Sandvik Welding Handbook by Berthold Lundqvist

sandvik welding handbook

Sandvik Welding Handbook is a unique piece of writing. It provides up to date information on the applications and working principles of existing welding processes. The author, Berthold Lundqvist, explains the transformation of soldering, forging and brazing techniques into modern welding processes. The blacksmiths used to employ these processes in their primitive ways of fusing and making things. A new chapter in the history of welding started before the end of the 19th century due to discoveries and fundamental inventions. Further, the author says, the book can serve as a guide for the solution of practical problems in the welding industry. The handbook can be used for educational purposes as well.

Sandvik Welding Handbook by Berthold Lundqvist

The following is all about the contents of the handbook.

Table of Contents:

I – Introduction

1. History

2. Scope of Welding Technology

3. Definitions

4. Survey of Different Welding Methods

II – Fusion Welding


1. Welded Joints

2. Welding Positions

3. Types of Joints

4. Dimensioning of Welded Joints

5. Stresses and Distortions in welded joints

Arc Welding

1. General

2.Metal-Arc Welding with Coated Stick

3. Submerged-Arc Welding

4. Gas Metal-Arc Welding (MIG/TIG Welding)

5. Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding (TIG)

Other Fusion Welding Methods

1. Gas Welding

2. Electro-Slag Welding

3. Electron-Beam Welding

4. Laser Welding

5. Thermit Welding

III – Pressure Welding

Resistance Welding

1. General

2. Spot Welding

3. Projection Welding

4. Seam Welding

5. Resistance Butt Welding

6. Flash Welding

Other Pressure welding Methods

1. Percussion Welding

2. H.F. Induction Welding

3. Friction Welding

4. Cold-Pressure Welding

5. Ultrasonic Welding

6. Diffusion Bonding

7. Explosive Welding

8. Forge Welding

IV – Weldability of Steel

1. General

2. Mild Steel

3. Low Alloy-Steel

4. Stainless and Heat Resistance Steels

5. Tool Steel

V – Inspection

1. General

2. Inspection Methods

3. Welding Cost Calculations

4. General

5. Comparative Cost Calculation

VI – Soldering and Brazing

1. General

2. Soldering

3. Brazing

4. Braze Welding

VII – Metal Spraying

1. General

2. Flame Spraying

3. Arc Spraying

4. Plasma Spraying

VIII – Thermal Cutting

1. General

2. Gas Cutting

3. Plasma Cutting

4. Arc Cutting

Thus, Sandvik Welding Handbook is a good reference book for both the students and welders. It helps them to understand the basic concepts of welding processes.

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