The Australian Welding Guide by the WIA

the australian welding guide

The Australian Welding Guide is an ultimate portable welding reference guide for welders.  The handbook is the product of the Welding Industries of Australia. Besides this, the book is useful for professionals like welding engineers, design and costing personnel, welding specialists, workshop supervisors, and the students. The book mainly consists of two sections i.e. product section and technical reference section.

The product sections explain comprehensive product information on various range of Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) consumables. And the technical reference section contains detailed information the welding professionals need. In addition, the book comprises a summary of all WIA and Hobart filler metal products.

The Australian Welding Guide

The following is all about the contents of the book.

Section I: Electrodes

1. General Purpose Electrodes – Mild Steel

  • Austarc 12P
  • Austarc 13S

2. Hydrogen Controlled Electrodes

  • Austarc 16TC
  • Austarc 18TC
  • Austarc 77

3. Iron Powder Electrodes

  • Austarc 24

4. Cellulose Electrodes

  • Austarc 11

5. Stainless Steel Electrodes

  • Staincord 309Mo-16
  • Staincord 316L-16
  • Unicord 312

6. Cast Iron Electrodes

  • Supercast Ni
  • Suercast Ni/Fe

7. Gouging and Cutting Electrodes

  • Austarc C&G

Section II: Wires

1. Solid MIG Wires – Mild Steel

  • Austmig ES6

2. Solid MIG Wires – Low Alloy Steel

  • Austmig ESD2
  • Austmig NiCrMo

3. Solid MIG Wires – Aluminum

  • Austmig 5183
  • Austmig 5356

4. Metal Cored Gas Shielded Wires

  • Austfil 70C-6M

5. Flux Cored Gas Shielded Wires

  • Austfil 71T
  • Austfil 71T-1M
  • Hobart XL-525
  • TM-71HYD
  • TM-811N2

6. Flux Cored Self Shielded Wires

  • Fabshield 4
  • Fabshield 23
  • Fabshield 21B
  • Fabshield XLR-8

Section III: Hardfacing Products

1. Hardfacing Electrodes

  • Abrasocord 43
  • Abrasocord 350
  • Abrasocord 700
  • Tubecord D – 2355
  • Tubecord E – 2460

2. Hardfacing Solid MIG Wires

  • Austmig TD-600

3. Hardfacing Self Shielded Flux Cored Wires

  • Mckay Tube-Alloy 240-0
  • Mckay Tube-Alloy 258-0
  • Mckay Tube-Alloy A43-0

4. Hardfacing Gas Shielded Flux Cored Wires

  • Mckay Vertiwear-600

Section IV: Technical Information

1. Glossary

2. Oxy-Acetylene Flame Adjustment

3. Welding Symbols

4. Electrode Classifications

  • Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding Ferritic Steel Electrodes
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding Electrodes
  • Manual Metal Arc and Gas Metal Arc Welding for Aluminium and Stainless-Steel Electrodes
  • Repair and Hardfacing
  • Submerged Arc Welding Electrodes and Fluxes

5. Weld Deposition and Costing Data

  • Users Guide
  • Mass of Weld Metal in Joint
  • Quantity of Consumables Required
  • Deposition Rates
  • Duty Cycles
  • Electrode Consumption for Typical Butt Joints

6. Weldability Guide for Steels

7. Common Weld Troubles

8. SI Units and Conversion Data

  • Table 1 (Conversion from Inches to Millimetres)
  • Table 2 (Travel and Wire Feed Speeds)
  • Table 3 (°C – °F Temperature Conversions)
  • Table 4 (Comparison of Hardness Scales)
  • Table 5 (Stress and Energy Conversions)
  • Table 6 (Wire and Sheet Sizes)

9. Symbols for Elements and Geometric Formulae

Thus, the Australian Welding Guide is a comprehensive reference book for various welding professionals.

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