Measuring and Marking Metals by Ivan Law

measuring and marking metals

Measuring and Marking Metals is a unique handbook on explaining the details of welding measurements especially for model engineers and home machinist. Ivan Law has provided the book. And it is a workshop practice series no.06. The author explains a wide use of measurements in the welding shops while making and producing any of the parts. The manual reveals how to mark out and use measuring equipment. Besides this, it also tells the essential skills needed to use the marking and measuring instruments.

In the beginning, the book emphasizes more of workshop measurements than that of industry ones. The author further reveals the ‘ordinary rule’ and different types and styles as per industry. Therefore, the knowledge of welding measurements, rules, and calipers, micrometers, gauges, dial gauges, angular measurements, marking-out tools, casting and forging marking tools, and sheet component markings are necessary.

The following is all about the contents of the welding handbook.

Measuring and Marking Metals by Ivan Law

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Concepts of Measurement

Chapter 2 – Rules and Calipers

Chapter 3 – Micrometers

Chapter 4 – Vernier Caliper Gauges

  • Dial Caliper Gauge
  • Electronic Digital Caliper

Chapter 5 – Dial Gauges

Chapter 6 – Angular Measurement

  • The Sine Bar

Chapter 7 – General Marking-out Tools

  • Surface Plates
  • Scribers
  • Center Punches
  • Dividers
  • Hermaphrodite Calipers
  • Trammels
  • Combination Sets or Squares

Chapter 8 – Tools for Marking Castings, Forgings, etc.

  • Surface Gauge
  • Angle Plates
  • Vee Blocks

Chapter 9 – Marking out Sheet Components and Interpreting Drawings

  • Marking-out Castings

Chapter 10 – A Summary involving a Practical Example

Thus, Measuring and Marking Metals is a superb piece of work on welding measurements employed in welding activities. The book is especially for the workshop and generally for the welding industry. In addition to this, the handbook is also a helping hand for welders and students studying in different welding programs. The book has explained almost all the measurements and marking-tools of both the workshop and industry.

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