Welding for Dummies by Steven Robert Farnsworth

welding for dummies

Welding for Dummies is a great work based on the life-long welding job experiences of Steven Robert Farnsworth, the author. He was an instructor and a certified welding inspector. The book is a helping hand for welders revealing welding techniques and safety procedures. The handbook explains the basics of welding, Plasma Cutting, Stick/TIG welding, basic of discovering MIG welding, Oxyfuel Cutting and Other Processes. According to the author, the book is primarily dedicated to all welding students and welders.

Welding for Dummies by Steven Robert Farnsworth

Table of Contents:


Part I – Understanding Welding Basics

  • Diving into the World of Welding
  • Considering Commonly Welded Metals
  • Setting Your Sights on Welding Safety
  • Setting Up Your Welding Shop

Part II – Welding on a Budget: Stick and TIG Welding

  • Getting on the Stick: Understanding Stick Welding
  • Getting to Work with Stick Welding
  • To TIG or Not to TIG: Understanding TIG Welding
  • Trying Out TIG Welding

Part III – Discovering MIG Welding

  • Understanding the ABCs of MIG Welding
  • Practicing MIG Welding

Part IV – Getting Fancy: Plasma Cutting, Oxyfuel Cutting, and Other Processes

  • Examining Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting
  • Ready, Set, Cut! Trying Out Plasma Arc Cutting and Oxyfuel Cutting
  • Exploring Special Weld Processes
  • Exploring Pipe Welding
  • Working with Cast Iron

Part V – Putting Welding into Action with Projects and Repairs

  • Two Welding Projects to Boost Your Welding Shop
  • Constructing a Campfire Grill
  • Fixin’ to Fix Things: Analyzing and Planning

Part VI – The Part of Tens

  • Ten Tools Every Welder Wants
  • (Not Quite) Ten Advantages of Being a Certified Welder
  • (Almost) Ten Welding Defects
  • Ten Signs You’re Welding Correctly
  • Ten Maintenance Tips for Your Welding Equipment and Shop
  • Glossary

Thus, Welding for Dummies is a stunning guide for becoming a good welder. The handbook explains various aspects of day to day welding activities candidly. Studying students and working welders can benefit from it.

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