Welder Qualification Test (WQT)

welder qualification test

Welder Qualification Test or WQT is a process of assuring the quality of a welder’s work. It is a working qualification test and every employer demands qualified welders. For example, in the Pressure Equipment Directive, DIN EN 1090, and the Machine Directive, etc. In the welding field, accuracy of work matters more than anything else. The objective of WQT is to prove welders’ specialized theoretical knowledge and manual skills in welding. So, there are many variables and parameters considered while conducting WQT of a welder.

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Welder Qualification Test Procedure

Normally, for welders manual WQT, the required processes are manual metal arc, autogenous, MAG/MIG, and TIG welding. Under this process, some of the things are steam boilers, steel made components, hydraulic structure, civil engineering, pipelines, pressure equipment, ships, rail and road vehicles, onshore wind energy installation, offshore wind energy installation, and aluminum for tank structure, etc. The WQT facilities may be in a manufacturing plant, an educational institution, an independent laboratory, or any other party.

General Instructions for WQT

WQT test should be monitored under an independent qualified person fully familiar with the codes of ASME Section IX. The WQT instructions are as follows.

  • Monitoring of test under an authorized and qualified person
  • Initial welder qualification
  • Independent observer as a witness of welder test
  • Testing of qualification specimens and radiographs
  • Hold testing procedure as per ASME Section IX
  • Preparation should follow the details in WPS
  • Use welding materials as revealed in WPS
  • WQT weld positions
  • And others as required

Welder Qualification Test Requirements

The general facility requirements for WQT are as follows:

Proper Organizational Structure – There should be a proper structure in an organization that can facilitate all the required and necessary things for conducting a satisfactory test for technical skills.

Qualified Assessor – There should be a capable assessor for evaluating the required test of skills for a welder.

Obtain Written Policy – Staff members should have a written policy from the company that they have sufficient authority to address any problem

Well Aware of Limitations – Staff members should be familiar with the limitations in the company and its designations and representatives.

Rules for Protecting confidential – The must be sufficient rules and regulations for protecting the confidential information of the Welder Qualification Test held.

Independent Person for Verification – The top management of the test facility shall decide the personnel for holding the quality verification.

Test Responsibility on Company Representative – The company representative has the entire responsibility of the WQT being conducting under his/her authority.

Thus, the information on the welder qualification test or WQT is essential for students, welders, and other professionals in the welding industry. Aspiring persons can find here various aspects of WQT.

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