ESAB Welding Handbook (8th edition)

esab welding handbook

ESAB Welding Handbook (8th edition) is a comprehensive and extensive book on the consumables for automatic and manual welding. This manual is handy both for the fabricators and welders. Furthermore, the handbook consists of topics like types of filler metals consumables for mild steels, low-alloyed steels cast iron and many other alloys. It also explains some of the special products and how to store them safely. The book is a quick guide for both fabricators and welders in selecting welding consumables. It also reveals packaging and spool types.

According to the author, the manual is valuable for welders and fabricators while deciding consumables before going for welding. In this case, selecting consumables is necessary for durable welds. All the metals have different materials and properties. That’s why each metal requires a special type of consumables. For instance, consumables for mild steels, low-alloyed steels, stainless and high-alloyed steels, aluminum alloys, nickel-based alloys, copper-based alloys, cast iron, dissimilar materials, and hard-facing are different.

ESAB Welding Handbook on Consumables for Manual and Automatic Welding

Table of Contents:

1. Consumables for Mild Steels

2. Consumables for Low-Alloyed Steels

3. Consumables for Stainless and High-Alloyed Steels

4. Consumables for Aluminum Alloys

5. Consumables for Nickel-Based Alloys

6. Consumables for Copper-Based Alloys

7. Consumables for Cast Iron

8. Consumables for Dissimilar Materials

9. Consumables for Hard-facing

10. Special Products

11. Packaging and Spool Types

12. Storage and Handling

13. Quick Guide for the Selection of Welding Consumables

14. General Information and Tables

Thus, the ESAB Welding Handbook is a friendly guide and helping hand for welders, fabricators and other working people in the welding industries. Besides this, they can keep the manual with them at the working place. Because if they go for weld without deciding proper consumables, the weld either will not perform or non-durable. After selecting the right consumables, welders need to select proper welding types and processes i.e. SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW, etc. So, aspiring students, welders and fabricators can consult the book while selecting consumables.

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