Welding Basics (An Introduction to Practical & Ornamental Welding)

welding basics

Welding Basics – An Introduction to Practical & Ornamental Welding is a unique handbook and authored by Karen Ruth. It explains various basic photos and directions pertaining to welding processes and cutting processes. Besides this, the book presents quick reference charts revealing filler wire choices, electrodes, metals, weld joints, weld types, and weldability. In addition, the manual also tells safety guidelines, suggestions on welding shop and metal projects finishing tips.

The handbook explains guidelines on making decorative and practical projects. The decorative items include cute critter boot brush, a scrolled desktop lamp, wrought iron railing, gifts, coffee table, kitchen accessory stand, baker’s rack, and home accessories. The photos in the handbook reveal some of the creations of welding artisans using shapes, metals and welding processes. So, the book offers stunning welding tips for both beginners and has some experience with the arc welding. It also guides on outdoor projects such as making gates, disc fountains, etc.

Welding Basics (An Introduction to Practical & Ornamental Welding)

The following is all about the contents of the handbook.

Table of Contents:

I – Introduction

1. Introduction to Welding

2. Safety

3. Setting Up Shop

4. Shop Tools

5. Metal Basics

II – Welding and Cutting Processes

1. Oxyacetylene Welding

2. Electricity for Welding

3. Shielded Metal Arc Welding

4. Gas Metal Arc Welding

5. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

6. Plasma Cutting

7. Oxyacetylene Cutting

III – Welding Projects

1. Shop Projects

  • Rolling Welding Curtain
  • Welding Table
  • Welding Machine Cart
  • Cylinder Cart
  • Grinder Stand

2. Lighting Projects

  • Scroll Desk Lamp
  • Three Post Floor Lamp
  • Chandelier
  • Wall-mounted Candleholder
  • Tree-shaped Candleholder
  • Fireplace Candleholder

3. Furniture Projects

  • Baker’s Shelves
  • Coffee Table
  • Corner Coatrack
  • Kitchen Appliance Stand
  • Wall Hung Plate Rack
  • Wine Rack
  • Headboard

4. Outdoor Projects

  • Stair Railing
  • Gate
  • Critter Boot Brush
  • Disk Fountain
  • Arbor

Thus, Welding Basics (An Introduction to Practical & Ornamental Welding) book provides detailed guidelines on various welding decorative techniques for welding shops and making home accessories.

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