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Certified Welder (CW) program is a great initiative by the American Welding Society for non-certified welding professionals. Anyone having a passion for welding can become a welder and certification is not compulsory for it. So many non-certified welders are running welding shops. But in the real sense, a certified welder deserves first place than non-certified. Because certification teaches them to perform welding activities with certain welding codes and standards. It makes sure the quality and durability of welds in the industry. So, read in this article, all about the certification of a welder.

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  • How to Apply for AWS CW Program?
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  • AWS Certified Welder Exam
  • CW Certification Validity
  • AWS CW Recertification
  • Benefits of CW Certification
  • Welders and AWS SENSE Program

AWS Certified Welder Program

AWS certified welder program is based on welder performance. It does not require any certification or prerequisite course. After certification, welders obtain ‘transferable credentials.’

Certified welder program tests applicants about procedures employed in the welding industries like sheet metal, structural steel, chemical refinery, and petroleum pipelines. During this, there is a testing provision based on the company-supplied or non-code welding specifications. AWS conducts certified welder tests only at its Accredited Testing Facilities across the world.

Technical Documents

QC7 – Standard for AWS Certified Welders

QC7 Supplement C – Welder Performance Qualification Sheet Metal Test Requirements

QC7 Supplement F – Chemical Plant and Petroleum Refinery Piping

QC7 Supplement G – AWS Performance Qualification Test (generic supplement)

Provision to Obtain Multiple Certifications

The certified welder program provides welders the opportunities to get multi-certifications. This enhances their skills, credentials, and job scopes. The following are certifications a welder can obtain through the certified welder program.

Certification Names Codes Processes Positions
SMAW Plate D1.1 SMAW 2G, 3G, 4G
GMAW Plate D1.1 GMAW 3G, 4G
FCAW Plate D1.1 FCAW 2G, 3G, 4G
GTAW Plate D1.1 GTAW 2G, 3G, 4G
SMAW Pipe ASME Sec. IX SMAW 2G, 3G, 4G
GTAW Pipe (Carbon Steel) ASME Sec. IX GTAW 6G
GTAW Pipe (Stainless Steel to Carbon Steel) ASME Sec. IX GTAW 6G
GTAW Pipe (Stainless Steel) ASME Sec. IX GTAW 6G
GTAW/SMAW Pipe (Carbon Steel) ASME Sec. IX GTAW SMAW 6G

Certified Welder Program Requirements

There is no special educational requirement to become eligible for the program as it is completely a “performance-based program.” They may possess a High School Diploma, General Education Degree (GED), Vocational School Diploma, or Graduate.

Besides this, applicants should follow the prescribed rules and met the following requirements.

  • Test according to QC7 standards.
  • Complete performance qualification test at AWS accredited test facility.
  • Submit a certified welder application form

How to Apply for AWS CW Program?

Welders seeking certification from the American Welding Society can apply online by visiting the official website (www.aws.org) and follow the instruction given there.

Application Link for Certified Welder

Note: Applicants need to send $50 with the application as a certification fee.

AWS CW Program Pricing

The total pricing of the AWS certified welder program is as follows.

Sr. No. Products AWS Members Non-members
1 Certified Welder Application $50 $50
2 Maintenance of Welder Certification $25 $25
  Total $75 $75

Note: The prices of the program are subjected to change without prior notice.

Imp: Applicants applying from the portal other than AWS will be charged $125 each.

AWS Certified Welder Exam

Welders should select test a location at any of the AWS Accredited Testing Facility (ATF). It may be either in the United States or outside. All the testing process goes under an AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). Welders must adhere to the Welding Procedure Specification. Applicants should select a near the AWS ATF.

CW Certification Validity

According to the Code of Acceptance, the certification will remain valid until welders keep submitting ‘certification maintenance forms’ every six months to the governing body. This is because most codes require maintenance every six months.

Note: there is a provision for a 60-day administrative extension period after the expiration.

AWS CW Recertification

There is no provision for certified welder’s recertification. There is only renewal maintenance.

Benefits of AWS Certified Welder Program

There are multiple benefits for certified welders.

  • The program requires only talent for welding, no prerequisite courses, or certifications.
  • The certification is transferable. It means certified welders can have jobs in any state of the USA or outside as well.
  • Welders can get certified for multiple certifications through the AWS CW program.
  • They can start their own private business as well.

AWS SENSE Program and Welders

SENSE program is another big step for welders by the American Welding Society.

Thus, the information on the AWS certification of welders is crucial for non-certified welders, persons with welding passions, and the like others. AWS certified welders have bright careers ahead in the welding industry.

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