ndt technician

NDT Technician Job Description

NDT Technician (Non-Destructive Testing Technician) is a skilled professional who examines vehicles, structures, and products for flaws and structural weaknesses by using various non-destructive testing techniques. Next, they conduct material testing, result interpretation, and report generation on their findings. Besides this, they also develop testing procedures and calibrate test equipment. Ultimately, an NDT technician provides …

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Fabricator Job Description

Fabricator is a technically skilled professional who manufactures a wide range of products from various raw materials using different tools and own hands. Fabricators consist of titles like welder fabricator, aluminum fabricator, boat fabricator, fabricator fitter, general fabricator, glass fabricator, pipe fabricator, rebar fabricator, fabricator welder, metal fabricator, etc. Primarily, they are responsible for reading …

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maintenance welder

Maintenance Welder Job Description

Maintenance Welder performs welding in the repair, maintenance, fabrication, and modification of industrial equipment and establishments. Also, they diagnose and repair a variety of metal work including construction equipment and vehicles. Maintenance Welders perform this by cutting metal, joining metal together, or filling by using extreme heat and gas and sophisticated welding equipment. Besides this, …

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