The Haynes Welding Manual by J Storer and JH Haynes

the haynes welding manual

The Haynes Welding Manual is a comprehensive handbook on online auto repair methods using different arc welding processes. The manual comprises guidelines on the MIG, TIG, basic of gas, arc welding plasma welding and cutting processes. Jay Storer and John H Haynes have authored the book.

The book covers subjects like oxy-acetylene gas welding/cutting, MIG welding, arc welding, types of welding, TIG welding, safety and shop equipment, plasma cutting/welding and building a utility trailer. The handbook is an online guideline for anyone operating big or small welding shops. They can find an answer in the book if facing any problem in handling welding processes.

The Haynes Welding Manual by Jay Storer and John H Haynes

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Definition of Welding
  • Development of Modern Welding
  • Welding Today

Chapter 2: Types of Welding

  • How It Works
  • Metal Alloys
  • Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding
  • Arc Welding
  • MIG (Wire-Fed) Welding
  • TIG (Heli-Arc) Welding
  • Duty-Cycles
  • Plasma-Arc Welding and Cutting
  • Practice and Training

Chapter 3: Oxy-acetylene Gas Welding/Cutting

  • The Basic Gas Process
  • The Equipment
  • Getting Started
  • Flame Adjustment
  • Gas Welding
  • Welding with Filler Rod
  • Brazing
  • Oxy-Acetylene Cutting
  • Heating with Oxy-Acetylene

Chapter 4: Arc Welding

  • Comparing Duty-Cycles
  • AC, DC or Both?
  • Rewiring for An Arc Welder
  • The Arc Process
  • Safety Considerations
  • Beginning Arc Welding
  • Types of Joints
  • Choosing Electrodes

Chapter 5: MIG Welding

  • Shopping for A MIG Welder
  • Choosing Shielding Gas
  • Choosing Wire
  • Learning MIG Welding

Chapter 6: TIG Welding

  • The Equipment
  • The Process in Action
  • TIG-Welding Aluminum

Chapter 7: Plasma Cutting/Welding

  • Plasma-Arc Welding
  • Plasma-Arc Cutting
  • Choosing Plasma Cutting Equipment
  • Using A Plasma Cutter

Chapter 8: Safety and Shop Equipment

  • Helmets
  • Leather Protective Wear
  • Gloves
  • Safety Shields
  • Goggles

Chapter 9: Building a Utility Trailer

Thus, The Haynes Welding Manual is a unique online reference book for the people running welding shops. They can handle problems of the routine work with the help of the manual.

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