The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding (12th Edition)

procedure handbook of arc welding

The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding (12th Edition) handbook is a practical approach to the various aspects of an arc welding process. Basically, the book is a revised edition of the old book, the Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding Design and Practice, published in 1933 by The Lincoln Electric Company. The company had published the book with an aim to use the arc welding process efficiently. The information source of the book comes from the engineering laboratories of the Lincoln Electric Company, field engineers, experiences of other personnel from various fields, publications of other companies, technical societies, governmental and industrial organizations, etc.

The book provides a stunning guide for working people using arc welding every day. These professionals and entities comprise steel erection firms, welding operators/welders, designers, engineers, welding shop owners and the management person of fabrication shops and the like others. In addition, the book for engineers and designers is a bridge between production realities, engineering, and design.

The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding (12th Edition)

The following is all about the subject matter of the arc welding handbook.

Table of Contents:

Section 1 – Introduction and Fundamentals

Section 2 – Designing for Arc Welding

Section 3 – Variables in Welding Fabrication

Section 4 – Consumables and Machinery

Section 5Welding Processes

Section 6 – Welding Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel

Section 7 – Welding Stainless Steel

Section 8 – Welding Cast Iron and Cast Steel

Section 9 – Welding Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Section 10 – Welding Copper and Copper Alloys

Section 11 – Quality Control

Section 12 – Welding Costs

Section 13 – Special Applications

Section 14 – Installation and Maintenance

Section 15 – Safety in Welding

Section 16 – Reference Section and Index

Thus, The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding is a very helpful book for professionals working in different firms and running their own welding shops. Besides this, they can use it undoubtedly as it is published by the well-known name, The Lincoln Electric Company.

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