100 Ton Hydraulic Press, Plate Roller,
Peck Stow and Wilcox Metal Shear,
Grinding Equipment
Chevalier Fsg-1628 Hydraulic (wet) Surface Grinder (CNC Controls),
Chevalier Fsg-618 Surface Grinder,
Reid 618hr Rollerway Surface Grinder,
Reid 618hr Rollerway Surface Grinder,
Cincinatti Cylindrical (Od and Id) 12 x 36,
Milling Equipment
Hurco VMX64, Hurco VMX40,
Hurco VM10i, Hurco BMC4020,
Hurco BMC2416, Bridgeport Manual Mill,
Woton Iberica B75-M Boring Mill,
Address 228 IN-212, Michigan City, IN 46360, United States.
Phone +1 219-878-0399
Email info@ttmachineshop.com
Website https://www.ttmachineshop.com/
Company Stephens Machine, Inc.
About The company offers CNC machining, steel fabricating, fixturing, tooling, machine control, and production machinery services.
Services Welding and Fabrication,
CNC Machining,
Products Structural Steel, CNC Table,
Square/Rectangular Tanks,
Bins, Hoppers, Jigs, Fixtures,
Handrails, Stairwells, Mezzanines,
Catwalks, Platforms, Brackets, Hangers,
Address 1600 East Dodge Street, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States.
Phone +1 765-459-4017
Email stephens@stephensmachine.com
Website https://www.stephensmachine.com/
Company Titus Manufacturing, LLC
About The company offers custom welding and fabrication services.
Services Water Jet Cutting,
CNC Plasma Cutting,
Welding, Forming and Fabrication,
Snow Plow and Equipment Repair,
Stainless Steel Products and Repairs,
Products Replacement/Wear Parts
OEM Hammers, Rotor Rods,
Hammer-Mill Replacement Screens,
TITUS II Grinder
Indoor/Outdoor Furniture and Accessories,
Ladders, Stairs, Hand Rails,
Grating and Platforms,
Material Handling and Storage
Augers/Screw Conveyors,
Hoppers, Media Tumbling Cylinders,
Raw Material Bins, Carts, and Baskets,
Buckets/Barrels, Storage/Shipping Racks,
Gates and Fencing, Work Stations,
Water Jug Holders, Tool Holders,
Work Benches and Tables,
Signage, Awnings, and Architectural,
Shooting Targets and Accessories,
Jigs and Fixtures,
Custom After Market Parts
Winch Mounts, Truck Accessories, Brackets,
Fabrication and Forming
Rings, Concrete Forms, Brackets,
Mounts, Widgets,
Address 9887 East 6B Road, Plymouth, IN 46563, United States.
Phone +1 574-936-3345
Email orders@titusmfg.com
Website https://www.titusmfg.com/
Company E&H Industrial Services, Inc.
About The company offers designing, welding, piping, engineering, general contracting, and metal fabrication services to clients.
Services Metal Fabrication
Welding (all types), Metal Materials,
Structural Elements, Tanks (all Types),
Sheet Metal Fab, Jigs, Fixtures,
Metal Parts,
Field Services
Pipe Fitting, Equipment Installation,
Industrial Doors, Building Repairs,
Design/Build, Steel Buildings,
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings,
Building Additions,
Tenant Interior Finish,
Specialized Tenant Areas,
Design Services, Consulting,
Distribution, Manufacturing,
Food Processing, Power and Energy,
Products update soon
Address 5671 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254, United States.
Phone +1 317-295-2780
Email philk@eh-industrialservices.com
Website https://eh-industrialservices.com/
Company Indiana Gratings, Inc.
About The company offers welding, fabrication, and supplies steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass gratings.
Services Welding and Fabrication,
Welding Supplies,
Products Bar Grating, Light Duty Steel Grating,
Heavy Duty Steel Grating, Aluminum Grating,
Stainless Steel Grating, Fiberglass Grating,
Stair Treads, Steel Bar Grating,
Custom Fabricated Grating Information,
Aluminum Bar Grating, Stainless Steel Bar Grating,
Galvanized Finish, Painted Black Finish,
Safety Grating, Grip Strut,
Heavy Duty Grip Strut, Perfo Grip,
Traction Tread, Grate Lock Grating,
Grating Accessories, Grating Fastners,
Abrasive Nosings, Toe Plate, Hinges,
Address 210 West Douglas St. Martinsville, IN 46151, United States.
Phone +1 800-634-1988
Email update soon
Website https://www.indianagratingsinc.com/
Company Ad-Vance Magnetics, Inc.
About The company is magnetic shielding specialist that includes a variety of custom fabricated magnetic shielding products.
Services Magnetic Shielding Solutions,
Custom Machining,
Laser Cutting,
Products AD-MU-80, Mu Metal, Sheet Metal,
Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication,
Foil Material, Shielding Alloys,
Haas CNC VF-2 Vertical Mill,
Haas CNC ST-20 Lathe, Engineering Kit,
Cryogenic Magnetic Shielding,
Magnetic Isolation Chambers (MIC),
Custom Magnetic Shielding,
Address 625 Monroe Street, Rochester, IN 46975, United States.
Phone +1 574-223-3158
Email sales@advancemag.com
Website https://advancemag.com/
Company B&L Engineering, Inc.
About The company offers welding, fabrication, machining, and rigging services.
Services Custom Fabrication,
Rental Services,
Products Rental Equipment,
P and H Crane,
Link-Belt Crane,
Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts,
Forklifts, Cranes, Manlifts,
Address 319 Glenn Street, P.O. Box 608, Crawfordsville, IN 47933, United States.
Phone +1 765-362-3013
Email jordan@bandlengineering.com
Website http://www.bandlengineering.com/
Company Advance Repair and Machining, Inc.
About The company offers welding, fabrication, and machining services.
Services Machining,
Portable Line-Boring,
Products Steel Sales,
Hydraulic Cylinders,
Conveyors and Rollers,
Address 3311 Imperial Pkwy, Lafayette, IN 47909, United States.
Phone +1 765-474-8000
Email update soon
Website http://www.armindiana.com/
Company Eagle Magnetic Company, Inc.
About The company offers magnetic shielding, custom monitor shielding, and manufactures fabricated metal products.
Services Sheet Metal Fabrication,
Welding and Mil-Spec,
CNC Machining,
CAD Designing,
Magnetic Annealing,
Products Virtek Laser QC System,
Timesavers Model 2200 Rotory Brush Deburring Machine,
Amada HD 8025 NT,
Hurco VM10 and VM10U Milling Centers,
Magnetic Shielding, Eagle Fab Cans,
Custom Monitor Shielding,
Commercial and Consumer Products,
AAA Material Sheet Stock,
Foil and Sheet,
Address 7417 Crawfordsville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214, United States.
Phone +1 317-297-1030
Email mburt@eaglemagnetic.com
Website http://www.eaglemagnetic.com/
Company South Side Supply, Inc.
About The company offers welding supplies, hydraulic equipment, and industrial supplies.
Services Hydraulics Services,
Welding Supplies,
Products Milling, Threading, Tooling Systems,
Turning, Saws, Deburring and Broaching,
Cutting Tools Spare Parts and Blanks,
Abrasives and Finishing, Power Tools,
Clamping, Positioning, Workholding,
Fasteners, Testing, Measuring, and Inspection,
Holemaking, Hand Tools, HVAC,
Health and Safety, Lubrication,
Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies,
Lighting and Electrical,
Material Handling and Storage,
Paint and Equipment, Machinery,
Plumbing, Adhesives, Sealants, and Tapes,
Pneumatics, Shipping and Office Supplies,
Raw Materials, Welding and Soldering,
Power Transmission, Hydraulics, Safety Products,
Address 1300 South Wabash Street, Wabash, IN 46992, United States.
Phone +1 800-589-2658
Email sales@southsidesupply.com
Website https://www.southsidesupply.com/
Company Applied Metals and Machine Works, Inc.
About The company provides metallizing, applied metals and machine works.
Services Large Capacity Machining,
On-Site Machining,
Faro Laser Measuring/Aligning Systems,
Press Repair, Metallizing,
Fabrication and Welding,
Hydraulics, Press Repair,
In-house Balancing,
Products L&J Press Parts, Steel Mill Roller,
Excavator Booms and Buckets,
Shredder Rotor, Broken Pulleys,
Address 1036 Saint Marys Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States.
Phone +1 260-424-4834
Email info@appliedmetals.com
Website http://www.appliedmetals.com/
Company Ottenweller Company, Inc.
About The company offers welding, repairs, and metal fabrication services.
Services Laser Processing,
Forming, Engineering Services,
Robotic Welding,
Module Assembly,
Quality Control,
Paint Technology,
Products Metal Supplies
Address 3011 Congressional Parkway, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States.
Phone +1 260-484-3166
Email info@ottenweller.com
Website http://www.ottenweller.com/
Company Hemsco Supply
About The company provides welding, HVAC components, pumps, motors, and industrial gases.
Services Welding and Cutting,
Gas Supplies,
Products Industrial Gases,
Grinder, Sewage, and Sump,
System Components,
Belts, Bearings,
Power Transmission,
Pulleys and Sheaves,
Gears, HVAC Products,
Relays, Electric Motors,
Address 3594 North St Road 9, Anderson, IN 46012, United States.
Phone +1 765-393-0965
Email hemscollc@outlook.com
Website https://www.hemscosupply.com/
Company Nix Companies, Inc.
About The company provides manufacturing, maintenance, and industrial product sales services.
Services Maintenance and Field Services,
Field Coatings,
Field Services,
Repairs and Maintenance,
Structural and Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication,
Machining and Gear Cutting,
Custom Fabrication,
Products Industrial Products, Safety,
Material Handling, Modular Building,
Address 129 West Fletchall Avenue, Poseyville, IN 47633, United States.
Phone +1 812-874-2422
Email update soon
Website https://www.nixcompanies.com/
Company Purity Cylinder Gases, Inc.
About The company provides welding supply and gas distributing services.
Services Turn-Key Gas Installations,
Equipment Repairs and Rental,
Local Inventory and Service,
Products Dry Ice Supplier
Gases, MRO Supplies,
Safety Equipment,
Welding and Automation,
Industrial Gases
Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide,
Carbon Monoxide, Compressed Air,
Food Grade Gases
Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide,
Food Grade Gases, Nitrogen, Oxygen,
Medical Gases
Carbon Dioxide, Medical Gases,
Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen,
Specialty Gases
Acetylene, Argon, Calibration Gases,
Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide,
Address 2801 Woodhull Dr. Angola, IN 46703, United States.
Phone +1 260-665-7241
Email angola@puritygas.com
Website https://www.puritygas.com/
Company Fabtron Corporation
About The company offers metal fabrication services like the production of oil reservoir tanks, and display carts and wagons.
Services Manufacturing Molding Repair,
Custom Metal Fabrication,
Custom Wood Manufacturing,
Custom Plastic Manufacturing,
Products Wine Carriage, Peddlers Cart,
Western Wagon Kiosk, Flower Cart,
Covered Wagon Kiosk, Planter Wagon,
Metal, Wood, Plastic Products,
Custom Tanks, Flower Carts,
Address 1820 Sprott St, Auburn, IN 46706, United States.
Phone +1 260-925-5770
Email info@fabtroncorp.com
Website https://fabtroncorpin.com/
Company RJ Safety and Supplies
About The company provides wholesale distribution of industrial machinery, safety equipment, welding gases, and consumables.
Services Welding Equipment Repair,
Torch Repair,
Machine Rentals,
Products Safety Equipment
Area Protection, Clothing,
Environmental, Fall Protection,
Fire Equipment, First Aid,
Footwear, Gloves,
Head, Eye and Face Protection,
Hearing Protection,
Monitors and Calibration,
Respiratory Protection,
Tools and Hardware
Abrasives, Cutting Tools,
Industrial Brushes,
MRO/Plant Maintenance,
Gas Equipment
Gas Equipment Accessories,
Welding Gas Equipment,
Filler Metal, Welders and Accessories,
Welding Support Equipment,
Industrial Gas
Cylinder Purchase, Propane Gases,
Industrial Application Gases,
Propane Cylinder,
Address 451 Winston Ct Suite B, Schererville, IN 46375, United States.
Phone +1 219-515-6181
Email rjsafety451@yahoo.com
Website https://www.rjsafetyandsupply.com/
Company MoFab Incorporated, Inc.
About The company offers welding, metal fabrication, and ornamental services.
Services Warehouse Stock and Processing,
CNC Plasma Cutting,
Water Jet Cutting System,
Products Railings- Interior and Exterior,
Ornamental Iron Fencing,
Gates and Drive Gates,
Custom Ironwork and Spiral Stairs,
Awnings and Canopies,
Showroom Display and Furniture,
Security Doors and Windows/Guards and Bars,
Brickined Boxed Elbows,
Ceramic Bricks, Tiles, and Silicone,
Trowel able Ceramic Kits,
Sandblasting and Painting,
Address 1415 Fairview St., Anderson, IN 46016, United States.
Phone +1 765-649-5577
Email selika@mofabinc.com
Website https://www.mofabinc.com/
Company Trade and Industrial Supply, Inc.
About The company offers hardware and welding supplies.
Services Welding Supplies
Products Welders, Equipment,
Welding Accessories,
Tools, Cutting Tools,
Safety Equipment,
Abrasives, Wire, Rod,
Cylinder Packaged Gases,
Address 40 Doughty Road, P.O. Box 4171, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025, United States.
Phone +1 812-537-1300
Email e.nanz@tisupply.com
Website http://www.tisupply.com/
Company Dillon Supply Company
About The company distributes industrial and forklift products, MRO, and construction supplies.
Services Welding and Industrial Supplies
Products Abrasives, Chemicals, Electrical,
Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance,
Hoses, Tubing, Fittings,
Janitorial and Facility Maintenance,
Lighting, Pumps, Filtration,
Material Handling, Storage and Rigging,
Paints, Equipment, and Supplies,
Portable Lighting and Flashlights,
Tapes, Testing and Measuring,
Raw Materials, Plumbing,
Power Generation and Transmission,
Office Products, Furniture and Food Service,
Lubricants and Coolants, Lab Supplies,
HVAC and Refrigeration, Hand Tools,
Electronics, It and Telecommunications,
Clamping, Work Holding and Positioning,
Adhesives and Sealants, Batteries and Accessories,
Cutting Tools and Metalworking, Fasteners,
Hardware, Hydraulics, Machinery,
Lawn, Garden, and Outdoor Equipment,
Pneumatics, Power Tools, Safety and Security,
Welding and Soldering,
Address 1776 Lammers Pike, Batesville, IN 47006, United States.
Phone +1 812-932-1331
Email klaker@dillonsupply.com
Website https://www.dillonsupply.com/
Company Major Tool and Machine, Inc.
About The company provides turning machining, CNC milling, engineering, inspection, manual and robotic welding, program management, and assembly services.
Services Material Conversion,
Welding, Fabrication,
Precision Machining,
Testing, Program Management,
Engineering, Assembly Services,
CNC Machining, Testing,
Quality and Continuous Improvement,
Products update soon
Address 1458 East 19th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46218, United States.
Phone +1 317-636-6433
Email update soon
Website https://www.majortool.com/
Company Noble Industries, Inc.
About The company offers superior metal fabrication services that include laser cutting sheet metal, tube cutting and bending, and 3D laser cutting.
Services Design and Engineering,
Sheet Metal Fabrication,
Tube and Pipe Fabrication,
Welding, Assembly,
Powder Coating,
Products Custom Metal Parts,
OEM Components,
Custom Metal Stands,
Custom Metal Brackets,
Custom Metal Enclosures,
Address 17575 Presley Drive, Noblesville, IN 46060, United States.
Phone +1 317-773-1926
Email sales@nobleindustries.com
Website http://www.nobleindustries.com/
Company Rettig’s Industrial Supply
About It is a fastener and industrial supply company.
Services Fastener and Industrial Supply
Products Fasteners, Industrial Supplies,
Pipe, Valves, Fittings,
Welding Supplies, Band Saw Blades,
Power Transmission Products,
Abrasives, Cutting Tools, Safety Products,
Address 485 West Canal St, Wabash, IN 46992, United States.
Phone +1 260-563-2691
Email sales@rettigs.com
Website http://www.rettigs.com/
Company Mccombs Fabrication, LLC
About The company offers metal fabrication, welding, CNC plasma plate cutting services.
Services Welding and Fabrication,
Custom Metal Fabrication,
Products Farm Equipment, Trailers,
Construction Equipment,
Pulling Trucks and Tractors,
Address 1400 Madison Street, Connersville, IN 47331, United States,
Phone +1 765-265-0594
Email update soon
Website https://mccombs-fabrication.business.site/
Company Genesis Plastics Welding
About The company is a contract manufacturer that provides radio frequency (RF) welding, heat-sealing contract manufacturing for military, and medical industries.
Services Radio Frequency (RF) Welding,
Contract Manufacturing,
Products Single-Use Bags for Shakers, Rockers, and Rotators,
Chemical Resistant Multi-layer PTFE Membrane Laminate Glove Liner,
RF Sealed, Heat Transfer Fluid Bag with Hydro- Vent,
Warming Vest, Orthopedic Cooling Wrap,
Orthopedic Brace, Cooling Pad,
Cosmetic Bladder,
Infant Cocoon Heat Blanket,
Seat Lumbar Bladders,
Automobile Sensor Bladders,
Gear Reduction Bladder,
Emergency Warming Blankets,
Hydration Bladder, Ballistic Helmet Pads,
Urine Drainage Bag, IV Sleeve, PVC-Free,
Blood Pressure Cuff, Fluid Bag,
Heat-sealed, Multi-layer Film,
Specialty Fluid Containment Pouch,
Disposable Warming Blankets,
Silicone Bladder, Single-Use Mattresses,
PVC-Free Bag, Ostomy Care Bag,
Disposable Warming Blankets,
Media Reservoir Bag, Fluid Bladder,
Calf Compression Sleeve (DVT),
Pressure Sensor Membrane,
Medical Bladder with Multiple Mandrel Welds,
Coolant Bag with Ports,
Cooling Therapy Mask, Oxygen Hood,
Elution Kit Component for Air Sampling Analysis,
Heat and Cooling Therapy Bladder,
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Sleeve,
Infant Cooling Cap, Blood Storage Device,
Battery Insulator, Bioprocessing Bag,
Address 720 East Broadway Fortville, IN 46040, United States.
Phone +1 317-485-7887
Email sales@genesisplasticswelding.com
Website https://genesisplasticswelding.com/

Thus, the above-given information on welding companies in Indiana is valuable and beneficial for students, welders, fabricators, businesses, and any professional person working in the welding industry.

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