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Welding Programs in Indiana include certificates, diplomas, degrees, associates, masters, and doctorates. Both public and private welding schools provide these courses in the state. These schools also conduct programs for certification. The American Welding Society plays a big role in advancing welding technology. It conducts many professional certification programs for welders and other professionals. Some of the schools also have campus placement facilities. Many leading companies recruit applicants therefrom. Aspiring students need to consider the type of program before stepping in. The most demanding program leads to better career options after completion. So, in this article, find a list of all welding programs in Indiana, the United States.

Welding Programs in Indiana

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Welding Programs in Colleges

The following are welding programs in the colleges of Indiana.

School Ivy Tech Community College (Evansville, Anderson, Columbus, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Madison, Richmond, Valparaiso, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Bloomington, East Chicago, Logansport Campus)
Website https://www.ivytech.edu/
Program Titles
1 Industrial Electrical (Certificates)
2 Industrial Mechanical (Certificates)
3 Materials Technology (Certificates)
4 Structural Welding (Certificates)
5 Industrial Electrical Technology (Technical Certificate)
6 Industrial Mechanical Technology (Technical Certificate)
7 Welding Technology (Technical Certificate)
8 Interdisciplinary Industrial Workforce Certificate
9 Interdisciplinary Industrial Workforce Technical Certificate
10 Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School IPS Career Technology Center
Website https://www.myips.org/domain/6541
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology

Welding Programs in Tech Centers

Find all programs in career and tech centers.

School Lincoln College of Technology
Website https://www.lincolntech.edu/campus/indianapolis-in
Program Titles
1 Welding and Metal Fabrication
School Area 31 Career Center
Website https://area31careercenter.com/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology I
School C4 Columbus Area Career Connection
Website https://www.bcscschools.org/c4
Program Titles
1 Engineering Manufacturing Technology
School Calumet Welding Center
Website http://www.calumetweldingcenter.com/
Program Titles
1 Structural Plate Welding (SMAW and GMAW)
2 Structural Plate Welding (SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and FCAW)
3 Plate and Pipe Welding (SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and FCAW)
School FWCS Career Academy
Website https://www.fortwayneschools.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding
School Central Nine Career Center
Website https://central9.k12.in.us/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology
School Century Career Center
Website http://ccc.lcsc.k12.in.us/o/century-career-center
Program Titles
1 update soon
2 update soon
School Edna Martin Christian Center
Website http://fayette.schooldesk.net/
Program Titles
1 Welding
School Gary Area Career Center
Website https://garyareacareercenter.com/
Program Titles
1 Industrial and Welding Safety
2 Oxyacetylene Cutting/Welding
3 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
4 Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG)
5 Tungsten Inert Gas (Tig)
6 Welding Fabrication
7 Welding Blueprint Reading
School Area Career Center
Website https://www.hammond.k12.in.us/schools/area-career-center/index
Program Titles
1 update soon
2 update soon
School Heartland Career Center
Website http://hcc.k12.in.us/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology (Certificate)
School Hoosier Hills Career Center
Website https://www.mccsc.edu/hoosierhills
Program Titles
1 Welding (Metal Fabrication)
School Impact Institute
Website https://www.impactinstitute.net/
Program Titles
1 Welding Program (Certificate)
School Hinds Career Center
Website http://hindscareercenter.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology Program (Certificate)
School Lost River Career Cooperative
Website http://www.lostrivercareercooperative.com/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology
School Emmerich Manual High School
Website https://www.emmerichmanualhs.org/
Program Titles
1 update soon
2 update soon
School New Castle Career Center
Website https://nccareercenter.org/
Program Titles
1 Shielded Metal (SMAW) (Welding Technology)
2 Gas Metal Arc (GMAW or MIG) (Welding Technology)
3 Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) (Welding Technology)
4 Oxy-Fuel (Welding Technology)
Fuel Cutting Manual (Welding Technology)
School Prosser Career Education Center
Website http://prosser.nafcs.k12.in.us/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology
School Southeastern Career Center
Website https://www.sccusa.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology (Arc Welding, MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Oxy Welding) (Certificate)
School Starke County Initiative for Lifelong Learning
Website http://www.scill.biz/
Program Titles
1 Vocational Welding Technology Program
School Marion Regional Career Center
Website https://www.marion.k12.in.us/mrcc
Program Titles
1 Welding
School Whitewater Career Center
Website https://whitewatercareercenter.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology
2 Welding Technology I
3 Welding Technology II
School Central Nine Career Center
Website https://central9.k12.in.us/
Program Titles
1 Welding Processes
2 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
3 Gas Metal Arc (MIG) Welding
4 Gas Tungsten Arc (TIC) Welding

Welding Programs in Universities

The programs are as follows.

School Ball State University
Website https://www.bsu.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding

Thus, the information on welding programs in Indiana is crucial and important for all aspiring students, welders, and other professionals in the welding industry.

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