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Welding Journal

welding journalWelding Journal is a legendary piece of work for more than 90 years in the metal fabrication industry. American Welding Society has been publishing the journal since 1922. Welding Publications are important tools for students, trainees, working professionals, and non-welding professionals. The publications may be in the form of journals, magazines, dailies, pamphlets, etc. Welding Journal addresses different advancements and issues related to the construction and metal fabrication industry.

Welding Journal
It is a monthly journal and publishes news of the metal fabricating and welding industry. It shows the current trends, products, technology and events using full-color photos, in-depth articles, illustrations, and various cost-saving advice. Besides this, the journal prints articles including supplements on related topics like testing and inspection, maintenance and repair, brazing and soldering, training, design and personal safety.

The Welding Journal has earned more than 60 editorial and design awards due to commanding grip on welding topics and brining crucial topics to the fore. The following are some of the awards Tabbie Awards from the Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI) and Charlie Awards from the Florida Magazine Association (FMA).

Note: Aspiring people can visit the AWS website for downloading the latest version of the publication.

Welding Journal En Español

welding journal en espanolWelding Journal en Español is a unique and free quarterly publication. It consists of the latest news from the Welding Journal editorial departments and other departments. Besides this, the journal covers tailored articles written by and for Latin American professionals and Mexican.
The editorial section of the journal comprises practicality and appeal to a wide audience of fabricators. More than 40,000 digital copies and 10,000 printed copies of the Welding Journal en Español are in circulation monthly.
Note: Aspiring students and welding professionals can have or download, the Welding Journal en Español, from the website of the American Welding Society.

Inspection Trends

inspection trendsInspection Trends is a quarterly publication and covers the latest news of materials inspection and testing professionals sent to various AWS certified facilities including all Certified Welding Inspectors.

Note: Anyone can publish articles in this publication after pre-approval from the AWS.

Welding Marketplace

welding marketplaceWelding Marketplace is a quarterly magazine. It covers the latest news of the hottest and newest welding products. Besides this, it also features various services in the welding industry. The publication has a circulation of 52,000 digital copies and 80,000 printed copies. Every month, so many influential and active buyers in the welding industry read it.

Note: Prospective buyers and readers can visit the official website of the American Welding Society.

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