Welding Companies in Oklahoma

welding companies in oklahoma

Welding Companies in Oklahoma consist of information on companies, welding shops, products, services, emails, phones, websites, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, contractors, fabricators, and careers. The companies provide welding products and services to residential, industrial, commercial, and marine areas. They recruit thousands of welders, fabricators, machinists, welding inspectors, underwater welders, welding educators, welding engineers, boilermakers, pipefitters, commercial divers, maintenance welders, NDT specialists, offshore welders, welding supervisors, welder fabricators, and other welding professionals in the industry. Some of the companies conduct welding education programs either independently or in affiliation with welding schools in Oklahoma. So, in this article, find all welding companies in Oklahoma, the United States.

Welding Companies in Oklahoma


Company Airgas, an Air Liquide Company
About The company provides commercial and industrial equipment supplies.
Services Welding/Industrial Supplies
Products Welding Products
Welders/Accessories, Filler Metal,
Welding Support Equipment,
Safety Products
Gloves, Area Protection,
Hearing Protection, Clothing,
Footwear, Head, Eye, Face Protection,
Respiratory Protection,
Ergonomics/Fall Protection,
Monitors/Calibration Equipment,
First Aid, Fire Equipment,
Gas Equipment
Welding Gas Equipment,
Specialty Gas Equipment,
Balloon Regulators,
Gas Equipment Accessories,
MRO/Plant Maintenance,
Abrasives, Cutting Tools,
Industrial Brushes, Machine Tools,
Industrial Coatings/Paint,
Address 2505 Purdue Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73128, United States.
Phone +1 405-681-8250
Email joe.fratto@airgas.com
Website https://www.airgas.com/
Company A Weldors Supply
About The company provides welding machines, safety equipment, and industrial gases from the top brands.
Services Welding/Industrial Supplies,
General Repairs,
Products Propane, Oxygen, Argon, CO2,
Helium, Welding Rods, Grinding Discs,
Steel Cutting Equipment, Safety Gloves,
Plasma Cutting Equipment, Welding Helmets,
Leather Safety Glasses, Welding Jackets,
Large Variety of Safety Glasses,
Cutting Goggles, Face Protection,
Face Shields, Indoor Safety Products,
Outdoor Safety Products,
Address 2601 South Prospect (Southeast 25th and I-35), Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States.
Phone +1 405-672-1484
Email judy.l22@yahoo.com
Website https://www.aweldorssupply.com/
Company Bill’s Welding Equipment Repair, Inc.
About The company provides repairs of all welding equipment and sells supplies and new equipment.
Services Engine Driven Welders Repair, Stick Welders Repair,
MIG Welders (Wire Feeders) Repair,
TIG/Multi-Process Welders Repair,
Plasma Cutters Repairs,
Cutting/Brazing Torches Repair,
Regulators/Torches Repair, Positioners Repair,
Products Supplies/New Equipment
Address 2000 Southwest 15th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73108,
Phone +1 405-232-4799
Email billswelderrepair@yahoo.com
Website http://www.billswelderrepair.com/
Company Lampton Welding Supply
About The company offers compressed gases, industrial machines, welding equipment, and supplies.
Services Welding Machine Repair,
Welding Machine Certification,
Plasma Cutting System Repair,
Plasma and Gas Systems,
Gas Welding/Cutting Apparatus Repair,
Hougen Cutter Sharpening/Repair,
Band Saw Blade Welding,
Products Industrial Abrasives, Tape, Adhesives,
Wire Brushes, Clean Air Systems, Hose Reels,
MIG Guns, TIG Torches, Accessories,
Vise-Grip Hand Tools, Bulk/Specialty Gases,
Small Positioners, Welding Accessories,
Sandvick Blades, Hand Tools, Gloves,
Motorized Torch Systems, Stud Welding Equipment,
TIG Torches/Accessories, Punches and Dies,
Kalamazoo/Startrite Band Saws, Metal Muncher Ironworkers,
Multi-Strike Tungsten, Regulators, Torches,
Safety Glasses, Bandsaws, Cold Saws,
Industrial Machines, Wheel Dressers, Air Tools,
Power Tools/Accessories, Tool Post Grinders,
Welding/Cutting Equipment, Filler Metals,
Welding Accessories, Maintenance Alloys,
Protective Equipment, Abrasive Cut-off Machines/Wheels,
Pipe Beveling Machines, Hand Trucks, Cylinder Carts,
Soldering, Brazing, Welding Products,
Auto Change Welding Helmets, Metal Forming Equipment,
Magnetic Drills and Rotobroach Cutters,
Plasma Cutting Systems, Protective Equipment,
Abrasives and Chemical Tools,
Welding Hoods and Protective Equipment,
Clamping Fixtures, Industrial Machinery,
Positioning Equipment, Plastic Welders,
Coolant Products, Welding Caps,
Welding Accessories, Wire Feed Systems,
Welding Machines, Filler Metals, Welding Accessories,
Bandsaw Blades and Hole Saws,
Pipe Clamping and Beveling Equipment,
Maintenance Alloys, Filler Metals,
Welding Accessories, Cutting/Coolant Fluids,
Cutting Fluids, Industrial Supplies,
Welding Accessories, Filler Metals,
Bonded and Coated Abrasives,
Rod and Wire Ovens, Pipe Patterns,
MIG Guns and Accessories,
Bonded Abrasives, Filler Materials,
Bandsaw Blades, Hard-facing Filler Materials,
Pipe Handling Equipment, MIG Guns,
Coated and Bonded Abrasives,
Filler Metals, Metal CNPs, MIG Guns, Arc,
Safety Glasses, Cold Saw Blades,
Gas Cutting and Welding Equipment,
Industrial Equipment and Supplies,
Welding Supplies, Welding Curtains,
Industrial and Medical Gas Apparatus,
Address 900 SW 6th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, United States.
Phone +1 405-232-2577
Email OKC@lampton.com
Website http://www.lampton.com/
Company Ledet’s Welding, Inc.
About Ledet’s Welding is a full-service fabrication and welding facility. It specializes in the development and fabrication of heavy industrial items including cutting, forming, and welding of any metal item, large or small, one-off or production run quantities.
Services Welding, Designing, Cutting, Bending,
Products update soon
Address 4725 S.E. 59th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73135, United States.
Phone +1 405-610-2299
Email info@ledetwelding.com
Website https://www.ledetwelding.com/
Company Whorton Welding, Inc.
About The company is a metalworking and welding specialist. It provides welding, fabrication, mobile welding, custom fabrication, CNC plasma table, CNC machining, stairs, handrails, gates, openers, and fences.
Services Welding, Fabrication, Mobile Welding,
Custom Fabrication, CNC Plasma Table, CNC Machining,
Products Stairs, Handrails, Gates, Openers, Fences,
Address Oklahoma City, OK 73101, United States.
Phone +1 405-664-7123
Email update soon
Website https://whorton-welding-inc.business.site/
Company Merrell Welding and Ornamental
About It is a renowned company that specializes in providing a welding service. It also works with ornamental and iron fences, as well as gates and railings.
Services Welding, Fence Repair,
Gates and Fences Repair,
Mobile Services, Railings Repair,
Products update soon
Address Norman, OK 73026, United States.
Phone +1 405-321-7733
Email update soon
Website http://merrellweldingornamental.com/
Company Brady Welding and Machine Shop
About The company specializes in crane services, welding, oilfield services, rig moving, pumping unit sales and service, and trucking. It operates primarily in the mid-continent region but offers services throughout the country.
Services Superior Rig Moving, Crane,
Trucking, Oilfield Services,
Products update soon
Address 11991 Hwy. 76, Healdton, OK 73438, United States.
Phone +1 580-229-1168
Email info@bradywelding.com
Website https://www.bradywelding.com/
Company H&H Resistance Welders
About It is a manufacturer of industrial welding equipment and automation. The company provides resistance welding equipment and services.
Services In-House Sandblasting, Retrofits,
Preventative Maintenance Packages,
Job Shop Custom Resistance Welding,
Products Electrodes, Holders, Wheels, Shunts,
Pneumatics and Electronics, Controls,
Flash Welder, Multi-Gun Welder,
Robotics, Spot Welders, Seam Welders,
Butt/Flash Welders, Custom Welders, Wheels,
Address 28701 South Hwy 125, Afton, OK 74331, United States.
Phone +1 918-257-5150
Email info@hhwelders.com
Website https://www.hhwelders.com/
Company James Supplies and Rental
About The company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of industrial machinery and equipment.
Services update soon
Products Rental Equipment,
Address 410 South Chickasaw Street, Pauls Valley, OK 73075, United States.
Phone +1 405-238-6421
Email update soon
Website update soon
Company Stillwater Steel and Welding Supply
About It provides quality steel and welding services.
Services Fabrication/Welding
Saw Cutting, Welding, Bending, Breaking,
Rolling, Shearing, Hole Punching,
Aluminum Welding, Stainless Welding,
Cast Welding, Portable Welding,
Sand Blasting/Powder Coating
High-Definition Plasma Table
Products Industrial Gases, Specialty Gases,
Regulators, Victor Products,
Strong Hand Tools, Black Stallion,
Fiber Metal Products, Tillman Products,
Jackson/Huntsman, Channel, Angle,
Round Bar, Hexagon Bar, Flat Bar,
Bar Grating, Expanded Metal, Pipe,
Tubing, Floor Plate, Smooth Plate,
Sheet Steel, Casters, Piano Hinges,
Barrel Hinges, Post Caps, Power Cords,
Files, Wrap Arounds, Pipe Guides, Tools,
Pipe Fittings, Welding Rods, Welding Hoods,
Grinders, Safety Glasses, Allthread,
Address 5320 E. 6th Ave, 5309 E. 6th Ave., Stillwater, OK 74074, United States.
Phone +1 405-377-5550
Email brad@stillwatersteel.com
Website https://www.stillwatersteel.com/
Company Victor Welding and Supply
About It is s welding supply store.
Services update soon
Products Welding Equipment, Gas Equipment,
Available Gases
Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen,
Carbon Dioxide, Argon,
Argon Mixes, Acetylene,
Address 123 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa, OK 74120, United States.
Phone +1 918-584-3515
Email sales@victorwelding.com
Website update soon
Company Accurate Welding, Inc.
About It provides welding and metal fabrication services.
Services Portable Welding, In-House Welding,
Custom Welding, Materials Welded,
Products update soon
Address 1136 S. Hudson, Tulsa, OK 74112, United States.
Phone +1 918-838-1111
Email accurateweldingtulsa@gmail.com
Website http://accurateweld.net/
Company H/H Portable Welding
About It offers portable welding, repair, and metal fabrication services.
Services Portable Welding and Repairs,
Metal Fabrication, Metal Fencing, Gates,
Products Fencing, Gates, Guard Rails,
Concrete Stair Replacement,
Dumpster Enclosures, Hand Rails,
Security Doors, Stairways,
Address 14525 W Frisco Drive, Yukon, OK 73099, United States.
Phone +1 405-830-5525
Email robert_harris2005@hotmail.com
Website https://www.hh-portablewelding.com/
Company Munn Welding Supply
About It is the largest independently owned welding supply company and has been providing excellent services and products.
Services update soon
Products Consumables, Gear, Welding Equipment,
Cutting Equipment, Abrasives, Gases,
Address 3817 N 4th Street, Enid, OK 73701, United States.
Phone +1 580-234-4120
Email update soon
Website https://munnsupply.com/
Company Fullerton Welding Supply
About Fullerton Welding Supply provides welding services in the Northeast OK area.
Services Welding Products/Services
Gases, Hydro Testing, Medical Gases,
Product Deliveries, UE Testing,
Welding Supplies, Cryogenic Gases,
Products MIG, TIG and Plasma Consumables,
Plasma Parts and Machines, Tips,
Welding Hoods, Welding Lenses,
Welding Machines, Cutting Torches,
TIG Machines,
Address 25318 S Highway 88, Inola, OK 74036, United States.
Phone +1 918-341-8264
Email dustinfws@gmail.com
Website https://www.fullertonweldingsupply.net/
Company ACS Steel Company, LLC
About It is a value-added service center that has been delivering quality products at competitive prices.
Services Oxyfuel Cutting, Fabrication,
Sandblasting, Machining,
Angle Rolling, Plate Rolling,
Rect-to-Round Forming,
Hy-def Plasma Cutting,
Press Brake, Cone Forming,
Welding, Painting,
Products update soon
Address 7862 S Regency Drive, Tulsa, OK 74131, United States.
Phone +1 918-227-4480
Email jenny@acssteel.com
Website https://acssteel.com/
Company Red River Welding Supplies
About It offers delivery services that include a wide range of gases from cutting gases to shielding gases, to purging gases to EPA protocols, these gases come in compressed, liquid compressed packs.
Services Propane Services, Machine Repairs, Tool Repairs,
Products Welding Wires, Welding Rods, Pipe Stands,
Welders, Consumables, TIG Torches, Slag Removal,
Regulators, Safety Glasses, Ear Protection,
Safety Vest, Fall Protection, Respirators,
Lifting Straps, Cargo Support, Traffic Cones,
Hand Cleaners, First aid Kits, Floor Sweep,
Fire Extinguishers, Kevlar Products,
Hose/Cable Reels, Hand Tools,
Extension Cords, Compact Cylinders,
Helium Cylinders, Compressed Gases,
Medical Gases, Liquid Cylinders,
Cylinders Packs, Alum. Co2 Cylinders,
Address 2311 N First Ave., Durant, OK 74701, United States.
Phone +1 580-745-5521
Email info@redriverweldingsupplies.com
Website http://www.redriverweldingsupplies.com/
Company Richards Welding and Metal Building, Inc.
About It provides welding and metal fabrication services.
Services Metal Buildings, Work Shop,
Garages, Barn, Arena,
Metal House, Mini Storage,
Hail Damage Replacement,
Products update soon
Address 1982 N. MacArthur Ave., Blanchard, OK 73010, United States.
Phone +1 405-485-8611
Email richard@rwmb.net
Website http://www.richardsmetalbuildings.net/
Company American Industrial & Welding Supply
About It is a leading distributor of industrial, welding, and janitorial supplies for all types of commercial, industrial and institutional businesses.
Services Equipment Supply/Repair
Products Rental Equipment
Plasma Cutting Equipment,
Power Generators, MIG Welders,
TIG Welders, Stick Welders,
Plasma Welders, Cylinder Storage Racks,
Address 2100 Old Shawnee Road, Muskogee, OK 74403, United States.
Phone +1 918-682-3357
Email update soon
Website http://www.americaniws.com/
Company Nabors Welding and Supplies
About It offers a variety of welding supplies, welding gases, fabrication shops, CNC plasma tables, steel, and much more.
Services Fabrication/Supplies
Products Welding Supplies, Welding Gases, CNC Plasma Table,
Address 202 W Cherokee Street, Lindsay, OK 73052, United States.
Phone +1 405-756-8198
Email naborswelding@gmail.com
Website update soon
Company Advanced Fabrication Services, LLC
About It provides metal fabrication, design, and welding services.
Services Metal Fabrication, Design, Welding,
Products update soon
Address 1217 SW 97th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73139, United States.
Phone +1 405-339-4867
Email advancedfabricationservices@gmail.com
Website update soon
Company Tulsa Gas and Gear
About It is an independently owned distributor of welding products, safety gear, and industrial, medical, and food-grade gases.
Services Welding Equipment Repair,
Torch and Regulator Repair,
Products Welding Equipment, Industrial Tools,
Welding Wire, PPE, and Safety,
Rental Equipment
Welding Machine, Positioning Equipment, Tube Rolling,
Industrial, Medical, Beverage, Food Grade,
Address 6665 S 65th W Ave., Tulsa, OK 74131, United States.
Phone +1 918-447-4411
Email sales@tulsawelds.com
Website https://weldingsupplystore.com/
Company Zeeco, Inc.
About It manufactures and distributes combustion equipment and environmental systems. The Company designs, produces, and markets burners, gas and liquid flaring systems, and hazardous waste incinerators.
Services Design/Manufacturing, Equipment Restoration,
Products Boiler, Duct and Package Burners,
Liquid and Gas Flaring Systems,
Thermal Oxidizers/Incinerators,
Flare Gas Recovery Systems,
Vapor Control Systems, Scanners and Monitors,
Aftermarket Parts, Combustion System Rentals,
Address 22151 East 91st Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74014, United States.
Phone +1 918-258-8551
Email sales@zeeco.com
Website https://www.zeeco.com/
Company Fleet Services
About The company offers on-site truck and trailer repair services to increase efficiencies and reduce downtime of the commercial fleet customer.
Services Truck Repair, Mobile Truck/Trailer Repair
Products update soon
Address 2626 W Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States.
Phone +1 888-795-7995
Email sales@fleet-serv.co.uk
Website http://www.fleetservices1.com/
Company Oil States Industries, Inc.
About The company manufactures oil field machinery and equipment. It offers floating production systems, subsea pipelines and structures, tubular connection systems, packer elements, shock and noise isolators, and clutches and brakes.
Services Riser Analysis, Fabrication,
Welding Engineering/Consulting,
Precision Machining and Cladding,
Inspection, Repair/Maintenance,
Custom Molding, Specialized Testing,
Rental Equipment, Decommissioning,
Products Offshore Products,
Floating Production Products,
Fixed Platform Products,
Riser Products,
Subsea Pipeline Products,
Address 1020 East Grand Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States.
Phone +1 405-671-2000
Email valve.systems@oilstates.com
Website https://oilstates.com/
Company Big Tex Trailer World
About It offers dump, equipment, landscape, utility, tilt trailers, and more. It also sells, rents, and provides comprehensive trailer service to customers in all industries.
Services Trailer Rentals, Trailer Repairs/Service
Products Big Tex, CM Trailers, CM Truck Beds,
Sundowner, Commander, Carry-On,
Rice Trailers, Tex Trail Parts,
BW Hitches, Dexter Axle Parts,
Trailer Sales, CM Truck Bed Sales, Parts Sales,
Address 3030 W Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States.
Phone +1 405-805-6626
Email update soon
Website https://www.bigtextrailerworld.com/
Company Jireh Mechanic and Welding Shop, LLC
About It is a truck repair shop and provides experienced truck repair services at the highest standards.
Services Mechanical Problems, Electrical Problems,
Engine Repairs, Clutch Repairs,
Brake Repairs, Maintenance,
Products update soon
Address 1406 Neptune Dr, Clinton, OK 73601, United States.
Phone +1 580-275 8167
Email update soon
Website https://www.jtruckshop.com/
Company Locke Supply Company
About The company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of hydronic plumbing and heating equipment and supplies.
Services Wholesale Supplies
Products Adhesives and Sealants, Air Distribution,
Belt, Sheaves and Pulleys, Chemicals,
Conduit and Conduit Fittings,
Fittings and Connectors, Hardware,
HVAC Controls, HVAC Equipment,
HVAC Supplies and Accessories,
Hydronics, Indoor Air Quality,
Industrial Control, Pipe Tubing, Hoses,
Pipe, Tube and Hose Fittings,
Power Generation and Transmission,
Pumps and Filtration, Testing and Measuring,
Refrigeration Equipment and Compressors,
Valves and Actuators, Venting, Abrasives,
Adhesives and Sealants, Audio and Video,
Batteries and Accessories,
Cable Trays and Struts, Chemicals,
Clamping, Workholding/Positioning,
Cutting Tools and Metalworking,
Datacomm/Telecomm, Electrical Tools,
Fasteners, Fireplaces, Stoves,
Fittings and Connectors,
Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance,
Fuses, Blocks, Holders, Hand Tools,
Hangers, Struts and Fasteners, Hardware,
Janitorial and Facility Maintenance,
Labels, Signs, Printers,
Lawn, Garden/Outdoor Equipment,
Lubricants and Coolants,
Material Handling, Storage and Rigging,
Office Products, Furniture and Food Service,
Packaging and Shipping Supplies,
Paints, Equipment, Supplies,
Pipe, Tube/Hose Fittings, Pneumatics,
Portable Lighting and Flashlights,
Power Tool Parts, Kits, Accessories,
Power Tools, Pumps and Filtration,
Safety and Security, Tapes, Testing/Measuring,
Valves and Actuators, Welding and Soldering,
Wire and Cable Management, Wiring Connectors,
Address 1300 SE 82nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73149, United States.
Phone +1 405-631-9701
Email update soon
Website https://www.lockesupply.com/
Company Swagelok Company
About It develops and manufactures fluid system components. The products include fittings, valves, manifolds, hoses, gauges, regulators, lubricants, filters, and weld systems. Swagelok markets its products worldwide.
Services Grab Sampling Systems,
Equipment and Tool Rental,
Field Engineering Services,
Products Fittings, Valves, Manifolds,
Hoses, Gauges, Regulators,
Lubricants, Filters,
Address 1906 N. Yellowood Ave., Broken Arrow, OK 74012, United States.
Phone +1 918-258-8661
Email info@tulsa.swagelok.com
Website https://okwt.swagelok.com/
Company Midwest Hose and Specialty, Inc.
About The company operates as a hose distribution company and sells industrial/oilfield products such as hoses, belts, valves, unions, fittings, and specialty items.
Services Mobile On-Site Hose Services,
Full-Service Hydraulic Repair,
Mobile Hydraulic Solutions,
New Component Sales/Service,
Hydraulic Testing Services,
System Design and Sizing,
Hose Testing and Certification,
Custom Welding and Fabrication,
Products Layflat Hose, Rotary Hose, Hydraulic Hose,
Industrial Hose, Composite Hose, Ducting Hose,
Stainless Steel Metal Hose, Hammer Unions,
Flowline and Frac Tank Supplies,
Pipe Fittings and Flanges,
Production, Drilling, Well Service Products,
Belts, Sheaves, Bushings, Valves,
Instrumentation, Gauges, Quick Couplings,
Steel Adapters, Brass Fittings,
Address 3312 S I-35 Service Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States.
Phone +1 800-375-2358
Email sales@midwesthose.com
Website https://www.midwesthose.com/
Company J & I Manufacturing, Inc.
About It produces truck beds and a wide variety of processed steel products and farm/ranch supplies. The massive selection of products that they stock and produce includes livestock equipment, fencing, farm implements, trailers, and steel building materials.
Services Manufacturing/Supplies
Products Trailers Sales, Truck Beds, Angle,
Baileigh, Bale Movers, Barb Wire,
Barn Access, Belltec Diggers,
Boat Dock Float, Cable, Cable/Fencing,
Cattle Weigh Bar, Channel, Chicken Wire,
Color #1 Dark Tone 26ga Sheet,
Color #1 Lite Tone 26ga Sheet,
Color #1 Premium 26ga Sheet,
Continuous Fence, Corner and Stretch Post,
Creep Feeders, Cube Feeders, Door Brush,
Door Track, Doors, Expanded Metal,
Field Fence, Filson Equipment, Flat Strap,
Galv #1 26ga Sheet, Galv Culvert and Bands,
Gate Opener, Gates, Hem Saw Band Saws,
Horse Mesh, Hyd Bale Spike, I Beam, Insulation,
Ji Products, Kennels, Livestock-Small Animal Supply,
Maintainer, Pearson Livestock Eq, Pipe Round,
Plastic Culvert Pipe Hdpe-M294, Plastic Tanks,
Plazma Torch, Post Driver, Post Hole,
Priefert Cattle, Priefert D Gate, Priefert Horse,
Priefert Panel, Purlin C Z, Quick Silver,
Rebar, Rectangular Tubing, Rod Mill Grade,
Rod Used Sucker, Roof Vent, Seam Lock 16/26,
Smooth Plate #1, Sprayer, Sprayer Tanks,
Square Tubing, T-Post, Tread Plate,
Trim 26ga Comm Color/Galv,
Trim 29ga Econo Color/Galv, Truss,
Water Tanks, Welders, Wide Flange Beam,
Window, Wire Panels,
Address P.0. Box 549, 16967 Highways 99C, Madill, OK 73446, United States.
Phone +1 580-795-7377
Email update soon
Website https://www.jimfg.com/
Company Edmond Sheet Metal
About It is a leading specialty metal fabricator producing custom items for companies.
Services Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
Products update soon
Address 30 W 8th Street, Edmond, OK 73003, United States.
Phone +1 405-340-2554
Email sales@edmondsheetmetal.com
Website https://edmond-sheet-metal.business.site/
Company International Pipe
About The company is a trusted steel pipe source, has a fabrication/welding shop, has multiple inventory storage yards, assists with on-site logistics, including nationwide pick-up and delivery services.
Services Fabrication
Beveling, Splitting, Cutting to Length,
Welding, Threading, Cleaning,
Painting, Lining, Coating, Wrapping,
Testing, Straightening, Sandblasting,
Priming, Bending,
Products Steel Pipe, Fencing and Gates
Address 3300 Aluma Valley Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73121, United States.
Phone +1 405-478-4500
Email update soon
Website https://www.internationalpipe.com/
Company Boardman, LLC
About The company was a tank and equipment manufacturer initially. It fabricates water well casing and buckets, hog feeders, stock watering tanks and other light galvanized sheet metal products. Later, it expanded into fans, cottonseed ginning, and oil mill equipment, as well as gasoline storage tanks and grease racks, smokestacks and breechings, culverts, oil field equipment, truck, and trailer tanks.
Services Welding, Plate Rolling, Cone Rolling, Press Brake,
Heavy Plate Fabrication, Custom Fabrication,
Products Trayed Towers and Columns, Mol Sieve Dehydrators,
Rotary Dryers and Kilns, ASME Pressure Vessels,
API Tanks, Acid Settlers, Stacks, Scrubbers,
Thermal Oxidizers, Accumulators, Condensers,
Crystallizers, Ducting, Large Diameter Piping,
Storage Bins, Jet Engine Test Cells,
Aerospace Hush House Doors,
Address 1135 S McKinley Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73108-7012, United States.
Phone +1 405-634-5434
Email lhiggins@boardmaninc.com
Website https://www.howardservicecenters.com/
Company Gauge Metal Fab
About It offers sheet metal contracting services.
Services Sheet Metal Work
Products Sheet Metal Products, HVAC Systems,
Custom Plan and Spec,
Address 1004 North Victor Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74110, United States.
Phone +1 918-794-1700
Email update soon
Website https://gauge-metal-fab.business.site/
Company Quality Machining, LLC
About It is a high-quality manufacturing company. The capabilities include CNC machining, precision welding, and final assembly on a wide range of products chiefly supporting the Energy Industry.
Services High-Quality Paint and Coating,
Heavy Lifting and Assemblies,
CNC Machining Services, Welding,
Products update soon
Address 2400 Industrial Road, Sapulpa, OK 74066, United States.
Phone +1 918-512-8593
Email info@qualitymachining.net
Website https://qualitymachining.net/
Company Zeco Machine, Inc.
About It is a precision machining expert that delivers turnkey CNC machining solutions for petroleum, aerospace, and defense equipment manufacturers.
Services Milling, Turning, Wire EDM Machining,
Gun Drilling, Manual, Auto Saws,
Heat Treating, Burnishing, Cold Working,
Premium Thread Rolling, Grit Sweat,
Welding (TIG, MIG, Cold Metal Transfer)
Products update soon
Address 1800 East Seward Road, Guthrie, OK 73044, United States.
Phone +1 405-282-3313
Email info@zecomachine.com
Website https://zecomachine.com/
Company Disco, Inc.
About The company is an experienced leader in industrial service.
Services Natural Gas Compressor Cylinder Repair,
Rotary Screw Compressors, Industrial Pump Repair,
Tungsten Coating, Cylinder Manufacturers,
Mechanical and Hydraulic Repairs,
Fabrication Services, Water-Jet Cutting,
Products update soon
Address 102 Access Road, Elk City, OK 73644, United States.
Phone +1 580-225-5033
Email update soon
Website https://disco-inc.com/
Company Weibee Steel, Inc.
About The company fabricates and delivers the highest quality metal structure for construction projects.
Services Structural Steel Fabricator
Products update soon
Address P.O. Box 721381, Norman, OK 73070, United States.
Phone +1 405-360-7055
Email estimating@weibee-steel.com
Website https://weibee-steel.com/
Company 5 Shot Welding Metal Buildings and Boat Docks
About It provides an array of services such as welding, metal buildings, boat docks, dock repair, and much more.
Services Welding, Metal Buildings, Boat Docks,
Dock Repair, Fabrication Shop,
Welding Service, Metal Fabrication,
Metal Fabrication Shop, Boat Dock Repair,
Products update soon
Address 115775 S 4237 Road, Eufaula, OK 74432, United States.
Phone +1 918-689-3008
Email update soon
Website https://www.fiveshotwelding.com/
Company Alliance Steel
About It designs and manufactures the highest quality products in the most cost-efficient manner that include superior steel building systems and components.
Services Manufacturing/Designing
Products Cold-Formed Members, Frame Types,
Products and Accessories,
Roofing Panel Types, Wall Panel Types,
Address 3333 South Council Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73179, United States.
Phone +1 800-624-1579
Email info@allianceokc.com
Website https://allianceokc.com/
Company G&G Fabricating and Machining
About It provides welding, machining, and fabrication services.
Services Structural Welding,
Custom Fabrication,
Inspection and Testing,
Products update soon
Address 1314 N. Wheeling Ave., Tulsa, OK 74110, United States.
Phone +1 918-900-3430
Email update soon
Website https://gg-fm.com/
Company KC Welding and Machine Corp.
About It is a supplier to the pipeline industry and able to withstand the rigors of pipeline construction.
Services Structural Fabrication,
High-Volume Welding,
CNC and Manual Machining,
Kitting and Assembly,
Products KC Ratchet Clamps, Standard Line Clamps,
KC Toggle Clamps, Ratchet Wrenches,
MIG Welding Guns,
Address 428 West 8th Street, Bartlesville, OK 74003, United States.
Phone +1 918-336-4560
Email update soon
Website https://www.kcwelding.com/
Company Council Stainless and Sheet Metal
About It is a custom metal fabrication company and provides high-quality craftsmanship of stainless steel, copper, steel, aluminum, and other specialty metals.
Services Sheet Metal Fabrication Services,
Custom Design and Fabrication,
Field Installation Services,
Repair and Maintenance Services,
Water jet Cutting, Cold Forming,
Products update soon
Address 7918 NW 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, United States.
Phone +1 405-787-4400
Email css@councilstainless.com
Website https://www.councilstainless.com/
Company Neco Industries, Inc.
About It is a custom fabricator specializing in precision sheet metal fabrication, machining, and stamping.
Services Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication,
Machining and Stamping, Seals and Gaskets,
Products update soon
Address 3345 S. Ann Arbor Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73179, United States.
Phone +1 405-682-3003
Email sales@necoind.com
Website http://necoind.com/

Thus, the above-mentioned information on welding companies in Oklahoma is valuable and important for students, welders, fabricators, job seekers, company owners, and any other professional working in the welding industry.

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