Welding Programs in Maine

welding programs in maine

Welding Programs in Maine include certificates, diplomas, associates, degrees, masters, and doctorates. Many welding schools in Maine conducts these programs for students and welders. Some of them are freshers and others want to get certified from the school. Certification programs improve welding skills and earning potentiality. The American Welding Society conducts many welding certifications for professionals. So, it becomes necessary for the aspiring students to browse and consider the program and school before getting admission. In this article, find all welding programs in Maine, the United States.

Welding Programs in Maine

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Welding Programs in Colleges

The programs in the colleges are as follows.

School Beal College
Website https://bealcollege.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology (Diploma)
2 Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School Eastern Maine Community College
Website https://www.emcc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School Kennebec Valley Community College
Website https://www.kvcc.me.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Program (Certificate)
2 Welding Program (A.A.S.)
School Northern Maine Community College
Website https://www.nmcc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Structural Welding (Certificate)
2 update soon

Welding Programs in Tech Centers

Find all programs in career and tech centers.

School Caribou Regional Technology Center
Website https://caribou.mainecte.org
Program Titles
1 Welding/Metal Technology
School Foster Career and Technical Education Centre
Website https://foster.mainecte.org/
Program Titles
1 Metal Fabrication (Certification)
School Lewiston Regional Technical Center
Website https://lewiston.mainecte.org/
Program Titles
1 Sheet Metal and Welding – I
2 Sheet Metal and Welding – I
School Sanford Regional Technical Center
Website https://sanford.mainecte.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding/Metal Fabrication
School St. John Valley Technology Center
Website https://sjvtc.mainecte.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding/Metal Fabrications I
2 Welding/Metal Fabrications II
School Waldo County Technical Center
Website https://waldotech.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology Program
School Mid-Coast School of Technology
Website https://midcoast.mainecte.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding/Fabrication (Certification)
School Washington County Community College
Website https://www.wccc.me.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology

Welding Programs in Universities

The programs in the universities of Maine are as follows.

School Maine Maritime Academy
Website https://mainemaritime.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding (Engineering)

Thus, the information on welding programs in Maine is beneficial and important for aspiring students, welders, and other professionals in their respective areas.

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