100 Safety Topics Book for Daily Toolbox Talk

100 safety topics

100 Safety Topics is a great booklet for daily toolbox talks. In addition, it explains topics relevant to the safety, health, and environment. Although many topics in the book are not new, yet they refresh the memories. The book emphasizes that the use of topics leads to improve HSE knowledge of the plants, contractors, and benefits the company in the long-term. The following is all about the contents of the booklet.

100 Safety Topics Book for Daily Toolbox Talk

Table of Contents:

1. What is Fire?
2. Classes of Fires and Extinguishers
3. Using Fire Extinguishers
4. Class ‘D’ Fire Extinguishers
5. Pyrophoric Iron Fires
6. Electrical Area Classification
7. Effects of Electric Shock
8. Work Permit System
9. Proper Use of Portable Ladders
10. Checklist for You
11. Safety Attitudes
12. Back Safety
13. Hydrogen Sulphide
14. Horseplay
15. When A Phone Call Can Be Fatal
16. Temporary Connections
17. Important Terminologies
18. Your Hands
19. Office Safety
20. Hazards of Hand Tools
21. Hazards of Power Tools
22. PPE’s
23. Negligence Kills
24. Prevent Eye Injury
25. Static Electricity
26. Unsafe Acts and Unsafe Conditions
27. Ways to Succeed
28. Near Misses
29. NFPA’s Hazard Rating Diamond
30. Housekeeping
31. Saving Lives by Lockout-Tag Out
32. Radiation and Effects
33. Compressed Air
34. Driving Inside the Refinery
35. Health Hazards of Lead Exposure
36. Lightning and Thunder
37. First Aid
38. Biological Pollution
40. Computer Related Injury
41. MIPP and Incident Reporting
42. Industrial Hygiene
43. Hazards of Electricity
44. Heat Index
45. Compressed Gas – Transporting
46. Incident Pyramid
47. Ten Rules to Preserve Ten Fingers
48. Life-Changing Injuries
49. Hot Work and Welding
50. Eye Wash and Showers
51. Confined Space
52. Chemical Pneumonitis
53. Importance of Sealing Conduits
54. First Aid Lesson – Dr. ABC
55. Hazards of Excavation
56. Flashback Arrestors
57. Hazards of Asbestos
58. Weather Change
59. Vehicle Safety
60. “Take Time”
61. Oxygen, Acetylene, Fuel Gas Cylinder Safety
62. Safe Handling of Inert Gases
63. Heat Stroke
64. Driving – A Full-Time Job
65. Control of Ignition Sources
66. Types of Injuries
67. KNPC Electrical Standards
68. Line of Fire
69. Material Handling Injuries
70. Motion Control
71. Material Safety Data Sheet
72. “GFCI”
73. No Shortcuts to Safety
74. Pedestal Grinders
75. Hazards of Plastic
76. Scorpion Stings
77. Safety and Scaffolds
78. A Sleeping Giant
79. Precautions of Rain
80. Snake Bites
81. Saws and Grinders
82. Fall Protection and Prevention
83. Hurry Up Can Hurt
84. Dangers of Jewellery At Work
85. Tips to Reduce Stress
86. Arc Flash Hazards
87. Machine Guards
88. Why Seat Belts
89. Dangers of Loose Clothing
90. Myths and Facts About Safety Belts
91. First Aid – Electric Shock
92. First Aid – Bone Fractures
93. Burns and Scalds
94. Expired Air Resuscitation
95. First Aid – Tooth Injury
96. Controlling Stress
97. Carbon Monoxide
98. Understanding OZONE
99. Nitrogen Asphyxiation
100. Hunt for Hazards at Home

Thus, 100 Safety Topics is a very helpful book for everyone working in the plant. It is a good reference booklet for daily use.

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