welding crew leader

Welding Crew Leader Job Description

Welding Crew Leader or Welding Team Leader is a skilled person with managing and supervising responsibilities. Generally, welding crew leaders assign, supervise, plan, and review the work of skilled personnel including material, cost, and time estimations. Besides this, they also manage computerized parts, manuals, records of shop, labor, and equipment. These professionals work in maintenance, …

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Pipefitter or Steamfitter Job Description

A pipefitter or gasfitter or steamfitter is a welding professional, handling works like installation, assembling, maintenance, fabrication, and repairing of piping systems. Besides this, pipefitters need to employ many other processes during work along with grooving, soldering, threading, cutting, bending, and brazing. The piping systems include pneumatic, cooling, hydraulic and high-pressure assemblies. These pipes transport …

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welding supervisor

Welding Supervisor Job Description

Welding Supervisor is a person with managing and supervising skills. He/she uses welding in the manufacturing, construction, and fabrication of various products. Besides this, welding supervisors remain familiar with the factors that possibly affect weld quality. The main purpose of welding supervisors is to monitor different factors and including welders to obtain maximum productivity. They …

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certified welding educator

Certified Welding Educator Job Description

Certified Welding Educator is a highly educated person who recognizes, evaluates student performance, conducts training classes, prepares instruction plans, and welding training requirements. Besides this, the Welding Educator may teach using instructional materials or prepare original instructional materials for learners or under trainers. Welding Educator or welding instructor conducts welding classes both skill-oriented and technical. …

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