Welding Careers

certified welding educator

Certified Welding Educator Job Description

Certified Welding Educator is a highly educated person who recognizes, evaluates student performance, conducts training classes, prepares instruction plans and welding training requirements. Besides this, the Welding Educator may teach using instructional materials or prepare original instructional materials for learners or under trainers. Welding Educator or welding instructor conducts welding classes both skill-oriented and technical. …

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welding inspector duties

Welding Inspector Job Description

Welding Inspector is a responsible professional in the welding industry thoroughly. Becoming a welding inspector or certified welding inspector is a great job. Applicants after getting certified from a reputed organization like the American Welding Society have multifold career options not only in the United States but also in foreign countries. Getting an AWS certification …

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welder job description

Welder Job Description

A welder is a person who employs a welding process with certain parameters to fuse different metals for achieving desired weld shapes. Next, they may use either of the processes like SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, etc. Besides this, welders manage machines repairing and manufacturing tools, metal structures, and equipment. Welders are required in almost all …

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