Handbook for Gas Welders by BIS

handbook for gas welders

Handbook for Gas Welders is published by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), New Delhi. The book reveals completed instructions for dealing with allied processes and gas welding manually. The term allied processes comprise oxygen cutting, brazing, braze welding and similar other processes. All the guidelines are in simple language and easy to grasp for welders. Welding terms (glossary) of common use are given in Appendix A of the book. Appendix B consists of a complete list of Indian Standards on welding.

The most important aspects of the book are welding techniques and procedure, welding and cutting equipment, elements of welding metallurgy, welding gases, method of ‘inspection and testing of welds, welding filler rods and fluxes, and safety in welding. The book also explains how to produce economical and quality welds. It stresses the training of welders practically and theoretically for producing durable, sound and economical welds. Further, the book tells safety measures while handling welding equipment and performing welds. The following is the contents of the handbook.

Handbook for Gas Welders: A Book on Gas Welding and Allied Processes

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Production and Distribution of Gases

Section 3: Oxy-Acetylene Equipment and Accessories

Section 4: Safety in Welding

Section 5: Welding Metallurgy

Section 6: Filler Rods and Fluxes

Section 7: Welding Technique and Procedure

Section 8: Inspection and Testing

Section 9: Oxygen Cutting

Section 10: Estimating and Costing

Appendix A: Definitions of Common Welding Terms

Appendix B: Indian Standards on Welding

Appendix C: Technical Committees

Thus, Handbook for Gas Welders is a unique manual for welders to deal with welding and gas welding. And the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has historical inspiration behind publishing this book. It favors training welders both theoretically and practically for producing strong and sound welds. Next, it explains things like fluxes, filler rods, inspection/testing tools, welding techniques, costing, distribution of gases, etc.

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