Welding Companies in Washington

Welding companies in washington

Welding Companies in Washington comprise information on companies, shops, products, services, emails, phones, addresses, websites, careers, retailers, equipment rentals, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and fabricators. The companies provide products and services to residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Some of the companies offer welding programs either independently or in collaboration with welding schools in Washington. The companies hire thousands of freshers and experience holders in various positions every year. So, in this post, browse all welding companies in Washington, the United States.

Welding Companies in Washington


Company Cascade Welding Services, LLC
About It is a certified welding and fabrication company. The company’s services range from intricate custom piece fabrication to heavy machinery repair and ornamental artwork.
Services Welding, Steel Erection, CNC Plasma, Custom Artwork,
Products update soon
Address 1350 Cranmer Road, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States.
Phone +1 509-701-5040
Email cascadeweldingservices@gmail.com
Website https://www.cascadeweldingservices.com/
Company Brady’s Lake St. Clair Mobile or Shop Welding
About It provides aluminum, steel, magnesium, bronze, and brass welding services.
Services Aluminum Welding, Steel Welding, Magnesium Welding,
Bronze and Brass Welding, Mobile Portable Welding,
Products update soon
Address 5228 South Tyler St., Tacoma, WA 98409, United States.
Phone +1 253-475-4608
Email masterwelder2000@yahoo.com
Website https://www.bradysspecialties.com/
Company Puget Sound Welding
About It provides on-site and in-shop welding and fabrication services for commercial, construction, and residence.
Services Design Process, Mobile Welding, Metal Fabrication, Erection/Installation,
Products update soon
Address 1420 Marvin Road NE, Lacey, WA 98516, United States.
Phone +1 360-831-9353
Email james@pugetsoundwelding.com
Website https://www.pugetsoundwelding.com/
Company Central Welding Supply Co., Inc.
About The company is a larger regional distributor that manufactures welding products like industrial machinery and equipment wholesale.
Services Welding/Metal Cutting Equipment and Supplies
Products Gas Products
Industrial Gases, Laser Gases, Specialty Gases,
Medical Gases, Beverage Gases, Cryogenic Gases,
Cylinders, Micro-Bulk Gas, Bulk Gas Systems, Bulk System Installations,
Gas Cylinders, Portable Non-Refillable Calibration Gas Cylinders,
Portable Reactive Gas Cylinders,
Welding Supplies
Welding and Cutting, Abrasives, Electrodes, and Filler Metal,
Hand and Power Tools, Accessories, Used Equipment,
Equipment Rental, Equipment Repair,
Safety Products
Safety Division, Eye/Face/Head PPE,
Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, Safety Wearables,
Address 2204 Talley Way, Kelso, WA 98626, United States.
Phone +1 360-501-2266
Email robcameron@centralwelding.com
Website https://www.centralwelding.com/
Company Airgas (an Air Liquide Company)
About The company provides mainly medical, industrial, and specialty gases including hard goods and related products.
Services Welding/Industrial Supplies,
Products Welding Gas Equipment, Specialty Gas Equipment,
Gas Equipment Accessories, Gloves, Clothing,
Footwear, Area Protection, Respiratory Protection,
Ergonomics/Fall Protection, First Aid,
Welders and Accessories, Filler Metal,
Welding Support Equipment, Abrasives,
Cutting Tools, Industrial Brushes, Machine Tools,
Address 1165 Columbia Blvd., Longview, WA 98632, United States.
Phone +1 360-501-8100
Email nor.longview.cs@airgas.com
Website https://www.airgas.com/company
Company Blue Star Welding, LLC
About It is a full-service, large-capacity welding and fabrication company.
Services Structural Steel Fabrication/Erection, Painting/Sandblasting,
Heavy-Duty Equipment Repairs/Custom Fabrication,
Machine Shop/Hydraulic Cylinders, Specialty Welding Fabrication,
Products Mini Excavator Buckets, Custom Hand Rails, Rumble Plates,
Address 6059 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA 98226, United States.
Phone +1 360-398-7647
Email admin@bluestarweldingllc.com
Website https://www.bluestarweldingllc.com/
Company Allform Welding
About It is a welding repair and fabrication shop.
Services Welding Repair, Fabrication Shop,
Products update soon
Address 81 Hooker Road, Unit 9, Sequim, WA 98382, United States.
Phone +1 360-681-0584
Email update soon
Website https://allformwelding.com/
Company Classic Welding, LLC
About It offers welding and metal design services. The work combines classic craftsmanship with contemporary artistry.
Services Custom Fabrication and Installation Services,
Custom Welding, Welding Repair,
Products Awnings, Doors, Fences, Gates, Railings, Stairs, Gazebos, Awnings,
Address 10 East Washington Ave., Yakima, WA 98903, United States.
Phone +1 509-469-8110
Email classicweldingllc.salvador@gmail.com
Website https://www.classicweldingllc.com/
Company Rainier Welding Supplies
About It is a welding supplies store that includes welding supplies, welding gas, safety equipment, clothing, and all welding-related gear.
Services Welding Supplies
Products Welding Supplies, Clothing, Welding Gas, Safety Equipment,
Welding-Related Gear, Rentals of Welding Equipment,
Address 2624 112th Street, Unit C-2, Lakewood, WA 98499, United States.
Phone +1 253-584-9342
Email sales@rainierweldingsupplies.com
Website http://www.rainierweldingsupplies.com/
Company Weld Shop Mobile Welding, LLC
About It provides welding aluminum and steel fabrication services.
Services Metal Fabrication, Marine Mobile Welding,
Steel Fabrication, Steel/Aluminum Welding,
Products Satellite BBQ Oven/Grill
Address Whatcom County, WA, United States.
Phone +1 360-647-2043
Email weldshop.mobile.welding@gmail.com
Website https://www.weldshopmobilewelding.com/
Company Northwest Welding and Gases
About It offers welding equipment, industrial and safety supplies, as well as medical, Industrial, and beverage gas products and equipment.
Services Welding/Industrial Supplies
Products Industrial/Medical Gas Mixes, Abrasives,
Electrodes/Filler Metals, Power Tools, Flux/Chemical Compounds,
Address 22220 84th Ave. South, Kent, WA 98032, United States.
Phone +1 253-520-2114
Email richnwwelding@yahoo.com
Website https://nwweldingandgases.com/
Company DDJ Construction Welding, Inc.
About It specializes in the welding of large diameter welded steel pipelines and conduits.
Services Building Floating Surface Collectors, Tunneling,
Steel Erection, And Treatment Plant Piping,
Products update soon
Address 718 Griffin Ave. PMB 339, Enumclaw, WA 98022, United States.
Phone +1 425-432-6170
Email ddjwelding@msn.com
Website http://ddjwelding.com/
Company Stud Welding Products, Inc.
About The company offers weld studs supplying and stud welding equipment services to the steel fabricating industry.
Services Rentals, Repairs, Field Technicians
Products Studs
Arc Studs, ISO 13918, Capacitor Discharge Studs, Insulation Pins,
Arc Stud Welding Equipment, Capacitive Discharge Equipment,
Insulation Equipment, CNC Auto Feed Stud Welding Units,
Automatic Drilling Machine, Nut Welding, Used Equipment,
Rapid Ferrule Dispenser
Rapid Ferrule Dispenser 3/4″ (Complete Set),
Rapid Ferrule Dispenser 7/8″ (Complete Set),
Rapid Ferrule Dispenser Head 3/4″, Breaker Assembly,
Rapid Ferrule Dispenser 1″ (Complete Set), Breaker, Punch Assembly,
Punch, Rapid Ferrule Dispenser Head 1″, Hook, Lube, Tune-Up Kit,
Rapid Ferrule Dispenser Head 7/8″,
Special Foot Pieces, Capacitor Discharge Accessories,
Closed and Split Foot, Ferrule Grips, Headed Chucks,
Legs and Extensions, Other Adapters,
Standard Adjustable Chuck, Thru Deck Accessories,
Weld Cable Connectors, Torque Testing Device,
Address 7820 South 210th St, Unit C103, Kent, WA 98032, United States.
Phone +1 425-656-9787
Email info@studweldprod.com
Website https://studweldprod.com/
Company Western Equipment Repair and Welding, Inc.
About It is a leader in full truck engine repair and services.
Services Repair Trucks, Trailers/Large Equipment, Welding/Fabrication,
Products Equipment Sale – Trucks
Address 115 54th Ave. East, Fife, WA 98424, United States.
Phone +1 253-922-8351
Email wststrucking@gmail.com
Website https://westernequipmentrepairwelding.com/
Company OXARC, Inc.
About The company offers welding and industrial supplies, safety products and training, and industrial, medical, and specialty gases.
Services Welding Supplies, Gas Supplies, Welding Training,
Testing and Inspection, Mobile Training, Rental Services,
Products Safety Equipment Rentals
Air Monitors, Supplied Air Systems, Tripods/3-Way Winches, Work Winches,
Confined Space Blowers, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus,
Automated External Defibrillator Trainers, Drager Chip Measurement System,
Welding Equipment Rentals
Engine Driven Portable Welders (gasoline or diesel),
Air Compressors, Power Generators,
Plasma Cutting Equipment (sheet metal to 1 1/2″ cut ranges),
Oxy/Acet/Alt-Fuel Cutting Kits, Cylinder Gases, Carts, Hoses,
MIG Welders (110-650 amps), TIG Welders (100-350 amp AC/DC),
Stick Welders (100-500 amp), Stud Welders (up to 1600 Amp),
Electrode Stabilizing Ovens, Air, and Electric Power Tools,
Cable Sets w/Quick Connects, Arc Gouging Torches,
Exothermic Cutting Systems, Pipe Beveling Tools/Fixtures,
High-Pressure Regulators for Purging Applications,
Gas Mixer Controls, Cylinder Storage Racks,
Magnetic Base Drills, Source Capture Smoke Systems,
Industrial Misting Fans, Gases: Compressed, Liquid, Bulk,
Welding/Gas Equipment
AC, AC/DC, Power Supplies, ARC, Gouging Equipment,
Automated Cutting and Welding Equipment,
Engine Driven Equipment, Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment,
MIG and TIG Welding and Equipment, Plasma Welding and Cutting Equipment,
Robotics, Stick Welding Equipment,
Sub Arc Equipment, Inverter Welding Equipment,
Orbital Tube and Pipe Welding Equipment,
Industrial Tools/Equipment
Lasers Levels, Rolatape, Grinding Wheels, and Discs,
Air Tools, Powered Hand Tools, Industrial Lubricants,
Cut off Saws and Wheels, Hand Tools, Contour Markers,
Ironworkers, Metal and Paint Markers, Brooms and Brushes,
Positioners, Bits and Burs, Electrical Cords and Lights,
Clamps and Gauges, Waste Oil Furnaces, Pressure Washers,
Filler Materials
Aluminum, Stick Electrodes, Hard surfacing, Cut Length Rods,
Stainless Steel, Spooled Wires, Specialty Alloys, Hard Wires,
Silver Alloys, Fluxed Cored Wires, Spray Powders, Mild Steel Rods,
Solders and Fluxes, Brazing Rods,
Welding Cable Bulk and Cut Lengths, Electrode Holders and Ground Clamps,
MIG, TIG and Arc Gouging Torches, Welding Curtains and Blankets,
Torch Accessories, Dry Rod Ovens, Cylinder Carts, Gas Hose and Fittings,
Regulators, Flowmeters, Gauges, Valves, Tip Drills, Tip Cleaners,
Soapstone Markers and Temp Sticks, Spark and Flame Lighters, Flints,
Chipping Hammers, Brooms, Brushes, Beverage Systems,
Address 328 West First Ave., Colville, WA 99114, United States.
Phone +1 509-684-3776
Email jricard@oxarc.com
Website http://www.oxarc.com/
Company Methow Valley Industrial
About It specializes in welding services and custom sheet metal fabrication.
Services Welding Repairs, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding Inspections,
Products Custom Welding/Fabrication
Address P.O. Box 978 Twisp, WA 98856, United States.
Phone +1 509-997-7777
Email update soon
Website https://methowvalleyindustrial.com/
Company Truepoint Metalworks and Welding, Inc.
About It is a sheet metal fabrication shop and specializes in stainless steel and aluminum fabrication and welding.
Services Food Services Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Fabrication,
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Install, Architectural Sheet Metal,
Industrial Sheet Metal Work, Exhaust Systems,
Industrial Duct Fabrication, Commercial Duct Fabrication,
Ornamental Stainless Steel, Prototyping, Artistic Metal Work,
Products update soon
Address 9616 James Road S.W., Rochester, WA 98579, United States.
Phone +1 360-273-3412
Email update soon
Website http://truepointmetalworks.com/
Company Bent Metal Services, LLC
About It provides welding and fabrication services.
Services Welding and Fabrication, Metal Cuts/Bends,
Products update soon
Address 38B Upper Beaver Creek Road, Twisp, WA 98856, United States.
Phone +1 509-429-3002
Email bentmetalservicesllc@gmail.com
Website https://www.bentmetalllc.com/
Company New Design Metalwork
About It provides custom welding and fabrication services.
Services Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment Repair, Mobile Welding Services,
Products Building Gates, Fences, Rails, Stair Rails,
All types of furniture, Storm doors, Windows and security bars,
Address Seattle, WA 98101, United States.
Phone +1 206-724-3871
Email newdesignmwus@gmail.com
Website https://newdesignmetalwork.com/
Company Callies Welding and Fabrication, LLC
About It provides services related to all aspects of pipe and miscellaneous metal fabrication.
Services Large Scale Pipe Fabrication, Facility Piping, Repair/Replace,
Carbon, Aluminum, Stainless, Plasma Table Cutting,
Utility Trenching/Install, Residential Structural Steel Elements, Heavy Hauling,
Products update soon
Address 5817 Burlington Loop, Pasco, WA 99301, United States.
Phone +1 509-554-8886
Email office@callieswelding.com
Website https://calliesweldingandfab.com/
Company Teeters Metal Fab
About It provides custom metal fabrication, welding, and assembly services.
Services Metal Fabrication, Welding/Assembly
Products Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Railings, Sculptures,
Furniture, Tables, Range Hoods, Stands, Displays, Signage,
Address 9422 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, United States.
Phone +1 206-524-2814
Email info@teetersmetalfab.com
Website http://www.teetersmetalfab.com/
Company A-L Compressed Gases
About The company is a supplier of industrial supplies, welding supplies, safety supplies, and gases.
Services Welding, Gas, Industrial Supplies,
Products Industrial Gases
Welding Supplies/Equipment
Welding, Welding Power Sources, Gas Cutting, Plasma Cutting,
Safety, PPE, Manifold Systems, Filler Metals,
Industrial Supplies
Safety Supplies
Industrial Gases
Medical Gases
Address 1020 North Oregon Ave., Pasco, WA 99301, United States.
Phone +1 509-546-2470
Email clinton.b@a-lcompressedgases.com
Website https://a-lcompressedgases.com/
Company Way Machine, LLC
About It is a machine shop that offers repair and fabrication for heavy and industrial equipment and vehicles.
Services Machine Work, Custom Welding/Fabricating Services,
Hydraulics, Heavy Equipment Repairs,
Products update soon
Address 1622 Lum Road, Centralia, WA 98531, United States.
Phone +1 360-736-1304
Email update soon
Website https://www.waymachinellc.com/
Company Lincoln Industrial Corporation
About It offers services ranging from industrial welding to basic fabrication.
Services Welding/Fabrication,
Products Lincoln Loggers, Lincoln Dump Boxes, Lincoln Flat Beds, 50k Ampliroll Hooklifts,
Address 4130 Tumwater Truck RT, Port Angeles, WA 98363, United States.
Phone +1 360-457-6122
Email charlotte@lincolnindustrialcorp.com
Website https://lincolnindustrialcorp.com/
Company Van Dam Welding
About It offers field welding and fabrication services.
Services New Fabrication, Mobile Repair, Line Boring,
CNC Plasma, CAD Drawings, CNC Milling,
Stud Welding, Material Sales, CNC Lathe,
Products update soon
Address 28421 112th St East, Buckley, WA 98321, United States.
Phone +1 360-761-7297
Email brock@vandamwelding.com
Website https://www.vandamwelding.com/
Company Lynden Sheet Metal, Inc.
About The company provides top-tier HVAC, plumbing, and metal fabrication works.
Services Metal Fabrication and Welding, HAVC/Refrigeration, Plumbing, Electrical,
Products Contemporary Stainless Steel Kitchen Products
Custom Stainless-Steel Countertops, Integral Stainless-Steel Sinks,
Stainless Steel/Specialty Metal Backsplashes,
Stainless Steel Wall Shelves, Stainless Steel Wall Panels,
Stainless Steel Stove Hoods, Chimney Caps, Scuppers,
Door Pans, Saddles, Typical Flashings, Fire Pits,
Address 837 Evergreen St., Lynden, WA 98264, United States.
Phone +1 360-354-3991
Email sales@lyndensheetmetal.com
Website https://www.lyndensheetmetal.com/
Company Machinists, Inc.
About It provides composite tooling, integrated systems, engineering, aerospace tooling, fabrication and welding, shaft turning, large machining, horizontal boring, 5-axis machining, inspection, finishing, and logistics.”
Services Machining, Fabrication/Welding, 3D Printing,
5 Axis Machining, Assembly, Tooling,
Quality Assurance, Gearbox Repair, Gear Manufacturing,
Products update soon
Address 7600 5th Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98108, United States.
Phone +1 206-763-0990
Email update soon
Website https://www.machinistsinc.com/
Company Capital Industrial
About It specializes in the manufacture, fabrication, and repair of many types of equipment.
Services Welding/Fabrication,
Products Olympic Custom Log Loaders, Custom Self-Loader, and Dump Box,
Olympic Custom Marine Cranes, Custom Self-Loaders,
Custom Stationary Loaders, Custom Cab Racks,
Custom Logging Trucks, Custom Truck Upfits,
Custom Truck Beds, Custom Dump Trucks,
Custom Utility Trucks, Equipment Trailers,
Car Haulers, Heavy Equipment Trailers,
Utility Trailers, Small Landscaper Trailer Options,
Car Haulers, Heavy Equipment Haulers,
Custom Farm Trailers and Signal Trailers,
Custom Heavy Concrete Trailer,
Custom Trailer Built Specially for Hauling Tires,
Large Custom Landscaper Trailers and Landscaper Dump,
Address 2649 R. W. Johnson Blvd. SW, Tumwater, WA 98512-6110, United States.
Phone +1 360-786-1890
Email sales@cimfg.com
Website https://capitalindustrialinc.com/
Company Flamespray Northwest
About It is a preferred vendor of metalizing solutions by companies nationwide, specializing in thermal spray coating applications.
Services Sandblasting, Machine Component Repair,
Corrosion Resistant Coatings, Art and Architectural,
Grip coat treatment and Feed Rolls,
Machining and Grinding, OEM Coatings,
Products update soon
Address 250 South Chicago St., Seattle, WA 98108, United States.
Phone +1 206-762-4144
Email info@flamespray.us
Website http://www.flamespray.us/
Company Naimor, Inc.
About It offers versatile laser cutting and precision forming capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment for simple to complex metal fabrication jobs.
Services Tube Laser Cutting, Router Cutting, Laser Cutting, Precision Forming,
CNC Machining/Milling Seattle, Welding, Hardware Insertion,
Metal Finishing, Fabrication Assembly,
Products Grill Rack, Food Production, Consumer Goods,
Aluminum Panel-4, Aluminum Panel-3,
Aluminum Panel-2, Aluminum Panel-1,
Dog Paw Shelf Bracket, Home/Garden, Aluminum Boat Parts,
Marine Lighting/Electric (Panels, Boxes, Housings, etc.),
Dashboards, Instrument Panels, Screen Housings,
Marine Seats, Furniture, Other Fixtures,
Marine Storage, Storage Boxes/Cabinets,
Boat Frames, Countertops, Stove Flashing,
Showers, Fuel Tanks, Motor Mounts/Brackets,
Cabin Superstructures, Radar Towers/Arches,
Medical Equipment, Gear Cases, Engine Components,
Tractors and Other Mobile Heavy Machinery,
Sanitation/Safety Products, Milking Equipment/Tanks,
Storage, Maturation/Process Tanks, Plate Exchangers, Tubular Coolers,
Pasteurization Equipment, Curd Slicers, Pumps/Valves,
3D Printer, Skip Pans, Railings, Floating Shelves,
Address 4202 Guide Meridian St. Ste 105, Bellingham, WA 98226, United States.
Phone +1 425-748-8970
Email update soon
Website https://naimormetalfabrication.com/

Thus, the above-mentioned information is crucial and important for students, freshers, welders, fabricators, CWIs, company owners, and anyone working in the welding industry.

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