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A pipefitter or gasfitter or steamfitter is a welding professional, handling works like installation, assembling, maintenance, fabrication, and repairing of piping systems. Besides this, pipefitters need to employ many other processes during work along with grooving, soldering, threading, cutting, bending, and brazing. The piping systems include pneumatic, cooling, hydraulic and high-pressure assemblies. These pipes transport steam, water, gas, chemicals, and fuels for the different types of industries. So, for becoming a successful professional, candidates require both education and work experience. In this article, read all about the job of a steamfitter.

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Pipefitter Job Requirements

The candidates require a combination of both education and work experience. They should have possessed one of the following qualifications. There are many welding schools that provide these programs.

They should have completed at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

Candidates should have passed a certificate in pipe welding, welding and fitting, and metals fabrication.

They should have an associate degree in pipe welding and fitting, metals fabrication, and welding.

Pipefitter Duties

The responsibilities and duties of steamfitters are as follows.

1. The main functions of pipefitters are welding, cutting, installing, testing, fabricating, and maintaining piping systems.

2. They are required to use power tools and hand tools for dismantling, cutting, reshaping, and straightening pipes.

3. Gasfitters need to understand building codes and analyze design plans.

4. They should be able to understand piping system operations of gas, water, and sewer lines.

5. Other duties include inspecting piping systems for leaks and bending or altering piping components for size and fit.

Required Skills for Job

Steamfitters need to have the following high-ended skills.

Teamwork Spirit – The candidates should have a team spirit for good cooperation and work harmony. They should be flexible and able to work in all environments with colleagues.

Self-motivation – Gasfitters should be hard workers. Their motivation should be high all the time. The welding work is hard, heavy, and tiring to some extent. They should keep themselves motivated along with others.

Critical Thinking – The candidates should be logical thinkers. This skill will help pipefitters taking decisions on various pipe-working, project activities, etc.

Print Reading – Steamfitters should be good and proficient in layouts and print reading.

Mathematical Aptitude – They should be good at Mathematics. During work, they have to go through many calculations while fitting pipes. They need to follow the instruction of seniors regarding projects for remaining within the preview of the work.

Required Certification for Steamfitter

Regarding the requirement of certification for the job of a steamfitter, some of the states require some amount of work experience as an apprentice before applying for a journeyman license. Steamfitters need to go through rigorous tests before getting certified.

Pipefitting Steps

1. Pipefitting Learning
2. Pipefitting Training Program
3. Pipefitting Apprenticeship
4. Get Pipefitter License

Note: AWS Certified Welder Certification is preferable and recommended for the pipefitter job.

Employment Areas

Steamfitters or pipefitters can find jobs in the following areas.

  • Building and Mechanical Components
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Mineral Processing Equipment
  • Oil Refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Water and Natural Gas Utilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities

Gasfitter Job Types

The following are some of the job types for pipefitters.

  • Apprentice Gas Technician
  • Certified Welder or Pipefitter
  • Gas Mechanic Welder Apprentice
  • Gas Pipefitter Apprentice
  • Maintenance Pipefitter
  • Pipefitter Helper
  • Marine Pipefitter
  • Pipefitter Craftsman
  • Steamfitter
  • Pipefitter Journeyman

Pipefitter Salary Information

Generally, the salary of a pipefitter or gasfitter, or steamfitter is not the same in all states of the United States. They earn according to their education levels, work experiences, licensed or certified, etc. The entry-level salary of a pipefitter is $42,000 and that of the national median is $53,000. The hourly rate of pipefitter is ranging from $16 – $40. The average pipefitter hourly pay is $25.38. The average salary of a pipefitter is $51,830 annually in the United States. Besides this, the top 10% earn $80,000 annually.

Thus, the information on the job of a pipefitter or steamfitter is important in many ways to students, welders, and other welding professionals.

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