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Saws and Sawing (Workshop Practice Series 10)

Saws and Sawing – Workshop Practice Series 10 is an extensive handbook on the maintenance and use of all types of saws. The book is authored by Ian Bradley. The writer has invested a lot of time to prepare the manual on daily use tools in workshops. The book provides guidance both on mechanical and hand tools in a comprehensive way. The following is all about the contents of the handbook.

Saws and Sawing (Workshop Practice Series 10) by Ian Bradley

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 – The Hand Saw for Wood

  • Hand Saw Teeth
  • Forms of Handsaw
  • The Panel Saw
  • The Bow or Frame Saw
  • The Tenon Saw
  • The Compass Saw
  • The Keyhole Saw

Chapter 2 – Sharpening Saws

  • Topping the Teeth
  • Sharpening the Saw Teeth
  • Setting the Saw Teeth
  • Saw Sets
  • The Saw-Setting Block

Chapter 3 – The Circular Saw

  • The Pendulum Saw
  • The Saw Bench
  • Lathe Circular Saw Attachment
  • Light Saw Benches for Amateur Use
  • Sawing Attachments for the Electric Hand Drill
  • Black and Decker Portable Saw Attachments
  • Modifications to the Black and Decker Saw Bench
  • The Wad Kin Saw Bench
  • Circular Saws

Chapter 4 – Using Wood Saws

  • The Bench Hook
  • Starting the Cut with the Tenon Saw
  • Sawing Along the Grain
  • The Sawing Horse
  • Correct and Incorrect Method of Rip-sawing


Chapter 1 – The Hacksaw

  • Hacksaw Frames
  • Blade Tensioning Devices
  • Adjustable Hacksaw Frames
  • Specialized Saw Frames
  • Fretsaw and Piercing Saw Frames
  • The Back Saw

Chapter 2 – The Hacksaw Blade

  • Types of Blade and their Selection
  • Comparison Between Inch-Fractional and Metric Blade Dimensions
  • Tooth Pitch and its Relation to the Sawn Material
  • The Eclipse Junior Saw Blade

Chapter 3 – Using the Hand Hacksaw

  • Starting the Cut
  • Marking-off Large Material
  • Bundling

Chapter 4 – Bench Mounted Hacksaw Machines

  • The Goodell-Pratt Machine
  • The Author’s Hand Machine
  • Power-Driven Machines
  • The Meddings Hacksaw
  • The Cowell Machine
  • The Author’s Bench Hacksaw
  • The Duplex Saw and its Use as A Lathe Attachment

Chapter 5 – The Power Hacksaw

  • Floor Mounted Machines
  • Commercial Hacksaw Machines
  • Hydraulic Variable Feed and Blade Relieving Systems
  • The Dashpot Relieving Device Fitted to the ‘Duplex’ Saw
  • An Enlarged Duplex Saw
  • The Counterbalance
  • Cardboard Engineering
  • The Work Vice
  • Selecting Tooth Size
  • Fitting the Saw Blade
  • Sawing Failures and their Causes
  • Blade Breakages
  • Excessive Blade Wear
  • Tooth Fracture
  • Crooked Sawing

Chapter 6 – Using the Power Hacksaw

  • Mounting the Work
  • The Machine Vice
  • Material Support Stands
  • The Length Stop
  • Sawing Short Lengths of Material
  • ‘Bundling’ Round, Square, Hexagon and Angle Stock

Chapter 7 – The Fretsaw and Jigsaw

  • The Fretsaw Frame
  • The Piercing Saw
  • The Fretsaw Blade
  • The Spiral Saw Blade
  • Using the Fretsaw and Piercing Saw
  • Jig Saw Blades
  • Choice of Blades for the Jig Saw
  • Lubricants for Use with the Jig Saw
  • Points Needing Attention When Fret-sawing

Chapter 8 – Power Fretsaws and Jigsaws

  • An Old-Time Fretsaw
  • The Mechanical Piercing Saw
  • American Light Fret-sawing Machines
  • The Hobbies Fretsaw
  • The Meddings Fretsaw Machine
  • The Duplex Jigsaw
  • Fences for Use with the Jigsaw
  • The Black and Decker Jigsaw

Chapter 9 – The Cold Saw

  • Hand and Power-Driven Cold Saws
  • The Meddings Light Cold Saw
  • The Quick-Acting Vice for Use with the Cold Saw

Chapter 10 – The Bandsaw

  • The Modern Machine
  • Protecting the Operator
  • Bandsaw Blades
  • Forms of Band Saw Tooth
  • Tooth Set
  • Bandsaw Breakages

Chapter 11 – Band Saw Brazers and Welders

  • Brazing Equipment
  • Butt Welding
  • Dressing the Weld
  • Bandsaw Sharpening
  • Handling the Band Saw Blade

Thus, Saws and Sawing (Workshop Practice Series 10) is a detailed handbook on the use and maintenance of all types of saws in the workshops.

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