Welding Companies in Oregon

welding companies in oregon

Welding Companies in Oregon comprises information on companies, shops, phones, emails, addresses, websites, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, fabricators, etc. The companies provide services and products to the residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Many of the companies conduct businesses both in the United States and abroad. They hire thousands of job seekers in various positions every year. Some companies offer welding education programs for their newly recruited positions. They do this either independently or in collaboration with the welding schools in Oregon. In this article, aspiring people can find all welding companies in Oregon, the United States.

Welding Companies in Oregon


Company Central Welding Supply Co., Inc.
About The company is a larger regional distributor that manufactures welding products like industrial machinery and equipment on a wholesale basis.
Services Welding/Metal Cutting Equipment and Supplies
Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment,
Arc Welding Equipment,
Plasma Arc Cutting Equipment,
Rental Equipment,
Equipment Repair Divisions,
Used Equipment,
Products Gas Products
Industrial Gases, Laser Gases, Specialty Gases,
Medical Gases, Beverage Gases, Cryogenic Gases,
Cylinders, Micro-Bulk Gas,
Bulk Gas Systems, Bulk System Installations,
Gas Cylinders, Portable Reactive Gas Cylinders,
Portable Non-Refillable Calibration Gas Cylinders,
Welding Supplies
Welding and Cutting, Abrasives,
Electrodes and Filler Metal,
Hand and Power Tools, Accessories,
Used Equipment, Equipment Rental,
Equipment Repair,
Safety Products
Safety Division, Eye/Face/Head PPE,
Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection,
Safety Wearables,
Address 4085 Commercial Way SE, Albany, OR 97322, United States.
Phone +1 541-924-0188
Email albany@centralwelding.com
Website https://www.centralwelding.com/
Company Maverick Welding
About It is a welding, industrial, and gas supplier.
Services Sales Reps, Repair, Rental
Products Consumables, Equipment,
Personal Protective Equipment,
Gases and Cylinders, Surface Prep, Line Card,
Address 1737 Washington St. Oregon City, OR 97045, United States.
Phone +1 503-656-2914
Email orcitysales@maverickwelding.com
Website http://maverickwelding.com/
Company Curtis Custom Welding
About It provides quality, personalized welding needs to local individuals and businesses. The expertise ranges from basic repair to more in-depth custom welding services.
Services Custom Work and Repair
Products update soon
Address 3215 SE 131st Avenue, Portland, OR 97236, United States.
Phone +11 503-760-6971
Email portlandccw@yahoo.com
Website http://weldingrc.com/
Company Industrial Welding Supply, Inc.
About The company distributes welding machines and equipment. It offers welding hard goods, gases, tools, parts, and welding supplies, as well as repair and machine leasing services.
Services Torch/Welding Machine Repair
Products Welding Products and Rentals, Gases,
Machine Rental
Gas Powered/Generator Welders,
Plasma Cutters, Wire Welders, TIG Welders,
Oxy/Acetylene Cutting Sets,
Mag Drills, JET Bandsaw,
Jackson Safety Insight,
Square Wave TIG 200, NEBO,
ESAB REBEL, Used Equipment,
Address 1995 Commercial Street N.E., Salem, OR 97301, United States.
Phone +1 503-581-6131
Email iwsi@industrialwelding.net
Website http://industrialwelding.net/index.html
Company Buffalo Welding, Inc.
About The company specializes in the fabrication of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Along with metal fabrication, it also provides on-site welding and steel erection.
Services Welding, Fabrication, Installation, Repair,
Products update soon
Address 3701 SE Naef Road, Milwaukie, OR 97267, United States.
Phone +1 503-794-8180
Email deanna@buffalowelding.net
Website https://www.buffalowelding.net/
Company OXARC, Inc.
About The company offers welding and industrial supplies, safety products and training, industrial, medical, and specialty gases.
Services Welding supplies, Gas Supplies,
Welding Training, Testing, and Inspection,
Mobile Training, Rental Services,
Products Safety Equipment Rentals
Air Monitors, Tripods/3-Way Winches and Work Winches,
Confined Space Blowers, Supplied Air Systems,
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus,
Automated External Defibrillator Trainers,
Drager Chip Measurement System,
Welding Equipment Rentals
Engine Driven Portable Welders (gasoline or diesel),
Air Compressors, Power Generators,
Plasma Cutting Equipment (sheet metal to 1 1/2″ cut ranges),
Oxy/Acet/Alt-Fuel Cutting Kits,
Cylinder Gases, Carts, Hoses,
MIG Welders (110-650 amps),
TIG Welders (100-350 amp AC/DC),
Stick Welders (100-500 amp),
Stud Welders (up to 1600 Amp),
Electrode Stabilizing Ovens,
Air and Electric Power Tools,
Cable Sets w/Quick Connects,
Arc Gouging Torches,
Exothermic Cutting Systems,
Pipe Beveling Tools/Fixtures,
High-Pressure Regulators for Purging Applications,
Gas Mixer Controls, Cylinder Storage Racks,
Magnetic Base Drills, Source Capture Smoke Systems,
Industrial Misting Fans,
Gases – Compressed, Liquid, Bulk
Welding and Gas Equipment
AC, AC/DC, Power Supplies, ARC, Gouging Equipment,
Automated Cutting/Welding Equipment,
Engine Driven Equipment,
Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment,
MIG and TIG Welding and Equipment,
Plasma Welding and Cutting Equipment,
Robotics, Stick Welding Equipment,
Sub Arc Equipment, Inverter Welding Equipment,
Orbital Tube and Pipe Welding Equipment,
Industrial Tools and Equipment
Lasers Levels, Rolatape, Grinding Wheels, and Discs,
Air Tools, Powered Hand Tools,
Industrial Lubricants, Cut off Saws and Wheels,
Hand Tools, Contour Markers,
Ironworkers, Metal and Paint Markers,
Brooms and Brushes, Positioners, Bits, and Burs,
Electrical Cords and Lights, Clamps and Gauges,
Waste Oil Furnaces, Pressure Washers,
Filler Materials
Aluminum, Stick Electrodes,
Hardsurfacing, Cut Length Rods,
Stainless Steel, Spooled Wires,
Specialty Alloys, Hard Wires,
Silver Alloys, Fluxed Cored Wires,
Spray Powders, Mild Steel Rods,
Solders and Fluxes, Brazing Rods,
Welding Cable Bulk and Cut Lengths,
Electrode Holders and Ground Clamps,
MIG, TIG and Arc Gouging Torches,
Welding Curtains and Blankets,
Torch Accessories, Dry Rod Ovens,
Cylinder Carts, Gas Hose and Fittings,
Regulators, Flowmeters, Gauges, Valves,
Tip Drills, Tip Cleaners, Beverage Systems,
Soapstone Markers and Temp Sticks,
Spark and Flame Lighters, Flints,
Chipping Hammers, Brooms, Brushes,
Address 20525 Robal Road, #107, Bend, OR 97701, United States.
Phone +1 541-389-2033
Email Imennie@oxarc.com
Website http://www.oxarc.com/
Company JD Peterkin Co.
About The company offers a wide range of competent welding services and more.
Services Portable Welding, In-Shop Welding, Repair,
Products Truck Scales, Hydraulics, Road Fabrics, Logging Supplies,
Address 118 N. Molalla Ave., Molalla, OR 97038, United States.
Phone +1 503-829-8021
Email peterkin@molalla.net
Website https://www.jdpeterkin.com/
Company Specialty Metal Fabricators (SMF)
About It offers design, fabrication, and installation services of standard and custom metal projects in Oregon and Washington.
Services Commercial/Residential,
Custom Architectural Metal Fabrication,
Elevator Door Tracks,
Products update soon
Address 2501 North Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97217, United States.
Phone +1 503-281-0059
Email info@specialtymetalfab.com
Website https://www.specialtymetalfab.com/
Company Advanced Northwest Welding, LLC
About It provides all phases of welding and fabrication with professional welding services.
Services Truck/Trailer Repair
Liftgates, Trailer Hitches,
Truck Bodies, Slip-on Utility Bodies,
Truck Tool Boxes, Snow Plows,
Heavy Equipment Repair,
Snow Plow Repair, Welding Services,
Structural Steel, Ornamental Iron,
Products Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers,
Rack-It® Truck Racks,
Ranger Design Van Racks,
Highway Products, UTB,
Hitch Safe Key Vault,
Address 2255 NE 2nd St., Suite #1, Bend, OR 97701, United States.
Phone +1 541-771-3190, 541-382-1002
Email tylernwweld@gmail.com
Website http://www.advancednorthwestwelding.com/
Company Bridge Brothers Welding
About The company offers a wide range of services for welding and fabrication needs. It specializes in custom and stock automotive exhaust systems, custom trailer building, custom fabrication, and specialty welding services.
Services Trailer Wiring Installation, Repair, Services,
Custom Fabrication, Welding, Aluminum Welding,
Pipe Bending in Eugene, Stainless Steel Welding,
Products Fifth Wheel Hitch, Trailer Hitch, Trailer Wiring,
Address 30042 Carol Ave. Eugene, OR 97402, United States.
Phone +1 541-689-6771
Email bridgebrothers2@gmail.com
Website https://www.weldingineugene.com/
Company Buss Welding and Machine, Inc.
About The company meets all the requirements of manufacturing, new construction, or new plant upgrade/relocating.
Services Commercial/Industrial Welding
Metal Fabrication, Heavy Equipment Repair,
Machine Repair, Hand Railings, Ladders,
Welding Repair and Custom Fabrication,
Products update soon
Address 2175 Larson Road, Tillamook, OR 97141, United States.
Phone +1 503-842-9246
Email info@busswelding.com
Website https://www.bussweldingandmachine.com/
Company Mac Welding and Fabrication, Inc.
About It provides custom fabrication and welding services.
Services Welding and Fabrication
Products update soon
Address 2705 NE Bunn Road, McMinnville, OR 97128, United States.
Phone +1 503-474-2043
Email sales@macwelding.com
Website http://www.macwelding.com/
Company Airgas, an Air Liquide Company
About The Company distributes industrial, medical, and specialty gases, welding supplies, safety products, tools, hardware, and gas equipment.
Services Manufacturing/Supplies
Products Welding Gas Equipment, Specialty Gas Equipment,
Gas Equipment Accessories, Gloves,
Coated Work Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves,
Welders Gloves, Chemical Resistant Gloves,
Disposable Gloves and Finger Cots,
Drivers Gloves, Cold Weather Gloves,
Clothing, Flame Resistant Clothing,
Disposable Clothing, Chemical Clothing,
Leather Clothing, Reflective Clothing, Vests,
Work Clothing and Acc, Bandanas,
Caps and Sweatbands, Rainwear, Footwear,
Over Boots and Overshoes,
Work Boots and Work Shoes,
Boot and Shoe Accessories, Area Protection,
Safety Labels and Tags, Safety Signs,
Lockout and Tagout, Head, Eye/Face Protection,
Welding Helmets, Welding Lens,
Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles,
Headgear and Face Shields,
Hardhats and Caps, Respiratory Protection,
APR Masks, Cartridges and Filters,
Disposable Masks, Supplied Air Systems and Parts,
PAPR, S.C.B.A., Ergonomics and Fall Protection,
Fall Protection, Personal Ergonomics,
Hearing Protection, Earplugs, Earmuffs, Bands,
Monitors and Calibration Equipment,
Gas Monitors and Sensors, First Aid,
Skin Care, Wound Care, Biosafety, Eye/Body Wash,
First Aid Kits, Electrolyte Replenishment,
Welders and Accessories, MIG Welders,
TIG Welders, Engine Drive Welders,
Multi-Process Welders, Stick Welders,
Automated Welding and Cutting,
Plasma Cutters, Plasma Torches,
Plasma Torch Consumables,
Machine and Fixture Repair Parts,
Machine, Gun and Fixture Accessories,
Wire Feeders, Wire Feeder Accessories,
Spool Guns and Push-Pull Guns, Filler Metal,
MIG Wire (GMAW and SAW),
Stick Electrode (SMAW), TIG Rod (GTAW),
Tubular Wires (FCAW), Gas Welding Rod,
Fluxes and Powders, Solder,
Welding Support Equipment,
MIG Guns – Hand Held, MIG Gun Consumables,
MIG Gun Components,
TIG Torches, TIG Torch Consumables,
TIG Torch Parts, Markers Soapstone, Scribes,
Manual Accessories, Welding Cable, Tungsten,
Blankets, Curtains, Pads, Screens,
Chemicals – Spatters and Gels,
Arc Gouging Torches and Acc.,
Miscellaneous Welding Support Equipment,
MRO and Plant Maintenance,
Hand Tools and Accessories,
Hand-Held Grinders, Electric/Cordless Power Tools,
Electric Power Tool Accessories Other,
Magnetic Drill Cutters and Cutter Accessories,
Magnetic Drills Parts and Accessories,
Precision Measuring (Micrometers Squares Levels, etc.),
Tape Measures and Rules, Flashlights, Batteries,
Air Tools and Accessories, Industrial Solvents, Wipes and Rags,
Janitorial Equipment, Lubrication Equipment,
Industrial Tape, Abrasives, Coated Abrasives,
Bonded Abrasives, Other Abrasive Products,
Cutting Tools, Circular Saw Blades, Drill Bits,
Jigsaw, Recipes, Hacksaw, Hole Saw Blades,
Production Band Saw Blades, Port band Saw Blades,
Diamond Cold Saw and Metal Cutting Blades,
Taps, Dies, Chasers and Threading Tools,
End Mills, Cutters, Broaches, Knurls,
Industrial Brushes, Power Tool Brushes,
Hand Brushes, Industrial Coatings/Paint,
Paint Spray Equipment and Accessories,
Machine Tools, Sheet Metal Equipment,
Stationary Band Saws and Accessories,
Deburring Machines, Bevelers, Accessories,
Sand Blasting Equipment and Accessories,
Address 3125 Kathryn Ave. NE, Albany, OR 97321, United States.
Phone +1 541-928-7265
Email joe.fratto@airgas.com
Website https://www.airgas.com/
Company Swagelok Company
About The company develops and manufactures fluid system components. The products include fittings, valves, manifolds, hoses, gauges, regulators, lubricants, filters, and weld systems.
Services Grab Sampling Systems, Equipment, Tool Rental,
Field Engineering Services,
Products Fittings, Valves, Manifolds,
Hoses, Gauges, Regulators,
Lubricants, Filters,
Address 5216 NE 158th Avenue, Portland, OR 97230, United States.
Phone +1 503-288-6901
Email info@tulsa.swagelok.com
Website https://okwt.swagelok.com/
Company Meta Fab, Inc.
About The company’s line of business includes manufacturing metal stamping products.
Services Mechanical Design, CAD/CAM Prototyping,
Laser Cutting, Shearing, Forming,
Alum Spot Welding, MIG/ TIG Welding,
Electro-Mechanical Design, Grinding,
Hardware Insertion, Machining,
Powder Coating, Silk Screening,
Graining, Value Add Assembly, Metal Fabrication,
Products update soon
Address 922 West Main Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123, United States.
Phone +1 503-640-2527
Email sales@metafab.com
Website https://www.metafab.com/
Company BBC Steel Corp.
About The company provides steel processing services and offers lasers, burning machines, shears, rolling machines, water jets, and saws.
Services Laser Cutting, Flame Cutting,
Water Jet, Forming, HD Plasma,
Sawing, Shearing, Rolling, Welding,
Sandblasting, Fabrication,
Products update soon
Address 2001 S. Township Road, Canby, OR 97013, United States.
Phone +1 503-263-6343
Email info@bbcsteel.com
Website https://bbcsteel.com/
Company Carolina Kustoms
About It is an automotive shop and specializes in classic cars, muscle cars, street rods, hot rods, and all other unique vehicles. It also scratch-builds custom cars for the real visionaries out there and then wins awards for them.
Services Full  and Partial Vehicle Restoration,
Air Ride Suspension, Metal Fabrication,
Body and Paint, Engine Swaps/Auto Repair,
Performance Upgrades, Parts,  Supplies,
Suspension, Brakes, Chassis,
Car Stereo Installation and Automotive Electronics,
Portland’s Auto Upholstery Specialists,
Products update soon
Address 6600 NE Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97218, United States.
Phone +1 503-954-1369
Email info@carolinakustoms.com
Website https://carolinakustoms.com/
Company Oregon Wire
About It specializes in custom fabrication, baling wire, industrial steel wire, commercial growers, yard/garden, and wreath rings/accessories.
Services Bending and Forming, Welding,
Cutting, Powder Coating, Custom Fabrication,
Products Baling Wire and Industrial Steel Wire,
Commercial Growers, Yard and Garden,
Wreath Rings and Accessories, Cannabis and Hops,
Address 13030 NE Whitaker Way, Portland, OR 97230, United States.
Phone +1 503-255-5155
Email info@oregonwire.co
Website https://www.oregonwire.co/
Company Mohawk Metal Company
About The company is a single source for steel fabrication, laser cutting, and forming with just-in-time delivery of processed or fabricated steel parts.
Services Steel Processing, Steel Fabrication,
Robotic Welding, Coating, Fabrication,
Assembly, Prototype Manufacturing,
In-House Design and Detailing,
Multiple Drill Presses, Plate Shearing,
Multiple Punching Machines,
Multiple High-Speed Lasers,
Multiple Precision Press brakes,
Products update soon
Address 30011 Leghorn Lane, Eugene, OR 97402, United States.
Phone +1 541-744-3838
Email update soon
Website https://www.mohawkmetal.com/
Company HD Welding Hats
About It is a supplier of various types of caps.
Services update soon
Products Damask Welding Caps, Paisley Welding Caps,
Bandanna Welding Caps, Dots/Buffalo Plaid Caps,
Camouflage Caps, Floral Caps,
Nature Welding Caps, Novelty Welding Caps,
Old School Welding Caps, Patriotic Welding Caps,
Skulls/Flames Caps, Solid Colored Caps,
Specialty Welding Caps, Retro Medallion Welding Caps,
Address 768 Hood Ave., Metolius, OR 97741, United States.
Phone +1 541-288-3007
Email roxanne@weldinghat.com
Website https://weldinghat.com/
Company Con-Vey, LLC
About The company manufactures industrial equipment and specializes in designing and manufacturing automated systems for material handling, robotics and automation, palletizing, machine tending, processing, fabrication, and welding. It provides equipment for hydroelectric, fish collection, solar, water management, and control systems
Services Machining, Custom Fabrication
Products Material Handling Equipment, Bulk Handling Equipment,
Environmental equipment, Agricultural equipment,
Robotics and Automation equipment,
Address 526 NE Chestnut Avenue, Roseburg, OR 97470, United States.
Phone +1 541-672-5506
Email sales@con-vey.com
Website https://www.con-vey.com/
Company Eastside Steel
About It provides metal supplies and welding services.
Services Shearing/Burning
Products Angles, Flats, Channels, Plates, Tubes,
Address 9949 SE Powell, Portland, OR 97266, United States.
Phone +1 503-760-6787
Email info@eastsidesteel.com
Website http://www.eastsidesteel.com/
Company R&R Manufacturing
About It is a machining shop and does work for a wide variety of businesses from farming, mining, and logging with services like waterjet cutting, milling, and turning.
Services Water jet Cutting, Turning and Lathe,
Welding and Fabrication, CNC Milling Services, Finishes,
Products update soon
Address 2615 SE 39th Loop, Suite D, Hillsboro, OR 97123, United States.
Phone +1 503-747-7381
Email bill@randrmanufacturing.com
Website https://randrmanufacturing.com/
Company Acme Construction Supply Co., Inc.
About The company distributes construction machinery equipment. It offers rotary hammers, heat guns, compressors, pumps, leather, welders, cotton, rubber, blades, wheels, drilling, hole cutting, and material handling equipment.
Services Supplies
Products Adhesives/Sealants/Tape,
Concrete Products and Equipment,
Electrical Products and Equipment,
Equipment and Outdoor Product,
Fasteners/Anchors, Firestop,
Hand Tools, Hardware Supplies,
Heaters and Fans, Ladders/Platforms,
Machining Supplies, Material Handling/Storage,
Power Tools and Accessories,
Radios, Safety, Security Equipment, Accessories,
Testing and Instruments, Welding Products, Equipment,
Strut and Pipe Supports, Clearance,
Address 4040 Douglas Way, Lake Oswego, OR 97035, United States.
Phone +1 503-872-9805
Email update soon
Website https://www.acmetool.com/
Company Farwest Steel Corporation
About It is a mining and metals company that offers steel processing, laser cutting, and reinforcing fabrication services.
Services Cut-To-Length Coil, Flame Cutting,
Hi-definition Plasma, Laser Cutting,
Structural Laser Cutting, Forming,
Welding, Robotic Welding, Shearing,
Saw Cutting, CNC Programming,
Rebar Fabrication, Rebar Erection, Installation,
Products Plate, Beam, Surplus Stock, Tube,
Pipe, Cold Finish Bars, Flat Roll,
Merchant Bars, Grating and Expanded Metal Reinforcing,
Address 90340 Hwy 99 North, Eugene, OR 97402, United States.
Phone +1 800-269-8720
Email rebar.eugene.sales@farweststeel.com
Website https://www.farweststeel.com/
Company American Welding Services
About It is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured commercial and residential Specialty Contractor.
Services Steel Erection, Tilt-Up Welding,
Stud Welding and Decking,
Crane, Rigging, and Vehicles,
Products update soon
Address P.O. Box 1955, Oregon City, OR 97045, United States.
Phone +1 503-824-3232
Email office@americanweldingservices.net
Website https://www.americanweldingservices.net/
Company McKenna Metal, LLC
About The company is a full-service metal fabrication shop and provides the highest quality metal fabrication builds and takes pride in meeting the project deadlines.
Services Laser Cutting, Metal Fabrication,
Powder Coating, Forming, Water Jet Cutting,
Products update soon
Address 2300 NW Nicolai Street, Portland, OR 97210, United States.
Phone +1 503-224-4888
Email info@mckennametal.com
Website https://www.mckennametal.com/
Company West Coast Industrial Systems, Inc.
About The company operates as a building sub-contractor. It provides designing, construction, installations of mill systems, material handling, fabrication, and maintenance services. It also offers log decks and hauls, debarkers, butt flare reducers, carriages, step feeders, and other products.
Services Engineering Services, Industrial Systems
Products Planer Mill Equipment
Feed Tables, Landing Tables, Stick Handing, Trimmers,
Lug Drive Conversions, Planer Bridge/Feed Systems,
Breakdown Hoists, Packaging, Stackers,
Sawmill Equipment
Resaws, Transfers, Edger’s, Sort Stations, Waste Conveyors,
Lumber Handling Equipment
Log Singulators, Log Hauls, Butter Reducers,
Chop Saws – From 1to 8, Log Kickers, Conveyors,
Debarker Lines, Surplus Equipment Sales,
Address PO Box 2067, 1995 Airway Road, Lebanon, OR 97355, United States.
Phone +1 541-451-6677
Email info@westcoastindustrial.com
Website https://westcoastindustrial.com/
Company Parks Metal Products
About It specializes in prototypes as well as production runs.
Services Sheet Metal Processing, Machining,
Powder Coating, Painting, Anodizing/Plating,
Hardware Insertion, Welding, Spot Welding,
Minor Assembly, Random Orbital Sanding,
Line Grain Sanding, Tumble Deburr,
Media Blasting, Silk Screening,
Aid in Engineering, Modeling/Drafting,
Products Parks Metal Products,
Address 19460SW Shaw, Aloha, OR 97078, United States.
Phone +1 503-591-7272
Email customerservice@parksmetal.com
Website http://www.parksmetal.com/
Company Wright Manufacturing, LLC
About It is a full-service custom metal and fabrication company that specializes in metal forming, welding, mass fabrication, and installation.
Services Metal Forming, Welding, Mass Fabrication and Install,
Structural Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and Aluminum,
Products Rail, Gates, Stairs, Decking, Awnings, Counter Tops, Beams,
Address 7474 SE Johnson Creek Blvd. Portland, OR 97206, United States.
Phone +1 503-774-9689
Email hello@wrightmfg.net
Website https://wrightmfgllc.com/
Company True Line Steel, Inc.
About It is structural and misc. steel fabrication shop that provides high-quality metal fabrications for commercial buildings.
Services Fabrication, Metal Work
Products update soon
Address 800 Northeast Hemlock Avenue, Redmond, OR 97756, United States.
Phone +1 541-548-7465
Email update soon
Website https://true-line-steel-inc.business.site/
Company Welch’s Machine Works
About It provides machining, repairs, and production runs.
Services Repair, Welding
Products update soon
Address 29496 Airport Road #10 Eugene, OR 97402‎, United States.
Phone +1 541-343-3213
Email ken@welchsmachine.com
Website http://welchsmachineshop.com/
Company ASF Ironworks, Inc.
About The company provides welding and fabrication services for aluminum architectural railings systems; stainless steel cable railing systems; metal driveway gates and entry systems; custom aluminum/stainless metal work; modern and contemporary design work; shop and field services
Services Welding/Fabrication
Products update soon
Address 675A Wilson, Eugene, Or 97402, United States.
Phone +1 541461-8803
Email update soon
Website https://asfironworks.com/
Company Metal-Fab
About It is a metalworking company and is able to do everything from fabrication work to repairs.
Services Welding, Custom Work,
Shearing, Bending, Rolling,
Trailer Hitches and Repair, Fabrication,
Products Fabrication of Metal Tanks, Carbon Steel Tanks,
Stainless Steel Tanks, Stainless Steel Hoppers,
Address 4195 Silverton Road NE, Salem, OR 97305, United States.
Phone +1 503-362-5541
Email john@metalfaboregon.com
Website http://www.metalfaboregon.com/
Company Howser Steel
About The company’s work ranges from residential handrails, custom tables, and juice bar designs to multi-million-dollar steel structures.
Services Fabrication
Products update soon
Address 8235 North Kerby Avenue Portland OR 97217, United States.
Phone +1 503-289-9328
Email update soon
Website https://www.howsersteel.com/index.html
Company Cox Custom Welding
About The company provides custom welding and metal fabrication services.
Services Custom Railings Work, Deck Railings Work,
Powder Coating, Cable Railing Work,
Structural Steel Work, Awnings Work,
Products update soon
Address 1611 Southwest First Street, Unit C, Redmond, OR 97756, United States.
Phone +1 541-420-3564
Email coxsfamily@hotmail.com
Website https://www.coxwelding.com/
Company Apex Industries, Inc.
About The company produces plastic parts and components for high-technology companies with integrated solutions to a wide variety of manufacturing problems and component redesign to facilitate greater efficiencies of the equipment or processes.
Services Contract Manufacturing and Integration,
Plastic Fabrication and Welding,
Precision Plastics Machining,
Products Air Handling Products, Transport Carts,
Clean Room and Laboratory Items,
Double Containment Systems,
Power Transmission Products,
Process and Holding Tanks,
Address 12670 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, OR 97223, United States.
Phone +1 503-235-8324
Email update soon
Website https://www.apexind.com/
Company The Standard Steel Companies
About The company provides steel products and offers angles, beams, channels, rounds, squares, flats, pipes, strips, plates, beams, as well as provides burning, drilling, sawing, shearing, and ironworking services.
Services High DEF Plasma, Shearing, Laser Cutting,
Burning, Plasma, Saw Worker, Galvanizing,
Press Break, Machining, Powder Coating,
Punching, Sand Blasting, Drilling, Rolling,
Products Angle, Beams, Channel,
Expanded and Grating, Flat,
Floor Plate, Pipe, Plate, Rebar,
Roofing, Round, Sheet, Square,
Strip, Tubing, U.M. Plate,
Address 1745 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97211, United States.
Phone +1 503-282-9273
Email sales@standardsteelnw.com
Website http://www.standardsteelnw.com/
Company CLIMAX
About CLIMAX pioneered portable machining and helps to improve the performance of on-site machining, welding, and valve testing projects.
Services Custom Engineering,
Rentals Products Repair,
Repair and Maintenance,
Products Line Boring Machines, Bore Welding Machines,
Circular Mills, Drills, Flange Facers, Key Mills,
Lathes, Milling Machines, Pipe Bevelers,
Clamshell (SPLIT-Frame) Machines,
Tube Bevelers, Tube Rolling and Expanding Equipment,
Valve Repair Machines, Valve Testing Equipment,
Parts and Accessories, Rental Products,
Address 2712 East Second Street, Newberg, OR 97132, United States.
Phone +1 503-554-7247
Email info@cpmt.com
Website https://www.climaxportable.com/
Company Columbia Steel and Welding Supply
About The company is a one-stop-shop for metal sales and fabrication services. It stocks a wide variety of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum; and serves a number of local businesses, industries, and the general public.
Services Fabrication/Repair Services, CNC Plasma Cutting,
Machine Shop, Portable Welding,
Products Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Mild Steel
Sheet/Plate, Structural Steel, Pipe/Tube, Copper, Brass, Bronze,
Address 35372 Hwy 101 Business Ste 14 Astoria, OR 97103, United States.
Phone +1 503-325-1642
Email mike@columbiasteelsupply.com
Website http://columbiasteelsupply.com/
Company Pro Weld, Inc.
About It is a welding and structural steel fabrication company.
Services Large Structural Steel Welding and Fabrication,
Intricate Hand-Built Iron Gates, Metal Railings, and More Welding,
45 Ton Crane and 14 Ton Boom Truck Services,
Products update soon
Address 1316 Ave. G, White City, OR 97503, United States.
Phone +1 541-826-1404
Email info@pro-weld.com
Website http://pro-weld.com/
Company Doherty Welding, LLC
About The company is a welding fabrication shop and specializes in cab guards, bumpers, flatbeds, cattle guards, custom fabrication, gates, steel sales, processing, and repairs.
Services Custom Work, Sinch Bale Feeders,
Steels Sales, Doherty Recycling,
Tucking, RV Storage, Repair,
Products Truck Accessories
Flatbeds, Bumpers, Cab Guards,
Ladder Racks, Custom Installations, PKD,
Cattle Guards, Gates, Bumpers, Flatbeds,
Address 611 NW Cedar St., Pilot Rock, OR 97868, United States.
Phone +1 541-443-3234
Email packy@dohertywelding.com
Website https://www.dohertywelding.com/
Company Bend Steel Supply and Fabrication
About It is a fabrication shop as well as a steel supply center.
Services Guardrail, Structural, Custom Fabrication,
CNC Cutting, Steel Supply,
Products update soon
Address 20698 Brinson Blvd. Bend, OR 97701, United States.
Phone +1 541-383-3113
Email sales@empiretruckworks.com
Website https://www.bendsteelsupply.com/
Company Redmond Welding and Contracting
About It is a welding and construction company that specializes in ornamental iron and off-road vehicle fabrication.
Services Welding, Construction, Ornamental Iron Design,
Vehicle Fabrication, Trailer Repair, and Production,
Products Railings and Gates
Address 736 SW Umatilla Avenue, Unit A, Redmond, OR 97756, United States.
Phone +1 541-504-9353
Email office@redmondwelding.com
Website http://redmondwelding.com/
Company Forest Grove Iron and Industrial Supply
About It is a custom fabrication and welding shop.
Services Water jet Cutting, Welding and Cutting Supplies,
Pipe Threading, Steel, Fabrication,
Rigging, Trailer Assembly Parts,
Welding, Structural Steel Manufacturers,
Products Safety Clothing, Industrial Hardware,
Trailer Kits and Parts
Single Axle Fenders, Springs,
Light Kits, Axles, Pintle Hook Adapter,
Specialty Gases,
Address 2617 23rd Ave., Forest Grove, OR 97116, United States.
Phone +1 503-359-3544
Email update soon
Website http://www.fgiis.com/
Company N.W. Metal Fabricators, Inc.
About The company provides fabrication, welding, and machining services to customers.
Services Metal Fabrication, Welding,
Mobile Welding, Water Jet Cutting,
Painting, Sandblasting, Powder Coating,
Products update soon
Address 80496 Highways 395 North, Hermiston, OR 97838, United States.
Phone +1 541-567-7171
Email update soon
Website https://nwmetalfab.com/
Company Lafarge and Egge
About It is a manufacturer that offers build-to-print tube assemblies, CNC machining, fusion welding (Tig, Orbital), Nadcap and D1-4426 special process welding, and torch brazing services.
Services Welding, Tube Bending, Precision Machining,
Products update soon
Address 12316 Southeast Capps Road, Clackamas, OR 97015, United States.
Phone +1 503-655-9535
Email welding@lafargeandegge.com
Website https://lafargeandegge.com/
Company Flatline Fabrication
About It is a one-stop production shop and specializes in steel, wood, glass, and acrylic.
Services Materials, Design, Cutting, Forming, Welding, Finishes,
Products update soon
Address 4322 NW Yeon Ave. Portland, OR 97210, United States.
Phone +1 503-477-7566
Email josh@flatlinefabrication.com
Website http://www.flatlinefabrication.com/
Company Rick’s Welding Fabricating and Repair, LLC
About The company provides welding services for commercial or residential needs.
Services Shop and Portable Welding, Commercial and Residential,
Heavy Industrial Repair Work, Truck and Trailer Repair,
Custom Work, Hand Railings, Forklift Available,
Red Iron Fabrication and Installation,
Large Equipment Repair, Bailer Repair,
On-Site Commercial Compactor Repair,
Welding and Fabricating,
AWS Certified Welder, Farm Equipment Repair,
Products update soon
Address 5344 Sturdivant Terrace, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, United States.
Phone +1 541-884-1976
Email update soon
Website https://www.ricksweldingklamathfalls.com/

Thus, the information given above on welding companies in Oregon is important and valuable for various types of personnel working in the welding industry such as welders, students, CWIs, fabricators, machinists, boilermakers, shop owners, company owners, and other professionals.

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