Welding Programs in Wyoming

welding programs in wyoming

Welding Programs in Wyoming include certificates, degrees, diplomas, associates, masters, and doctorates. The welding schools in Wyoming provide these programs with various specialties. Thousands of students enroll in these programs every year. Many schools conduct classes for certification programs in the state. The American Welding Society also provides facilities for various welding certification programs. Generally, a certified welder earns more than a non-certified one. Therefore, aspiring students should consider both school and program before starting classes. In this article, find a list of all welding programs in Wyoming, the United States.

Welding Programs in Wyoming

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Welding Programs in Colleges

The programs in colleges are as follows.

School Casper College
Website https://www.caspercollege.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology (Certificate)
2 Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School Central Wyoming College (Riverton Campus)
Website https://www.cwc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Program (Certificate I)
2 Welding Program (Certificate II)
3 Welding (A.A.S.)
School Eastern Wyoming College (Douglas, Torrington Campus)
Website https://ewc.wy.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding – Machine Tool Technology Certificate (1 Year)
2 Welding – Plate Certificate (Less than 1 Year)
3 Welding – Specialist Certificate (1 Year)
4 Welding and Joining Technology Certificate (1 Year)
5 Welding and Joining Technology (A.A.S.)
School Sheridan College
Website https://www.sheridan.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Certificate
2 Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School Gillette College
Website https://www.sheridan.edu/about/gillette/
Program Titles
1 Welding (Certificate)
2 Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School Western Wyoming Community College
Website https://www.westernwyoming.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology – Mine Maintenance Option Certificate
2 Welding Technology – Industrial Plant Option Certificate
3 Welding Technology – Fabrication Shop Option Certificate
4 Welding Technology, Fabrication Shop (A.A.S.)
5 Welding Technology, Industrial Plant (A.A.S.)
6 Welding Technology, Mine Maintenance (A.A.S.)

Welding Programs in Tech Centers

The programs in CTEs are as follows.

School Western Welding Academy
Website https://westernweldingacademy.com/
Program Titles
1 (Welder I – SMAW Structural Welder)
2 (Welder II – SMAW Pipe Welder)
3 (Welder III – GTAW Pipe Welder)
4 (Welder IV – Advanced SMAW and GTAW Pipe Welder)
5 (Welder V – Professional Pipe Welder)
School Pathways Innovation Center
Website https://natronaschools.org/pathways-innovation-center-p-i-c/
Program Titles
1 update soon
2 update soon
School Carbon County Higher Education Center
Website https://www.cchec.org/
Program Titles
1 Welding I
2 Welding II
3 Welding III
4 Welding IV

Welding Programs in Universities

The programs in universities are as follows.

School University of Wyoming
Website https://www.uwyo.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welder/Plumber/Pipefitter

Thus, the above-given information on welding programs in Wyoming is important and crucial for aspiring students, welders, and other welding professionals.

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