Welding Processes Handbook by Klas Weman

welding processes handbook

Welding Processes Handbook is a comprehensive book on up to date references in the welding field. It is authored by Klas Weman. The subject matter has been developed as per the European Welding Federation guidelines for the European welding courses. In recent times, Swedish guidelines were being used for courses on welding equipment and processes.

Welding Processes Handbook by Klas Weman

Table of Contents:

1. Arc Welding (An Overview)

  • History of Welding
  • Terminology
  • Distortion
  • The Welding Arc
  • Shielding Gases
  • Power Sources

2. Gas Welding

  • Equipment

3. TIG Welding

  • A description of the method
  • Equipment
  • Consumables

4. Plasma Welding

  • A Description of The Method
  • Equipment
  • Gases for Plasma Welding
  • The Advantages of The Plasma Method

5. MIG/MAG Welding

  • Equipment
  • The setting of Welding Parameters
  • Consumables
  • Weld Quality

6. Metal Arc Welding with Coated Electrodes

  • Description of the Method
  • Equipment
  • Electrodes
  • Weld Defects

7. Submerged Arc Welding

  • Description
  • Equipment
  • Filler Material
  • The Effect of The Welding Parameters
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Joint Preparation
  • Risks of Weld Defects

8. Pressure Welding Methods

  • Resistance Welding
  • Friction Welding
  • High-Frequency Welding
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Explosion Welding
  • Magnetic Pulse Welding
  • Cold Pressure Welding
  • Diffusion Welding

9. Other Methods of Welding

  • Electroslag Welding
  • Electro Gas Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • Electron Beam Welding
  • Thermite Welding

10. Cutting Methods

  • Thermal Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Thermal Gouging

11. Surface Cladding Methods

  • Cladding to Provide A Corrosion-Resistant Layer
  • Hard-Facing
  • Thermal Spraying

12. Mechanization and Robot Welding

  • Narrow-Gap Welding
  • Arc Welding Using Robots
  • Mechanized TIG Welding
  • Quality Requirements for Mechanized Welding

13. Soldering and Brazing

  • General
  • Soft Soldering
  • Brazing

14. The Weldability of Steel

  • Carbon Steels
  • High-Strength and Extra High-Strength Steels
  • Austenitic Steels

15. Design of Welded Components

  • Introduction
  • Symbolic Representation of Welds on Drawings
  • Welding Classes
  • Residual Stresses in Welds. Weld Distortions
  • Design Consideration
  • Strength Considerations of Welded Joints
  • Analysis of Statically Loaded Welded Joints
  • Welded Structures Subjected to Fatigue Loads

16. Quality Assurance and Quality Management

  • Quality Requirements for Welding (EN 729)
  • Welding Coordination (EN 719)
  • Specification and Approval of Welding Procedures (EN 288)
  • Approval Testing of Welders (EN 287)
  • Non-Destructive Testing

17. Welding Costs

  • Welding Cost Calculations
  • Some Welding Cost Concepts
  • Cost Calculation
  • Mechanization, Automation and Robot Welding

Thus, Welding Processes Handbook by Klas Weman is a great work based on the up to date reference of applications in welding fields. The manual is helpful in many ways for students and professionals in the welding field.

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