American Welding Society Publications

american welding society publications

American Welding Society publications are important tools and panorama of the welding industry for the working professionals, students, trainees, and non-welding professionals. They publish articles and topics on the latest trends in the welding industry. Publications consist of topics like technology, salary trends, safety tips, health topics, new ways of welding techniques, manufacturing sector, welding schools, programs, business trends, etc. Almost all the organizations publish welding publications about their products and services.

American Welding Society Publications

AWS publications comprise journals, dailies, magazines, and pamphlets in different languages. AWS publications serve topics on the welding profession and its working professionals. Most of the publications of AWS are in English languages.

Top AWS Publications

The following are the main welding publications.

Welding Journal – It is one of the best monthly publications. The journal publishes articles on welding and metal fabricating industry.

Inspection Trends – It is a quarterly journal on materials inspection and testing professionals.

Welding Journal En Español – It is a quarterly journal on welding departments and the latest news from various sections of it. AWS publishes the magazine in the Spanish language.

Welding Journal Em Português – This is a magazine on welding topics in Brazil.

Welding Marketplace – The publication is a quarterly and focuses on the newest welding products and services.

The above-mentioned American Welding Society publications cover various topics from the metal and fabrication industry, welding departmental news, welding careers, news on newest welding services, news on testing professionals and new product launches.

Welding companies publish magazines for promoting products and marketing purposes both in the United States and other countries. Overall, the publications are a good source of advertisement, knowledge, marketing and brand enhancement in the competitive markets.

Thus, AWS welding magazines and journals are a good source of knowledge for students, employers, educators, and other welding professionals. Aspiring people can find them on the American Welding Society website.

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