Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

WeldingInfo: Terms and Conditions
WeldingInfo.org is an educational website with the sole right to govern its use by anyone and the “terms” collectively. If someone thinks and cannot understand these terms and conditions, don’t use this website. Despite this, if you still use this welding website, then you are bound to accept all terms of WeldingInfo. In simple words, you are using WeldingInfo.org on your own and bounding yourself in the terms and conditions.

Registration Terms:
You Agreed after Registration to the Following Terms
All the visitors or surfers are agreed to avail their contacts to WeldingInfo.org and its partners. They may communicate and contact with you for educational information. In case anyone doesn’t want communication, they can change the account and setting any time. Visitors can modify account settings if they do not want to receive promotional emails or offers from WeldingInfo and its potential partners.

Copying Materials Prohibition
WeldingInfo.org has absolute copyright on all its data and materials available. It consists of images, logos, sounds, graphics, software, documents, written content, photographs, and the like other services. The copyright also applies to WeldingInfo’s third-party service providers like developers, authors, vendors, and manufacturers. Thus, any of the contents may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, downloaded, displayed, transmitted, republished, posted, etc. Along with this our Third-Party Providers, also have copyrighted the materials. Therefore, an authorized person must seek prior permission from WeldingInfo.org and its partners before doing so.

In addition to this, no one can even ‘mirror’ the added materials and data on this website. Because WeldingInfo.org and its third-party providers did not reveal anything like this under their Intellectual Property Rights.

WeldingInfo.org may or can permit to download, copy, distribute and display under some certain conditions. And this is the responsibility of users to obtain this permission from the ‘mother website’. The terms are as follows:

a) You can use copied materials only for referential, informational, personal and non-commercial use.
b) You can display the extracted materials along with permission notice and copyright notice.
c) You cannot modify the permitted materials if you do so, then the permission granted will be terminated immediately without notification. And you subjected to delete all the materials at once. If anyone found to misuse the information, the person will be open to legal consequences.

We also honor the ‘intellectual property rights’ of others or our third-party providers.

Linked Websites Disclaimer
WeldingInfo.org always ensures the ‘inbound and outbound links’ work properly and harmlessly for our visitors. We make sure these links should not cause damage to our users’ gadgets, PCs, mobiles, and other electronic devices. Despite this, we will not be responsible for any damages to visitors’ electronic devices while using other services. We can disclaim in the following situations:

i) If damage comes from malign material downloaded, advice offered or any online spams
ii) If downloaded software causes damage to users’ files
iii) If the damage is due to illegal materials saved in PCs, etc.
iv) If the files infected due to computer viruses
v) If the operation speed causes a failure or technical problem

Warranty Disclaimer
WeldingInfo.org candidly disclaims any type of warranty for the use and access of its materials. It comprises content displayed, information, links presented including external website, etc. All the content on pages is for referential purposes sans any warranty.

Sometimes due to technical reasons or others, WeldingInfo.org pages may not be available for use online for some time or at any time. So, there is no guarantee and warranty for online presence. Thus, all the responsibility and risks are to be taken by website users. Although, WeldingInfo will function normally, yet it may happen at any time.

Impressions and Click-throughs Disclaimer
Sponsors and advertisers only can display materials after their prior approval. Then, they can post content banners, ads, images, links, graphics, etc. And the advertising materials must be related to the subject matter. WeldingInfo.org has the sole right to disapprove and reject any advertising materials without any reason.

Limitation of Liability:
WeldingInfo.org shall not be liable for any damage under any circumstances, whatever so.

Content with General Nature
The content added to WeldingInfo.org will be of general nature. There may be some typographical errors in this website and the Third-Party Providers’. They can improve and change the services on the website without notification at any time. Generally, changes are applied for better services and presentations. The links on the website and other information cannot be insured as ‘completed’. They may be, sometimes, not working. Also, the information on the website should not be considered as advice for financial, buying, business, legal or any investment. It is suggested to consulted other well-qualified persons.

Thus, all the terms reveal a candid understanding of the use of the content. WeldingInfo.org can update these terms and conditions any time sans prior notification. Further, these terms and conditions are binding on your heirs, successors assign and representatives. All the titles on the website are for referential with no further meaning.

Local Laws and Jurisdiction
WeldingInfo.org controls and operates this ‘educational welding website’ from Chandigarh headquarter. Despite welding being a global concept, the materials on this website may be or may not be appropriate for use in other locations in the world. Anyone accessing WeldingInfo.org from other parts of the world is accepting local laws and compliance with them. All promotional or marketing materials in WeldingInfo solely direct to individuals, companies and other entities to comply with local laws at the time. Hence, if any dispute arises due to any reason, it shall be a subject of the local Courts of Chandigarh.

License Disclaimer
The intellectual property rights of WeldingInfo.org and any third-party shall not allow and confer any principle, law, implication, or any license or otherwise. All intellectual property rights will remain with the parent website, whatsoever.

Written Content Disclaimer
WeldingInfo.org has the ‘only right to change’ any section of the website at any time. It can do this without prior notification. As a result, sometimes, there may be any timely error or page not displaying. Since all the information presented is that of reference purposes and based on ‘as is’.

Although, WeldingInfo has presented all the information accurate and users’ friendly. Yet the website does not claim ‘complete correctness’. If any surfer strikes any type of error, they can report us using ‘contact form’.

Terms of Use
All the visitors shall not do the following things while using WeldingInfo.org:

i) shall not disrupt, threaten or harass any user for using this website
ii) shall not do anything that put over-load on this website’s infrastructure unreasonably
iii) shall not forge identifiers to disguise any of the users
iv) shall not interfere with networks connected to org
v) shall not misrepresent to any person, employee or entity of this website
vi) shall not post anything that instigates violence, criminal offense, or objectionable
vii) shall not post infected files with viruses to disrupt website functioning
viii) shall not share, publish, distribute, post or upload any of the materials from WeldingInfo.org for commercial purposes. It will be taken as a breach of terms.
ix) shall not violate the rules and laws, national and international

Thus, WeldingInfo.org disclaims all the warranties pertaining to software, materials, links, merchantability, non-infringement, and the like others.

We hope all visitors and users clearly understand the terms and conditions of WeldingInfo (weldinginfo.org) before, during and after using this website.

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