Welding Schools in District of Columbia

welding schools in district of columbia

Welding Schools in District of Columbia, although, are not so many in numbers yet they play a crucial role in the welding industry. They enroll both native and foreign students in various welding programs every year. The programs are certificate, diploma, degree, Associates, masters, etc.  Students and other knowledge seekers need information on welding schools, colleges, career and tech centers, and universities. They need these schools’ names, addresses, contacts, phones, emails, accreditation, and websites. It is important to know all about the schools and programs before starting it. Good schools always lead you to a bright career later. So, aspiring students and other professionals can find all the information here.

Welding Schools in District of Columbia

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A. Welding Schools

As of now, the information on welding schools in the district of Columbia is not available. As soon as it is available, we shall update it.

B: Welding Colleges

The information on welding colleges also not found or available as of now. It will be added immediately after found.

C: Welding Career & Tech Centers

The career and tech center are as follows.

Southeast Welding Academy
Type CTE (Career & Tech Center)
Accredited by DOES
Govt./Pvt. Public
Contact Robert Woods, Copernicus Brown (Instructor)
Email sewa@southeastweldingacademy.org
Phone +1 202-610-9858
Address 1103 W Street, SE Washington, DC 20020, United States.
Website https://www.southeastweldingacademy.org/

D: Welding Universities

Find welding universities in D.C., USA.

University of the District of Columbia
Type 4 yrs (Bachelors)
Accredited by MACS
Govt./Pvt. Public
Contact Dominique Footes (Program Coordinator)
Email dominique.footes@udc.edu
Phone +1 202-274-5000, 202-274-7088
Address 4200 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC 20008, United States.
Website https://www.udc.edu/

Thus, the information on welding schools in the district of Columbia is important for students, welding professionals, and other knowledge seekers. People holding welding shops can also browse it.

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