Welding Terms, Terminology and Glossary

welding terms

Welding Terms are basically short notes on the definitions of welding terminology. These brief notes normally found at the end of the welding handbook. Glossary presents a quick look at the very topic. Nowadays, almost all the exams consist of some questions based on these welding terms. They may be related to the contents and names of welding equipment. The following are basic A-Z welding terms on various topics.

Basic Welding Terms and Terminology

Thousands of surfers search basic welding terminology every day. Students, welders, and general users can find here all the information on welding glossary alphabetically. These short definitions are not only beneficial for welding tests but also for interviews. Some more, glossary helps to grasp the very topic fast. Before reading a welding book, better go through the terminology after checking the contents of the book. The following are some of the examples of welding glossary.

Actual Throat is the shortest distance from the root of a fillet weld to its face.

Air Carbon Arc Cutting is a cutting process variation that removes molten metal with a jet of air.

AISI stands for the American Iron and Steel Institute

Alloy is a mixture of metallic elements with specific properties such as greater resistance to corrosion or improved strength.

Backing Ring is backing in the form of a ring and generally used in the welding of pipe.

Bare Electrode is a filler metal electrode carrying inside a single metal or alloy that has been produced into a wire, strip, or bar form.

Cast Steel is molten steel cooled and solidified in a mold.

Chip Test is a test that is used to identify a metal.

Thus, the above-mentioned were some of the examples from the A to Z basic welding terms. Aspiring people can find all the terminology on our website, WeldingInfo. For detailed information on welding definitions, follow the link.

Basic Welding Terms and A-Z Glossary

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