metal fabricator

Metal Fabricator Job Description

Metal Fabricator is a skilled professional who specializes in creating, repairing, and modifying metal components and structures. They work with various types of metals, such as aluminum, steel, and stainless steel for producing items like architectural structures, machinery parts, and equipment. These individuals work in industries like construction, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and the like others. …

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production welder

Production Welder Job Description

Production Welder is a skilled professional who specializes in welding operations in a manufacturing or production setting. They join metal parts together using various welding techniques, tools, and equipment. Production welders play a crucial role in the fabrication and assembly of metal products. They use their expertise in welding techniques to ensure high-quality welds as …

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code welder

Code Welder Job Description

Code Welder or Coded Welder is a skilled professional who performs welding operations and joins metal parts using various welding techniques and equipment. Code Welders are also known as Welding Technicians or Certified Welders. These persons are responsible for cutting, fitting, and welding metal materials according to company standards, national codes, and customers’ specifications. These …

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robotic welder

Robotic Welder Job Description

Robotic Welder is a skilled person who operates and maintains robotic welding equipment to join metal components together. The primary objective of a robotic welder is to ensure accurate and efficient welding operations while maintaining a high level of quality and productivity. These individuals work in a variety of industries such as automotive manufacturing, construction, …

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