Welding Symbols on Drawings by E.N. Gregory and A.A. Armstrong

welding symbols on drawings

Welding Symbols on Drawings is an extensive handbook on welding symbols on drawings. E.N. Gregory and A.A. Armstrong have authored this weld symbol application book. There was a book published in 1982 with a name, Welding Symbols on Drawings. And it is an updated version of this book. Besides this, the book explains the use of welding symbols in British/European Standard BS EN 22553, International Standard ISO 2553 and American Standard ANSI/AWS A2.4-98.

All the symbols are revealed by keeping in mind the standards of ISO, BS-EN, and ANSI-AWS. The manual is very helpful in preparing any of the welding tests i.e. certified welding inspector exam. The following is all about the contents of the handbook.

Welding Symbols on Drawings by E.N. Gregory and A.A. Armstrong

Table of Contents:

1. The Need to Specify Welds

2. The Advantages of Symbols

3. Welding Symbols – 1

  • Butt/Groove welds

4. Welding Symbols – 2

  • Fillet and edge welds, backing run or weld, flare groove, and bevel welds, and plug or slot weld

5. Welding Symbols – 3

  • Spot and seam welds, surfacing, and steep flanked butt welds

6. Location of Symbols – 1

  • Butt/groove welds

7. Location of Symbols – 2

  • Fillet welds

8. Supplementary Symbols

  • Contours of welds
  • Convex contour
  • Concave contour
  • Toes blended smoothly
  • Other supplementary symbols
  • Spacer
  • Back weld and backing weld
  • Melt through
  • Consumable insert
  • Peripheral welds (weld all round)
  • Field or site weld
  • Backing strip or backing

9. Dimensions – 1

  • Butt/groove welds
  • Partial penetration welds
  • Groove dimensions
  • Length of butt/groove welds

10. Dimensions – 2

  • Fillet welds – transverse
  • Deep penetration welds
  • Double fillet welds
  • Unequal leg length fillet welds

11. Dimensions – 3

  • Fillet welds – longitudinal

12. Spot and Seam Welds

13. Stud Welds

14. Surfacing

  • Multiple layers

15. Process Identification

16. Non-destructive Testing Symbols – AWS

Thus, Welding Symbols on Drawings is a stunning handbook on welding symbols used in routine activities. The book is helpful both for the welders working in shops and applicants preparing for the welding tests for certification.

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