Welding Programs in Oregon

welding programs in oregon

Welding Programs in Oregon consists of diplomas, certificates, associates, degrees, masters, and doctorates. The aspiring students can find these programs in the welding schools in Oregon. Some of the schools provide certification programs to welders. Besides this, some schools also conduct classes for the SENSE program in affiliation with the American Welding Society. Certification programs improve a welder’s overall profile including earning potentiality. Therefore, it becomes necessary for students and welders to consider and select a suitable program and school before starting classes. In this article, browse a list of all welding programs in Oregon, the United States.

Welding Programs in Oregon

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Welding Programs in Colleges

The programs in colleges of Oregon are as follows.

School Blue Mountain Community College (Hermiston, Pendleton Campus)
Website https://www.bluecc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Industrial Systems Technology: Welding (CPCC)
School Central Oregon Community College
Website https://www.cocc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Manufacturing Technology Certificates
2 Manufacturing Technology (A.A.S.)
School Chemeketa Community College
Website https://www.chemeketa.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Certificate of Completion
2 ARC Welding Career Pathway Certificate
3 ARC Welding Career Pathway Certificate
4 Welding Fabrication (A.A.S.)
School Clark College
Website http://www.clark.edu/
Program Titles
1 Gas Metal Arc Welding (CA)
2 Flux Core Arc Welding (CA)
3 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (CA)
4 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (CA)
5 Welding Technician (CP)
6 Welding Technologies (A.A.S.)
School Clatsop Community College (Lexington Campus)
Website https://www.clatsopcc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Pathways Certificate Program
2 Welding (A.A.S.)
School Klamath Community College
Website https://www.klamathcc.edu/en-US/Home
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology Program (Certificate)
2 Welding – Gas Metal Arc/Wire Feed Welding Career Pathway Certificate
3 Welding – Shield Metal Arc/Stick Welding Career Pathway Certificate
4 Welding – TIG/Aluminum Stainless Steel Flat Welding Career Pathway Certificate
School Lane Community College
Website https://www.lanecc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Fabrication and Welding Technology:
Welding Processes
Shielded Metal Arc Welder
Wire Drive Welder
2 Fabrication/Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School Linn Benton Community College
Website https://www.linnbenton.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Fabrication Technology (Certificate)
2 Industrial Pipe Trades: Fitting and Welding (Certificate)
3 Industrial Pipe Trades: Fitting and Welding (A.A.S.)
4 Welding and Fabrication Technology (A.A.S.)
School Mt. Hood Community College
Website http://www.mhcc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology
School Portland Community College
Website https://www.pcc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology Program (Career Pathway Certificate)
2 Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
School Rogue Community College (Redwood Campus)
Website https://www.roguecc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Industrial Welding Technology (Certificate)
2 Industrial Welding Technology (A.A.S.)
3 Industrial Welding Technology: Welder’s Helper (A.A.S.)
School Treasure Valley Community College (Ontario Campus)
Website https://www.tvcc.cc//
Program Titles
1 Combination Welder Career Pathways Certificate
2 Production Welding Specialist Career Pathways Certificate
School Umpqua Community College
Website https://www.umpqua.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding: Aluminum (Pathway Certificate)
2 Welding (Certification)
3 Welding (A.A.S.)
School Southwestern Oregon Community College (Coos Campus)
Website https://www.socc.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Certificate of Completion
2 Welding Assistant (Career Pathway Certificate of Completion)
3 Welding Technician (Career Pathway Certificate of Completion)
4 Welding (A.A.S.)
School Clackamas Community College
Website https://www.clackamas.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding Technology (Certificate of Completion)

Welding Programs in Tech Centers

Find all programs in career and tech centers

School R&S Welding Mentors LLC
Website https://weldingmentors.com/
Program Titles
1 Welding Industry
School Sabin-Schellenberg Professional Technical Center (North Campus)
Website https://www.nclack.k12.or.us/sabin
Program Titles
1 Manufacturing and Engineering Program
School Webber and Walpole NDT Services and Welding School
Website https://weldcerts.com/
Program Titles
1 Welding Certification
School Albany Weld Trade School
Website http://weldschool.com/
Program Titles
1 Welding

Welding Programs in Universities

The programs are as follows.

School Oregon Institute of Technology
Website https://www.oit.edu/
Program Titles
1 Manufacturing Engineering Technology
School Oregon State University
Website https://agsci.oregonstate.edu/
Program Titles
1 Welding
School University of Portland
Website https://www.up.edu/
Program Titles
1 Mechanical Engineering (Welding Engineering)

Thus, the list of all welding programs in Oregon is important for students, welders, and other welding professionals in their respective fields.

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