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Dual Coating/Welding Inspector Job Highlights

Title Dual Coating/Welding Inspector
Type Full Time
Experience Required
Function Management/Manufacturing
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Company E2 Consulting Engineers

Company Profile

E2 Consulting Engineers is a professional services firm that specializes in a full spectrum of engineering services including, project engineering and design, federal base operations, and infrastructure support services, gas pipeline construction and inspection services, environmental consulting and remediation, and information technology services.

Job Profile

The company is searching for a Dual Coating/Welding Inspector who must assure proper welding procedures are qualified and utilized, radiographers are certified, welders are qualified, sound welds are produced, and proper documentation is maintained to include MTRs, detailed as-builts, and weld mapping.

Also, provide inspection of the contractor’s quality of work in accordance with the client’s policies and procedures as it relates to the coating of steel pipe and fittings on pipeline construction projects.

Educational Qualification

Work Experience

  • Required 3-5+ years of pipeline construction or inspection experience (a combination of experience is acceptable).
  • Knowledge and experience pertaining to the skillset required to build/install natural gas transmission pipeline facilities.
  • Past experience inspecting the application of field-applied pipeline coatings.


  • Perform each of the tasks set forth in this Section, as required.
    -Be familiar with the approved construction drawings and Company specifications.
    -Understanding the Contract document as it relates to his or her duties on the project.
    -Have a basic understanding of welding techniques, welding positions, welding consumables, weld preparation, and welding drawing requirements. Maintaining a detailed inspector’s logbook.
    -Completing and submitting applicable inspection reports that accurately describe the work performed on the project. in a manner such that the welds inspected may subsequently be identified per current standards.
    -Taking a proactive approach to safety on the job site and reporting safety issues to the Construction Manager, Chief Inspector, and Safety Inspector.
    -Plan and organize inspection duties in advance.
    -Assure any design changes or material substitutions are discussed with the Construction Manager, and Chief Inspector, and proper Company approval is obtained.
    -Verify all materials used in the installation are in compliance with Company requirements.
    -Keep the Chief Inspector aware of any daily problems or anticipated problems with the project.
    -Possess an understanding of the relationship between quality assurance, quality control, and inspection procedures
    -Assure a welding procedure is established and each welder is qualified for the work he is performing.
    -Monitor the quality of the welds being made to assure sound welds are being made at all joints.
    -Assure the repairs made to correct defects in a pipe weld sufficiently corrected the defect and the weld satisfies the requirements as outlined by the appropriate codes and Company specifications.
    -Assure all welding materials are of proper type and quality, they have been stored according to manufacturers’ specifications, and damaged materials are not used in the welding of the pipe.
  • Complete and submit Daily Inspection Report forms including but not limited to safety inspection forms, coating inspection forms (pipe coating and repairs, joint coating, jeep calibration, and inspection, etc.), trenching and backfill inspection forms, and other construction inspection forms as requested by Company.
  • Field validate that all environmental BMPs are followed by Other Contractors in accordance with the permits and construction plans.
  • Field verify that the construction equipment used, and the amounts of materials installed during construction are captured on the Daily Progress Report for inventory and billing purposes. Using experience and professional judgment inspect the material waste to help reduce any potential loss of materials through the inefficient use of the material by the Other Contractors. Coating Inspectors shall communicate any opportunities to reduce material waste to Company.
  • Inspect Other Contractors’ work for compliance with all permit requirements and one-call (call before you dig) requirements. Coating Inspectors shall immediately verbally communicate any deviations therefrom to Chief Inspector and Company and follow up with formal written documentation the same day.
  • Review and verify that Other Contractors’ HOD path is acceptable.
  • Verify Other Contractors have and are utilizing necessary equipment, safety measures, records, Project designs, drawings, GIS, etc. to avoid damaging gas mains, services, and other utilities.
  • Verify Other Contractors have located all gas lines and have had all other utilities marked in the areas Other Contractors are working on in connection with the Project, and all gas facilities are painted and flagged in accordance with local requirements.
  • Verify polymers and additives used in drilling fluids are approved by Company. The approved list of additives and fluids shall be provided to the Inspector.
  • Verify pull force does not exceed the design.
  • Verify that Other Contractor(s) properly clean and dry pipelines prior to commissioning.
  • Verify that Other Contractors are following Company procedures and coating manufacturer’s instructions for applying field coatings to pipe, fittings, valves, joints, and other pipeline components.
  • Verify that Other Contractors are following Southern Company Gas Spotting Best Practices and Southern Company Gas Excavation Best Practices included as attachments hereto.
  • Verify, prior to use, that all materials to be incorporated into the Projector utilized for testing are properly constructed, rated, and possess proper manufacturer documentation.
  • Weld Inspector may be assigned additional duties and responsibilities relating to pipeline construction inspection observation and documentation as appropriate.
  • Witness all HOD “pull-throughs” to verify that pipe is properly supported, the coating of pipe and weld joints are protected, and the as-built information is properly recorded. Coating Inspectors shall also examine the pipe coating at the leading edge of the pull-back to ensure there has been no damage to pipe coating during pull-back.
  • Witness and verify that Other Contractors properly inspect the pipeline for deformation and that subsequent analysis is free of any irregularities.
  • Witness hydrostatic testing for the duration of the test(s)and verify in advance of testing that calibration papers for the equipment are in proper order and attached to the test report.
  • After ALL HDDs, Coating Inspectors shall verify that all visible pipe and weld joint coatings were not damaged during pull-through activities.
  • Prior to ALL backfills, HOD pull-throughs, or jack and bores the Coating Inspectors shall perform the following
    -Visually inspect the pipe for noticeable defects to pipe coating.
    -Visually inspect the pipe for gouges, dents, or other imperfections.
    -Verify all pipe is “jeeped” and holidays properly repaired prior to lowering in a trench or pulled back thru the HOD path.
    -Once cured, verify that all field applied pipe coating meets the Company’s mil thickness and manufacturer’s hardness specifications.


  • Ability to read construction drawings, alignment sheets, and valve maps and translate them to actual field constructability.
  • Ability to read, interpret and implement the Company’s OPM and all other attachments.
  • Familiarity with DOT 192 and OSHA regulations
  • Knowledge of codes and standards including API 1104, ASME B 31.8, NACE and SSPC
  • Word and Excel Computer skills

Work Environment

  • The job operates in a professional office environment and uses standard office equipment such as computers and phones.

Physical Demands

  • Ability to sit/stand for up to 8 hours per day
  • Ability to move freely for up to 8 hours per day


  • The company offers an excellent benefits package including health, dental, vision, and life insurance, 401(k) with employer match, and paid time off.

Employer’s Statement

E2 Consulting Engineers is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.

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